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    i show cattle at stock shows and i like older music
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    in the middle of nowhere, either Hazzard, Georgia, or Eustace, Texas.
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    singing, ranchwork, working
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    rancher's daughter i work

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  1. Loved it loved it loved it. love the idea of Lucas being a daddy.
  2. He was in Bret Masterson, and in Ride Lonesome Don't know much about the first one. Ride Lonesome has Pernell Roberts (aka, Adam Cartwright of Bonanza), Randolf Scott, and James Coburn and our own, James Best.
  3. Love it love it love it!!!!!! i can't wait to see what happens next!!!
  4. thanks for the thoughts. you are so right about playin' it safe like that. my brother's friend had a 4 wheeler accident a long time ago, and from what i heard, it wasn't all that good. he turned out alright. that would be so sad if Bo died. : poor Lukas. anyway. i guess i was just lucky.
  5. i was just wondering because this morning, i went to go get the guy who works for us for lunch, and on our way to the house, i fishtailed, in the John Deere Gator. now i know that Bo and Luke do that a lot, and i was just wondering if anybody else suffered from DDS Duke Driving Syndrome. when i took him back to the tractor, he asked me if i wanted to be a racecar driver when i grow up. i said maybe. i'll take anybodys thoughts on this Catch ya on the flip flop:rofl:
  6. i have ridden bareback before and i busted my but doin' it. i went under a barn and slid off backwards. i do agree with you on the double-ride bareback thing though. my dad is pretty good, but not that good.
  7. Ya'll i took that thing seven times 4 times it said i was Bo 2 times it said i was Rosco and 1 time it said i was Cooter how do ya like that? i guess i got multiple personalities
  8. don't ya'll think that them boys look good on top of a horse? In Bye Bye Boss, i think it was, you notice that Bo Luke and Daisy all are riding horses into the canyon. i personally enjoy watching Bo and Luke ride horses. their pretty good. i think Luke is the better one, though. what's your take on it?
  9. Somewhere between your heart and mine by Merle Haggard( don't know why), plus all of the others too. um and Ain't Goin' Down Till The Sun Comes Up by Garth Brooks. and HillBilly Deluxe by Brooks & Dunn
  10. Ya know what? Tom was in Dallas from the 7th- 16 or 17th of june for Chicago, and the day after he left, i was on the internet and i found out the dates, and i said "Hey mom, Tom Wopat was in Dallas," i look at my watch, " Yesterday." man i missed out big time. dang it. i was only about two hours away the entirre time. but i suppose work comes first hahahahahah
  11. I really like this one, not only because it had a Texas Ranger in it. i liked it when Luke and Patch arm wrestled, Texas Style. as far as i know, we don't arm wrestle like that. but i could be wrong. it was a nice touch though. Definetly a thumbs up
  12. Howdy. I'm new and i just wanted to say hi. i just started to watch the Dukes on CMT, and i liked what i saw, especially Luke.
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