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    ^^^^^What Hood is HE looking under?????

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  1. OOH!!!!!!!!!! I want it so bad.... is it good??? Of course its good its Reba.... give a little review!!! :D
  2. Oops I forgot to meantion..... its all been taken care of now We know who did it, and we got in contact with a friend of Catherine's and she let Catherine know for us.... and well I havent seen any signs of the guy on there.
  3. Dontcha just HATE it when theres a good song you could use, but it just doesnt fit??? I've probably come up with that problem alot... there was a while I wanted to make a Daisy/Enos video SOOO BAD I could practically see it!!! But my problems were no pictures, and the perfect song hadnt been found. I would rack my brain all the time trying to find that perfect song! Well, one day the perfect song came on the radio!!! Its one I knew the words to and loved.... but it hadnt ever struck me as the perfect song, til here I was listening to the radio, and for once, I listened... really listened... to this song on the radio. Whenever You Come Around by Vince Gill. I knew it was the song I was looking for! I even asked my dad! SO with only one picture of Daisy and Enos together, I created my video... and I think I did a pretty darn good job, not to toot my own horn, lol. I just used a bunch of Enos pics, and a couple of Daisy, and everything worked out
  4. Check this one out!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2ZNKsRHTeQ The reason I didnt use the whole song was cause the whole song woulnt have worked
  5. I can say that Catherine DOES send messages when she gets the chance. I've gotten several from her. However, you still need to keep an eye out because theres been another person known to get onto her page and pose as her. I dont think he's doing it anymore though... or he's got really good at faking! lol Also add www.myspace.com/catherinebachsfanatics the official fan page!!! (Might as well be, lol)
  6. Heres to 17 more fantastic years together!!! Hope ya'll had a great day together, and that everything was just perfect!!
  7. My gosh, I would love the same thing!!! lol. I want all the episodes though. I'm such a big fan of Catherine's I want everything she's done... but I want African Skies the most, lol. They should release it on DVD. I bet I would be the first person to buy any of them!!! LOL
  8. Psh. It wasnt worth it. Course, maybe I'm being mean cause I didnt get on there. Honestly though, two of them went to find their true love, and the man in the married couple was WAY too jealous. I'm thinking "Uh HELLO! She's wearing those shorts, she's gonna get lots of guys hitting on her, GET OVER IT!" Me and my friends were being considered. It was gonna be three of us from different states traveling together to go meet the cast... specifically Catherine, lol. One of the girls (me) was gonna go to meet Catherine, because I didnt really meet her last year. The other two had their own reasons for going too. But we all had a common goal: Going to Dukesfest together. SO I kinda wonder if we said we were going to meet our Bo Dukes or Luke Dukes or Enos Strates if we woulda been put on. Oh well. Wasnt worth it. Honestly, I think I could pull off a much better tv show than THAT. I think that show makes fun of country people... but thats just me!
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOX6uANrAt8 Dolly and Stella Parton- Wind Beneath My Wings Check it out, its great!
  10. Looking for pictures of Catherine and her daughters! If anyone has any, or can find any, please send them. I would ADORE whoever found BIG pictures of Catherine, Sophia, Laura, and Peter where there wasnt a watermark covering their faces too. Please help me out, I dont care when they are, I'm just a lookin!
  11. Hey! All you peoples that went to Dukesfest and got pictures of Catherine: Can I save them and put them on my fan page? www.myspace.com/catherinebachsfanatics We're still looking for Dukesfest pics, just say your first name and we'll add your pics and your name to them Did anybody get any pictures of Catherine's daughters???? (I'm a sucker for those! lol)
  12. Oh yeah, I've heard it before. I love that song... I always think that the whole Daisy/Enos situation, only certain songs can work... and its so interesting the songs I can find and say "OOH! Daisy and Enos!!!!!!!!" lol
  13. Ready? Okay well theres ALOT. These are my Catherine and Daisy Duke slideshows. Here we go! Enos Strate- Whenever You Come Around Catherine Bach- Beautiful Sophia and Laura- Who You Are Sophia and Laura- You're Gonna Be Daisy Duke and Enos Strate- Kiss Me Catherine, Sophia, and Laura- Little Miss Magic Daisy Duke- Legs Daisy Duke and Enos Strate- Hero Peter Lopez and Catherine Bach- I'd Choose You Again Daisy and Enos- One Honest Love
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