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  1. "Enjoy the view Luke Duke...it's the last time you'll ever see your cousin." "No! No!" screamed Luke jerking hard against the ropes.
  2. Luke took his hand gently. "I don't think anything's broke... but you mighta bruised your muscle...I think Lori's right...we best clean it and have Jesse look at it."
  3. Harve grabbed Bo by his blood matted hair and held up his face for Luke to see. "I hope you're pleased with yourself. If you would have just minded your own business, none of this would have happened." Luke swallowed hard trying to loosen his ropes. "Let him go....your problem's with me...let him go."
  4. Luke took his hand gently as he did that. "I don't think anything's broke... but you mighta bruised your muscle...I think we best clean it and have Jesse look at it."
  5. "He didn't do nothin'! It's me ya want... leave Bo outta it." Harve shook his head. "We were told to hurt you... and I can't think of a better way than hurting baby brother." With that he knocked Bo to the cold cement, kicking him in the stomache. "Bo!" screamed Luke trying with all of his might to get to Bo. "Stop..please..."
  6. "You sure you're ok?" asked Luke looking at him with a concerned eye. It came as second nature for him to be protective over Bo...it had been that way ever since they came to live with Jesse. "Can ya bend your fingers and everything?"
  7. **********in his dream*********** "Stop! Stop! You're hurting him...stop!" screamed Luke, struggling against the ropes that tied him as he watched horrified as Bo was beaten before his eyes. "That's the whole idea," said Harve, "and there ain't nothin you can do about it," he added punching Bo in the jaw.
  8. " Be glad to," answered Luke, following after Bo and Lori over to the black charger. "Sure is a beauty," he said running a hand admiringly over the hood. "Bo why don't you grab the tools out of the General's trunk an' we'll see what we got here..."
  9. "Anything you say Lori," replied Luke before Bo could say anything to his defense. Quickly he sped down Old Mill Road,, soon pulling up to the Duke Farm. "Be it ever so humble...look like you remember it?" he asks as he slides out and waits to help Lori out, though he was pretty sure she didn't need it.
  10. "No...that can't be it....done proved that time and again..." answered Luke.
  11. Luke moaned softly, jerking a little as if in a nightmare. "No...no...Bo...find...Bo..."
  12. Luke scoffed. "And why did he need a tune up when he just had one the other day? Could it be 'cuz someone was tryin' t drop the camshaft drivin him so hard, showin off for a girl he met?"
  13. "Who got himself jailed in the first place?" retorted Luke quickly.
  14. Luke gave him a look. "See there Lori...Bo and his imagination...at it again..."
  15. Her mother looked over Luke who by now was sleeping restlessly. "He ain't goin' nowhere for a while... least not til he gets better. Last thing we need is a stranger nosin around..." she muttered to herself as she started to make some soup thinking that would be the best thing for the young man to eat, for her bark was much worse than her bite.
  16. "Did I mention that my little cousin has an overactive imagination too. See Bo here is what gets us into trouble...I'm the one who gets us out of it," assured Luke.
  17. "And don't you go on about how ya don't wanna get us in trouble either...Bo an' I can take care of ourselves...'sides, ain't like we never been in trouble before...well, least Bo hasn't," said Luke with a smirk.
  18. Luke continued driving towards Cooter's deep in thought. Turning onto Jessup Road, he looked back in the mirror, looking at Lori. Without warning, he turned off on an old hunting trail and stopped. "Lori, why don't you stay at our place for a spell...least 'til this all blows over an' we clear your name? You know Uncle Jesse wouldn't hear of ya stayin' anywhere else...an' Daisy...Daisy'd love to have another girl around...." he added in his most wheedlesome tone.
  19. The older woman put her hands on her hips. "And what else did you find out...he ain't some criminal or nothin' is he? That's all we need is for the cops to start poking their noses around out here!" Luke was oblivious to the conversation. In fact he was oblivious to near everything around him.
  20. well, I got family in Atlanta...would save the cost of a hotel...so i am all for it!
  21. Right. And as far as IMing Chasen: no...he doesn't use any instant messenger.
  22. "You went and done it didn't ya?" she looked at her angrily. "How many times have I told you to not do that in public. How many times?!"
  23. Her mother frowned. "And just how do you know that? He ain't hardly said two words here."
  24. Normally Luke would have protested against all the mollycoddling. Right now, though, he was too weak to protest much. He laid against the pillow closing his eyes, swallowing hard, praying that Bo was ok.
  25. Luke waited until she was out of sight before biting his lip and struggling to change clothes. He had never realized how much balance it took to pull on a pair of jeans. Eventually, e managed though and , with his wet clothes in a heap on the floor, he sat leaning his head back against the couch and closed his eyes, plumb worn out with the work of changing clothes.
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