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  1. Hey, I'm doing great, thank you. Just one day at work and then it's weekend. And how are you?

  2. Hey, i'm great thank you. Just one day at work tomorrow and then it's weekend. And how are you doing today?

  3. Hey, how are you? By the way, thank you for being my friend.

    Bye now.

  4. Amelia Duke


    He's so cute. I really love this one!!
  5. Now i have about one year and a half my license. When I had it, i didn't watch The Dukes of Hazzard yet. But last year it all started. I wasn't that scared anymore in my car. Six months ago i bought my own car and i was scared again, it was just like the first day i rode in my car, but i immediately thought of the Dukes and it all changed. I like to drive really fast now. It's really a lot of fun.
  6. Definitely Bo Duke. He is my favourite character. It would be great to go to the Boars Nest and ride in the General Lee. Or should I say fly
  7. Hey thanks Yes I know Belgium is far. But i always thought I was in Hazzard even if i just stayed in my bedroom. Don't worry, i will stay here a really long time. Hazzard is like my home in a way of speaking. Well, about those dvd's, I have season 1-3 and 6. Now I'm looking for season 5. It's really hard to get here. I hope i find it. Well see ya!
  8. Sean isn't Bo Duke at all. I couldn't see Bo in this movie. Bo wasn't that sweet and innocent anymore. I watched it once and it was the last time too. The movie was differently than the series.
  9. Definitely John, he is the one and onely. No one can play Bo Duke like he does.
  10. My name is Amelia and live in Belgium. Yes i know, it's far away from you guys. I'm 20 years old and a huge fan of The Dukes of Hazzard. Now i have about three dvd boxes of them and i hope i can buy the rest of them, but it isn't easy. It's great to talk to people who like them too. There aren't many people here who like them. So see ya guys
  11. Bo Duke doesn't always think before he does something, but he has a heart of gold. When one of his relatives are hurt or in danger then he always worry about them and help them where he can. And ofcourse he's good looking, he's de cutest guy i ever seen.
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