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  1. Howdy Howdy! Hows you?

    What have you been up to?

    Not much here...just really busy with school...umm...today is prom so I'm excited....YAY! lol....

    Well I gotta go start gettin everything in order! LOL

    Hope that you habe a great day!

  2. Where in Hazzard have you been hiding? Well thought I'd drop by and say hey. God bless!

  3. Hey Garrett! I've been wanting to watch the Blind Side. It looked really good, based solely off the promos. I'm glad to hear it was worth watching. I guess I'll have to get it from the library. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being awful and 10 being great) how would you rate the movie?
  4. Hey Redneck! Hope you are having a great day. I got your visitor message- sorry I haven't typed in awhile, I've been busy. Hope you are doing well! And hello to anyone else who happens to read this! Hope you're having a great day also!

    General Grant

  5. HOWDY HOWDY HOWDY!!! HOWS YOU? I ain't talked to you in a long time..I seen that you was on 4 days ago...lol...How have you been? What have you been up to? I get to go meet John Schneider this weekend! YAY!

  6. You too?! I also have dial-up, and where we live we can't get an upgrade! (At least that is what the internet-providers tell me... I'm ignorant in the subject so they may just be pulling my leg and I'm none the wiser!) I really feel for you, believe me, it is AWFUL to have dialup. The way I figure it the only thing that dial up does is provide me with a bit of fun when someone who has high-speed uses it and complains about how slow it is. That is pretty funny! Don't worry, GeneralLeeGirl, I also have "spastic" internet... and its cold where I live, too! Actually, Redneck girl, I was upset whe
  7. Hey Everyone! First off, thank you Roger for that wonderful compliment! I was honored (and just to clear it up, no, you weren't in my way!) Garrett- you have the power to beat this, the question now is just: how bad do you want it? You have to want this. It doesn't matter how bad we want this for you, ultimeately at the end of the day, it is your choice. I know you can do this. You can do it! You have the power, and you own this- you have it within you. I do understand how bad cravings can be, now this might sound crazy, but talk to it if you have to. You can say (mentally if you want) "I kno
  8. Hey Y'all! Okay, texasdaisy, I'll start with you first, then I have a few words for Roger! First off, there are a ton of alternatives for losing weight, and you have to do what works for you. Personally, I think that walking is really the Ultimate weight loss exercise. Take your kids with you, if you want and make it a family activity. Also, you don't have to spend hours in the gym with tons of equipment. I strength train and I only have one bench, a bar, and some weights. Other than that, I don't use any machines, sometimes I dont' even use the weights. I guess if I was you, I would start
  9. Right On, Brian! Being a "Wisconsin-ite" myself, that is absolutely 100% true. We talk funny, and everyone seems to know it! Brian, you must have some Wisconsin friends, because you know how to prounouce the name of the state! You can always pick out a "foreigner" because they pronounce it WIS-CON-SIN like Brian said, we pronounce it WI-SKAHN-SIN with the first "i" being short. Anyway, now that I rambled that one to death... No, I don't think Tom has allergies, he just has a bad case of the "Wisconsin Drawl" luckily for the rest of the nation, it isn't contagious! Okay, enough dry humor for no
  10. Drat! Someone beat me to this thread! I was contemplating starting a thread for supporting people with weight loss/training. But first, before I go any further, I want to say, "CONGRATULATIONS, MINDUKE!" That must be so exciting for you. Please, let us know if it is a boy or a girl. Okay, back to the thread... I'm not sure if anyone wants my input, but I actually was hoping to study for being a personal trainer, so I do a lot of reading about that. I personally do not have a weight problem, but I find thourough enjoyment in training, and it has helped me, not only physically, but also psychol
  11. Okay, here is my take on Kay Darleen Duke's question: Does Tom Have Allergies? Well, as wierd as this is going to sound (and I tend to think it isn't true... probably because I am a midwesterner myself...) but I've been told that midwestern people have a "nasal-ly" accent. Personally, I don't ever hear it, but then I've been told I sound "nasal-ly" by some of my cousins who are not midwesterners. I don't know, I guess I never picked up on that. Just a thought...
  12. Hey Everyone! I really liked all of your posts. Those are excellent reasons to LOVE the Dukes. I do agree with everyone who said that the shows now-a-days just don't have the moral fiber they had back then. As a very wise person once said, "Common Sense just isn't common in this country anymore." The Dukes did provide all the common sense, family values, and good ol' fun to sustain one for a lifetime. In my opinion, anyway. Roger, I really think that was great what you said about it is the people on this website that make it like a second home. I really think that this is a wonderful group of
  13. Congratulations, Roger! You certainly deserve this award. Good Job!
  14. Well, it sounds like a fun 4th to me! I didn't really do anything. Went to a parade with my family and a friend, and didnt' go to fireworks at all- we're going to see some fireworks on Saturday, though.

  15. Im doin ok....My 4th was ok...coulda been better...lol....The fireworks we went to see were kind of pathetic....They were pertty but only lasted like 10 minutes....:( *cries* lol....I got watermelon though! Yee Haw! lol...So how was your 4th?

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