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    Laura Duke got a reaction from Skipper Duke in I like my chicken fried   
    Hey artykidd,
    Wow! I LOVE that song! I'm glad that there are others out there who love it as much as I do. And, thanks so much for posting the lyrics, there were times that I didn't know what the lyrics were, and I often butchered them!
    JESSI, so sorry you don't like the song, you're missing out!
    Laura Duke:D
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    Laura Duke got a reaction from Skipper Duke in Hey, ya'll!!!!   
    I'm new here. I've been reading HazzardNet for a while, but I finally decided to sign-up and get to know all of the wonderful Dukes of Hazzard fans.
    This is great!
    Have a great day, and keep it 'tween the ditches, ya'll!
    Laura Duke
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    Laura Duke got a reaction from Skipper Duke in Howdy y'all   
    Hi MiniHogg!
    I don't know if you remember, but I chatted with you once, I believe. And I remeber I had a great time getting to chat a little. So, I'm really happy that you finally introduced yourself! Good for you. Since you already have been here, you probably have already met a number of great Hazzard fans on this website.
    Hope that you keep on posting, it wouldn't be the same without you. And welcome just the same!
    Khee! Khee! I'm gone!
    Laura Duke
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    Laura Duke got a reaction from Skipper Duke in Hi   
    Hello Bo Duke's girl (or Courtney, whichever you prefer)!
    I would like to give you a warm welcome to HazzardNet. Although you have been around here and probably know your way around here, I'm glad you stopped by and introduced yourself. I see that you have already met some "interesting" characters around here, especially Daisy Mae and Roger-keep your eyes on those two. They can get pretty weird sometimes! But, I think that you've already found that out for yourself.
    Again, welcome, and I hope that you can stick around for a long time to come.
    Laura Duke
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    Laura Duke got a reaction from Skipper Duke in Lovin' Dukes   
    Oh, Daisy Mae!
    What a wonderful story! I was grinning the whole time. I can just picture everything so clearly, I see why you are in role playing! The Dukes are definately important to you, I'm glad that there are wonderful people like you involved in the Dukes!
    Like I said, loved the story!
    Laura Duke:D
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    Laura Duke got a reaction from DaneyDuke in Collier & Company - John Schneider's Movie   
    Oh, okay. Thanks for the info. It sounds really good. I will have to go to Best Buy and pick it up. Really, anything with the original Dukes of Hazzard cast will more than likely be great to watch!
    Laura Duke
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    Laura Duke reacted to Garrett Duke in tom caught with weed?   
    First off...I am not here to judge Tom and the choices he has made. We all make bad choices in our lives that we later have to face or regret doing...at least I know I have. The difference is, is that Tom and the rest of celebrities has the whole world watching them and judging their action. It is great to learn all you can about your favorite celebrities out there, but sometimes the media takes it too far. They are people just like everyone else and deserve to have their own privacy and lives for themselves. At the same time, celebrities should keep it in mind when they do things that "everyone" is going to find out if you are caught with anything you shouldn't have or do anything you shouldn't do. That people / kids do look up to them.
    Being a Duke fan...I have to admit, like most shows I watch or follow, it is hard to see past the character. I mean, I think of Tom...I think of Luke. Say John Schneider, I think Bo. And so on. . .people find it hard to see past their well played and well known characters to see that it is Tom's bad choice and not Luke's. I agree with what was said earlier on in this thread by someone...the characters on the show are made to look perfect in most ways, they are well written for and well acted for. The actors/actresses on the show are human and make mistakes of their own.
    I for one was surprised to read the little that I did read about Tom and what he got caught with. Hopefully it all is just a really bad rumor, if not, I hope he recieves the help, support, and the prayers that he needs and deserves.
    Well there is my unasked for opinion about the topic. . .
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    Laura Duke got a reaction from Meadowmufn in tom caught with weed?   
    Hey Everyone!
    Wow! Everyone certainly has a lot to say about this. As, I can definately understand.
    Here's my viewpoint: It doesn't matter how many grams someone has, it is still wrong. I'm not judging him, I'm just trying to say that I don't know if I would try to make a wrong less of a deal based on how many grams he had. You can slam someone's finger in the door, or you can still slam there whole hand in the door-you still did wrong and they are still going to be in pain. Okay, maybe that was a weird example, but hopefully you can understand what I'm trying to say.
    I think it's neat how everyone can have a different viewpoint and everyone, for the most part, is so understanding. Keep it up!
    I am disapointed in Tom for doing this, he shouldn't have done it. I would be just as upset if he was in my family. I don't think excuses should be made. But, if he is going through a tough time in his life, the press is kind of making things harder. But, that is the life you lead when you become famous, and the press is only doing there job.
    Have a great day everyone!
    Laura Duke:D
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    Laura Duke reacted to DaisyMaeDuke in tom caught with weed?   
    Ok...well I will put my two cents in here too I guess...
    I am very sad this happened, and though I think he made some bad choices, I don't know anyone on Hazzardnet or elsewhere that hasn't done things that they regret. In Tom's case, it just gets publicized for the world to know about.
    I certainly don't condone it in any way, but NONE of us have a right to judge him for anything he did.
    And Kay I'm sorry, but I disagree with you... He is not "bad news" or "major trouble" You like most of us on here can not make a judgment like that based on what is publicized. For example, I think it was last summer Tom put a new roof on his step mom's house. It didn't make front news, but I think that is a nice thing for him to do. During his Dukes days, when the Hazard, KY mines collapsed, both Tom and John did a benefit concert to raise money for the families of the miners, and Tom himself put in 25,000 dollars extra to cover the concert expenses. Stuff like that is quickly forgotten.
    I am not saying he didn't make a mistake. But we don't have a right to judge him. We don't know why he is turning to alcohol or drugs but he is obviously hurting somehow and looking to make himself feel better. He needs our support, not our judgment.
    If you are like me and believe in God, take this to be a wake up call for us to pray for not ionly him, but others who are struggling with similar issues.
    Think what Uncle Jesse would do...would he be disappointed...sure....but he would love him and pray for him...and support him all he could. We Hazzardites should strive to do the same...
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    Laura Duke got a reaction from JESSI DUKE in What do the Dukes mean to you?   
    What can I say? I read your entire paper on the Dukes of Hazzard. It was absolutely amazing! You know just how to write exactly what it is I'm feeling but don't have the talent to put words down on paper like you do.
    I think you covered EVERYTHING! And, thank you so much for sharing! I bet that you will get an A on that paper!
    Well done! And, thank you for that tribute to the Dukes, as well as us fans!
    Laura Duke:D
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    Laura Duke reacted to DukesFan_08 in Horses as a Hobby   
    Awww thanks. He was 10. I only got to know him for a few months... my parents had just bought him for me a couple months before we had to put him down after he crashed the fence and badly broke his leg. There was something that helped me get through it, and that was the little rescue pony that I also owned, and before then had never done much riding with because he was really nervous and scared. The day after my sweet boy passed, I decided that I was going to ride Dude, the rescue pony. So I tacked him up and put him in the round-pen and trotted him around, and he behaved really well for me. I was really happy with how he behaved, so I rode him more often. I did a lot with him for about a year, until I started leasing the mare that I've been riding for the last few years. Dude went on to show in the Baby Green Pleasure division (I know it's not much... but if you knew the pony, you would know how big an accomplishment that is for my little guy.) and even went to an away show or two. I truly believe that my sweet gelding was up there watching over my Dude, and helping him out. So mainly Dude was the one that got me through it... that and this one song, that reminds me of my boy every time I hear it. It's "I Remember You" by Mountain Heart, and every year on the day that he died, I take my mare or my little Dude up to the ring and ride to that song. It's just a little way I remember him.
    LOL... that's what I did, but I kinda doubt that that's any help to you... all I can say is to be there for your mom... give her a shoulder to cry on... or listen if she wants to talk about him, or don't push her if she doesn't want to talk about him... I think that just being supportive will mean a whole lot to her.
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    Laura Duke got a reaction from MaryAnne in Reputation   
    Thanks for getting back to me. I did look at the forum about "Reputation" Thanks, it did answer some of my questions. The only part that I couldn't get was how to view what people wrote about as far as a reputation on your posts, and which posts they commented on. Do you think you could help me out with that?
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    Laura Duke reacted to DixieRoss in What do the Dukes mean to you?   
    I was going to post something.....but I can't see with watery eyes.
    Isn't it amazing how much you can love a tv show. I think that the DOH did so well because there not the perfect family kind of tv show, the duke boys live with their uncle and their poor. But that doesn't stop them from remaining a close family! And ya the duke boys are always in trouble with the law, but who isn't now and then?
    I'm just sad that the show couldn't last forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Laura Duke reacted to General Grant in Daisy Duke Wardrobe Malfunction in Season 6   
    Hey Y'all!
    I saw Laura Duke and Roger Duke in the same post and couldn't help but look at the post!
    Thank You both for letting your true Duke side show. Although I agree (quite strongly, I might add) with both Laura Duke and Roger Duke, I hope that I don't offend either TXZ045 or bwgath when I say that I am not sure what you are seeing when you watch the Dukes, but that is not the type of thing I walk away with when I watch an episode of the Dukes. Anyway, I thought that this was for fans of Catherine Bach, not to post such degrading things about her or her wardrobe. I am sure that if she read that she would feel quite hurt and upset that this is what some of the fans are focusing on. If you have to focus so hard on Cathy, please focus on her nice smile and great personality!
    Roger... spoken exactly like Uncle Jesse! I must agree with you both about the hat, it is a nice looking cap!
    General Grant
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    Laura Duke reacted to LoriDavenport in What do the Dukes mean to you?   
    As I sat down today, and finished my six page essay over the Dukes of Hazzard for my Honors English 3 class, I got to thinking about making a thread on here about what the Dukes means to each of us. I'm going to post my essay on here for ya'll as it gives insight of what my opinions are and what my feelings are.
    Hazzard County U.S.A.
    As many people know, on January 26, 1979 the pilot episode, One Armed Bandits, of the hit 80's southern television show, The Dukes of Hazzard, aired on television for the first time. Many people, including the critics, at first thought the show was "idiotic," "racist," and "low rating." Fans across the world though, including myself, believe otherwise. The show was all about the closeness of one family and the political corruptness of the small southern town that the Dukes, along with some other friends, had to find a way to bring justice and peace to Hazzard County. Though, each sow might have a congruent plot, the Dukes get in trouble, car chases and crashes, and some good old country "shucking and jiving," each show also teaches young children and adults alike the true meaning of family, respect, and a good sense of responsibility, even good judgment towards others.
    We all knew problems were bound to arise sooner or later. And for this great series it came to us Dukes fans as a hard hitting catastrophy. At the beginning of the fifth season our beloved Bo and Luke Duke left Hazzard County, and our television sets, to fulfill their dreams of being on the NASCAR circuit. Cousins, or as some would say, clones Coy and Vance Duke took over behind the wheel of the General Lee. Chaotic and vehement fans were displeased with the outcome of the feud that actors Tom Wopat (Luke Duke) and John Schneider (Bo Duke) had with Warner Brothers television company. The disagreement was over Warner Brothers cheating the two out of royalties from the sale of $190 million dollars of Dukes merchandise. For eighteen long and agonizing episodes, fans of the newly fallen show that once was a hit, turned their dials to something else. Though, when the episode, "Welcome Back, Bo and Luke," aired on t.v. millions of crushed "Dukies" rejoiced to see the original blonde and brunette back in the driver's seat. My personal views on the whole situation is that I believe if Tom and John would have actually took the time to sit down and think about their actions before acting on impulse, the show would still be on air right now. If it hadn't been for the "clones" to take their place for what short time they did, we wouldn't have gotten the other two great seasons we got.
    Respect. I have deep respect for each cast member and writer. Because no matter what the issue or what the critics vamped about, they continued to do their job and they performed it splendidly. The writers and actors themselves had the guts to tell the critics that they didn't care what they thought, if the audience liked it, then they would continue to do what they do best, entertain us fans. And entertain us they did, for seven seasons we laughed, we cried, and we smiled.
    I have been a fan for twelve years and am still a true die hard Dukes fan. Since I was five years old I have always looked at my family as the " Dukes of Hazard", or at least, like them in a sense. My family, as was the Dukes, is a close knit family who, if the occasion arises, fights the system when it needs to be fought against. Each member of my family plays an important role as did each member of the Duke family on the show. As I have mentioned before, many people have feelings of racism, hatred, and pure ignorance towards the show, but to some of us this show means so much more than just another eight o' clock Friday night television series. This show gave us something to live for, to be excited about each time we heard Waylon Jennings, the balladeer, or Bo Duke's infamous rebel yell, the powerful V-8 motor of the Confederate stock car, the 1969 dodge charge known as the General Lee, or even when we heard the first twelve notes of Dixie roaring through the air, our blood would run "orange" each Friday night as we hung on to our seats like Bo and Luke would as they gave chase to the bumbling Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane and his trusty side-kick, the lovable basset hound named Flash. We would giggle and make incoherent noises right along with the child-at-heart sheriff. The show taught us that all growing up comes with a little bit of pain, it taught us that our pride makes for a good servant, but a poor master. This show holds special moments for some of us, it touches our hearts in a way no one or anything else could.
    Like peach ice cream at a church picnic, as the summary of the seventh and final season reads, nothing lasts forever. All good things must come to an end, and sadly, on February 8, 1985, the Dukes of Hazzard went off air. Millions of fans across the world mourned as if they had lost a loved one. And they did, they had lost a whole family of loved ones. But, thank the lord for technology! Fans would soon be hooping and hollering, as now the entire Dukes of Hazzard, seasons one through seven are out on DVD. Two reunion movies since then had been created, Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion! and Dukes of Hazzard: Hazzard in Hollywood. These two movies let us reminisce with the good ol' boys as they come back to Hazzard after twelve years, and even let us take a trip out of Hazzard to the busy streets of Hollywood U.S.A. Sadly though, as time passed before, during, and after the filming of these movies, we lost three beloved members of the cast. Greedy and devious Boss Hogg (Sorrell Booke) passed away, The Duke patriarch, Jesse Duke (Denver Pyle) passed away, and the loving Balladeer, Waylon Jennings, he too passed on. But, to help re-live Dukes' memories and some of Boss's schemes, writers across the globe write pieces of material called Fandom Fictions in honor of the Dukes. Writers, myself included, make up their own fictional Hazzard County characters to add to the plot lines or they use original characters from the show to reminisce a favorite episode or to re-write a favorite episode. And, as if all this great stuff wasn't enough, there's even a fun filled festival called Dukesfest created in honor of the show! That's right, if watching the high flying stunts wasn't good enough, you can come here to watch them live. Even hear great music, and are ya ready for the finale? Meet the Dukes of Hazzard cast!
    As I bring us to a tragic ending, I'd like to share with you what a wonderful twelve years it has been being a fan of the great tv hit series, the Dukes of Hazzard. The Dukes plays an important role in my life. It acts as my guide, to lead me down the road of right. Ingenuity, Integrity, Honesty, Honor, Pride, Love, Team work, these are all words used to describe the show or the values it taught you. The Dukes mean more to me than, besides my family, anything else in this world. Nothing could possibly replace it. Scenes from the show warms my heart when the Dukes help an enemy or brighten the face of an orphaned child. Tears pool in my eyes when one of the characters pours out their heart because a friend is in grave danger. You may call it an obsession, you may call me insane, but no one knows what that show means to me or any other fan. For those of us who have a life full of hardships and difficulties, seeing Bo's bright smile, or Luke's dazzling blue eyes, or hearing Daisy's laugh, pay close attention and listen to Jesse's advice, or even watch a scene with Boss and Rosco's hilarious antics, it's hard for anyone not to smile at it and brighten up. Hazzard county has become a comfort zone to many and a safe haven for all.
    And so, with all that being said, I'll hope to have sparked interest in many and help others gain insight on this glorious show. Keep it between the Ditches, as they would say in Hazzard County.
    keep in mind some information such as dates could be wrong i've heard the last airing date was August 16th and the last airing date was February 8th so I don't know for sure.
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    Laura Duke reacted to RogerDuke in What do the Dukes mean to you?   
    Before I discovered Hazzardnet I didn't really know anybody else who shared my intense love of the Dukes. That why everybody here means so much to me. I truly feel like a part of a large family with a strong common bond. Things like Lori's school paper simply make that bond even stronger.
    Thanks for the offer of the Kleenex General but I think I'm okay. I think my tears were just allergies. For some amazing coincidence, my allergies seem to always act up whenever I read posts like that.
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    Laura Duke reacted to lost_sheep3 in What do the Dukes mean to you?   
    That was a wonderful paper - I hope it does very well in class.
    Getting back to the thread...I can't really put into words what the Dukes means to me. Ever since it first aired it has been a part of my life. I remember watching the original run - from the first part of the opening, until the end of the end-credits, every week. I know that I must have stopped watching when Coy and Vance came on - and I returned with Bo and Luke.
    After the first run I couldn't necessarily remember every plot, or everything that happened, but the lessons I learned and the sense of family I felt stayed with me long after the last episode.
    I remember my excitement when the first reunion movie came out - I couldn't wait to see it. I sat in front of the TV with all the anticipation I'd had as a kid, waiting for that orange car to go flying through the air.
    My life changed drastically between the time the first reunion aired and the second one did. I lost some people who were very dear to me, including my father, and I gained other people who have become incredibly dear in their own right. And most of those newer friendships, kinships, sprang up around a common love of this very uncommon television show that if the critics had had their way would never have seen more than one episode.
    The Dukes has been a part of my life since the first episode -and I am so glad to have it as part of my life still. It will always be my favorite show - and much more than that. It will always be a part of me.
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