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  1. Well first off julie, a New Series??, of the dukes?, and dixie yeah they might have hade a contact or something, and i agree cmt loses the dukes, ain't good. but {there is nothing us fan a can do}... DIXIE. YA'LL COME BACK NOW YA HEAR....
  2. yeah, burt was boss, so they could have him guest star
  3. hey Capt Redneck i liked walking tall, and that saying u have at the end of ur stuff u write is funny, ya'll write back now u hear
  4. Well, i liked your arrow, and i want to know how i can give something a general lee's paint job, i know ya'll want to help me so please do!!!!
  5. Ya'll Duke Fans, don't u think they should have made a show called "The Dukes Meet Smokey and the Bandit"? it would have been a good Show, and ya'll just say so if u think so, and remember ya'll come back now ya hear
  6. Ya'll dukes fans, don't u think they should have made a show called the dukes meet Smokey and the bandit. it would have been a good show, who thinks so Ya'll just say so and don't forget Ya'll come back now ya hear.
  7. well yeah, i checked that and it stilled said invalid file
  8. well i did that, and it said invalid file, now what, and sorry if i've been a bother, i just want an avater, and one more thing, i'm not really new here i usto have another name here, and i hade an avater on that name, but i forget my password, so i just made a new name and password.
  9. i see, but how do i upload a pic, i tryed a pic of the General Lee, but it did not do a thing