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  1. Yesterday, I was looking an interview to Gy Waldron on the extra features of a Dvd and he talks about all the Dukes family. He said the way the parents of the 3 cousins dead but I'm not so good to understand someone speaking english so I'm not sure: it seems to me to have understand accident or fire...something. Do you know it?
  2. Could you please post the link? Thanks!
  3. I don't know exactly when I saw Hazzard for the first time, I think middle of 80's: my parents watched it. But the serie is not one of the most popular here in Italy, and the last replies are about of 15 years ago, I think. So, I didn't "follow" Bo/John for a lot of time, up to this summer when for a misterious reason, Hazzard came in my mind and I looked for all the Dvd's.
  4. Well, I saw him for the first time when I was a child and loved him at the istant: he's beautiful, has 2 wonderful eyes, he has always a laugh on his mouth, is a little crazy and what I can ask more?
  5. I saw this episode, too! 2 or 3 times! Very good!!!
  6. It was written in 1982?? Wow, John was so young! I hope it will be out even in Italy! How can John looks always so young and beautiful?
  7. I read somewhere that John sings, too: I reache to downloaded 2 songs and half and one of this is only a cover of "It's now or never". Do you know if there is a site where I can find and download some other songs?
  8. I have a little question: looking some episoedes, it seems that John and Catherine Back are very close. Did they have a story at that time or they were only friends?
  9. I noticed a thing, last days: I was watching "Smallville" as, I think you know, stars John; and, when he fights with Lionel Luthor, John knocks him with the left hand. Even in Hazzard, he used to knock often with the left hand, even if to write he usually used the right one. Did you noticed the same thing?
  10. My favorite episode is Carnival Thrill, where Bo and Luke fight each others. But it's very rare that someone gets really hurt...
  11. morgan

    Hi all

    Thank you for your welcome! Unfortunately, a fiew days after my post I lost internet so I don't know when I'll reach to come back. Now I'm using the pc of a friend. Hope to be hear soon.
  12. What a confusion with this child! But why he adopted his nephew? Has is brother problems?
  13. I read on this site of the breath-problems of John. Somedays ago I was watching an episode in original language and, after a run of Bo and Luke, I've noticed that John breathed very hard.
  14. morgan

    Hi all

    Hi! I'm new on this forum! I've looked for a section to introduce myself but I only found this one, so forgive me if I wrong. Well, my name is Daniela and I'm from Milan, Italy; I recently re-descover myself fan of this beautiful tv serie; this is my story. I watched Hazzard (this is the title in Italy) when I was a child: don't know exactly why a day this year, mid-august I thought: "Oh, I'd like very much to see it again!". The day after, I went to a video-music shop to buy some films and thought: "well, today all the tv series have their dvd pack so...why don't look for Hazzard?". I looked up on the shelf where I knew there were those stuff and...what I saw? A long orange row of Dvd! From 1st to 5th season! Now I have all the season but the 5th ('cause of the other 2 guys I don't like) and the 7th that isn't out yet! I'd like to know you all! Bye!
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