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  1. *Smiles and removes my stetson politely to MaryAnne.* Pleasure to see ya deputy. As we all can see "Luke or Anyone" was last cued, whos gonna get us restarted?
  2. Brian, have you reread or refreshed your memory on this story lately? Im not sure " happy ending" is the correct term.
  3. *Takes a bow and pulls out my Sharpie marker.* Who wants my autograph?
  4. Finally! After alllll these years you, Brian Coltrane ADMIT that life would be realllly boring without yours truly. *Smirks.*
  5. Yeah hes happy... over joyed...hes always SOOOO happy to see me, alive.
  6. Ohhh Im alive and well thank you very much. I would have to freshin up my memory on the current events of this story as I too have been away for a time. It was a fantastic story and tons of fun to write, it would be cool to finish it. *Tips my stetson.* Count me in.
  7. Long time no see. Hope you had a great Christmas and that you'll have a funfilled New Year's. :)

  8. ALL the rowdies have gone huh Nasty? *Mismatched eyes narrow with my smirk.* Will see ya'll on the 17th. }~*Chet Duke P.S. Nasty, I invited Razor to the Christmas party. The more creatures the merrier right?
  9. Beautiful orange and yellow fall leaves scratched across the pavement of the town square rolling passed the towns folk of Hazzard County Georgia. Black cats, witches and pumpkins decorate windows, doorways and even the steps of the court house and bank. Mothers, fathers and children walked on the side walks, smiling, laughing. Down the Main Street a school bell echoed its call for the children to come back to class from lunch recess. A boy in the Hazzard Café stood up from the booth of three others and turned on his shinny white sneaker causing it to squeak. The sound stopped short as the boy
  10. Hey Cowboy - it was great hearing from you. I bet that does keep you busy! Good luck with that. God Bless!

  11. Yup all is good, Thanks. Just been working alot with the flood clean up around here so not much time left to be around. Take care God Bless.

  12. Long time no see. Hope all is well with you. :)

  13. Howdy Folks, Since this is the off topic thread I thought this would fit right in here nicely, for whom it may concern. Disney has released information concerning a Lone Ranger Movie that will be in production for release in Dec 2012! All though I highly disagree with there choice of cast for it I hope that this will grant an opportunity for the children of today (adults too) to meet a Legend of yesterday. The Lone Ranger, most famously played by Clayton Moore was one of my greatest hero's while I was growing up. A character who stood for law and order, who fought for the just. So in honor o
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