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    B.L. Davenport got a reaction from Skipper Duke in JOHN SCHNEIDER BUSTED FOR POSESSION!!!   
    Holy smoke, daisydukesnumber1fan ya nearly gave me a heart attack!!!!!!!!!!!
    So glad what I was thinking ain't what ya posted or I'd be at them pearly gates whew *wipes away sweat*
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    B.L. Davenport got a reaction from Skipper Duke in You Might Be a Redneck if   
    LOL guess I'm a redneck cos I can certainly name the cast but no idea who my congressman is...oh well I think if it was the other way around it would be much sadder
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    B.L. Davenport got a reaction from Skipper Duke in Word Association   
    (there's a few of those round Hazzard County too but we won't name names lol)
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    B.L. Davenport got a reaction from Skipper Duke in Vote for Dukes of Hazzard at www.teaveee.com   
    I had posted a similar type voting site several months ago to make Dukes #1. I saw it go from 7 votes to almost 200 i believe it was in a little over a week so let's get it up there this time!!!!!!!
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    B.L. Davenport got a reaction from DixieDavenport in Snow Day- Dukes Style   
    Prince Charming rode into the yard of Snow White and the seven dwarfs on his white steed with Sleeping Beauty riding behind. The seven dwarfs marched across the hill in the distance their voices ringing in the surrounding quietness singing "hi ho hi ho.....". "Whoa boy" Prince Charming commanded the horse pulling back on the reins holding onto Sleeping Beauty's hand he helped her safely to the ground.
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    B.L. Davenport got a reaction from MaryAnne in Reputation   
    Glad someone's reputation is improving around here, I been a member since 2007 and my reputation box is still black/grey
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    B.L. Davenport reacted to LizzyJackson-Davenport in Say NO to one liners on the ROUND ROBIN FORUM!   
    I really hope you three aren't comparing the one liners in the other threads to those horrible statements. Seriously.
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    B.L. Davenport reacted to Jami Lee Hogg in When two great worlds collide   
    Feeling two soft lips touching her's slowly Jami starts to wake up. *mmm I could get use to walking up like this* she thought to herself. "Morning...." pulling Luke back into bed with her.
    "Mommy, Mommy" yelled Jeremy as ran into the room. Groaning Jami pulled away from Luke and made room for Jeremy.
    "Daddy what are you doing to mommy?" he asked as he tried to climb into the bed with them. "Daddy help..." he demanded as he put his arm up in the air waiting to be picked up
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    B.L. Davenport reacted to Emy-Rae Duke in When two great worlds collide   
    ok this is a round robbin with Jami and me. joining this is by invitation only. In this story Luke and Jami has been married for 3 years and they have a two year old son Jeremy Nathaniel Jefferson Duke.
    Luke opens his eyes the sits up he looked at his wife Jami as she slept, smiled a bit then stood up. he opened the two glass double doors that led to the bedroom porch and walked out then inhaled the fresh crisp Hazzard morning air dawn had just broken and he looked at the breath taking country scenery and whispered a soft prayer of contentment. taking in one last sigh he walked back into the bedroom closed the door that led to the porch. He went over to Jamis side of the bed and kissed her softly. "Morning beautiful." He smiled
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    B.L. Davenport reacted to dukesrule2000 in Luke goes to Dallas   
    Bo Lives in California He's Married to Gabby. and Daisy also moved to California to be closer to Enos.
    Luke has been dating Kathleen Ewing for 1 year now. and He was think about asking her to marry him. She Is the cheif of Staff of the Hazzard Hospital.
    Luke was on his was to the Hospital to Pick up Kathy.
    Meanwhile at the Hospital.
    Kathy gets a phone call from her brother JR Ewing. He Ordered her to come back to Dallas. and Kathy said JR, you are my brother not my Daddy.I love it here in Hazzard and I'm away from all of the Ewing Drama. JR stars to laugh. and said Does your boyfriend Know that you are a Southfork Ewing. I bet if he Knew. he would drop you like a hot cake. Kathy said Luke isn't Like that he loves me. and Stay out of my life JR. I,m finily Happy. and she hangs up the Phone.
    Kathy had this feeling that her brother was upto something. She needed to tell Luke before JR did. Just then she saw the love of her life walk threw the door and he had a smile on his face and she walked over to him and she went into his arms and she kissed him. and he looked at her and said Wow Sweetheart..Kathy said Baby come to my office we need to talk. So Luke followed her to her office and Luke.
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    B.L. Davenport reacted to dukefan in Strong and true   
    This story is about how Bo,Luke and Daisy came to Hazzard and ended up staying with Uncle Jesse. For this story, The point of view is all about how Bo tells his story, and how he met his cousins for the first time.
    Anyone can join, but let me make this clear, in this story, there are no other dukes, only Bo,Luke,Daisy and uncle Jesse. At the start of this, none of them have ever heard of Hazzard county.
    Jesse is married at this time, and he is 42, while Bo is 12, Luke is 16 and Daisy is, say 14. Also, for now, they all live in Hatchipee( forgot how it is really spelled). Daisy has never known her mom, and is being raised by Jesse and his wife.
    Jesse knows J.D. lives in Hazzard, but he hasn't set foot there since the moonshine days, due to meeting such a wonderful woman who lived in Hatchipee county.
    If you remember who Jesse was married to, please private message me ok?
    'Hi ya'll, this is BO, and this is my story on how I got to know my cousins, my uncle real well and Hazzard county.'
    'See, I have always enjoyed the family life, for I was so well taken care of, but one thing that I did not like, was my dad and his friends running shine, getting in trouble with the law and nearly getting killed over moonshine.'
    'I was only 12 back then, so there was little I could say or do about it, so I kept quiet.'
    'One day, my dad brought us for a drive, I was in the back seat, dad was driving and his buddy was riding shotgun.'
    'I noticed we started going faster, and I was amazed on how well my dad could handle his car, but I got scared, we were going so fast.'
    'So I turned around and saw the sheriff car and yelled to dad;'
    "Dad, why is he chasing us?"
    "Son," My dad said, " It Spike lumas and he thinks we are running shine again, so lay low till I tell you to get up!"
    'I was so scared as I kept hearing the tires squealing away and the sirens getting ever so close to us. I sat up and I fell into shock, bolting right at us was another car, coming from the other side of the road.'
    'My dad was going to fast and he could not avoid hitting the other car. Crumpling deafening sounds of metal bending as my dad's car crumbled like a can of sardine , hood bending in two and partially going through the windscreen.'
    ' We must have rolled a dozen times, or it sure felt like it as I saw the ground, and the sky and the ground again , then the sky, seemed so slow motion at the time, glass flying every where.'
    ' When I woke up, the car was on it's roof, me hanging upside down. Not far, I could see this other car we hit twisted beyond recognition, on fire, with a young man laying on the ground , not moving.'
    ' Dad was pinned under the car, not moving. I tried to get to him, but I passed out from being so dizzy.'
    'When I woke up again, lights on a ceiling were blinding me silly and my head hurt so much, I could not keep my eyes open long.'
    ' I looked to the right , and there was Uncle Jesse and his wife , sitting near by. Jesse got up, came to me and said;
    "Bo, try not to move , the doc will be here directly, just try to stay still"
    "But uncle Jesse, where is my dad? Is he ok? What about those from the other car?"
    ' I could tell something was wrong, uncle Jesse is an honorable man, and he could not hide the truth to save his life. I gulped as he started to say;
    "BO, I don't know quite how to tell you this, but.........but....."
    Cue anyone?
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    B.L. Davenport reacted to Elly May Duke in Dukes Meet Andy Griffith.   
    Okay I know this is another weird idea of mine, but another show I like as well as me and a certian known friend of mine have been comparing Enos with Barney lately.
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    B.L. Davenport reacted to TheLoungeLizard09 in God Is Great, Beer Is Good, And People Are Crazy   
    She was decent and he led her back to the room and Says "Shut up allreadry and go to sleep allreadry. And your not in charge right now I am allright."
    Cue LizzyJackson-Davenport or daisydukeXenosstrait or Elly Mae Duke
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    B.L. Davenport reacted to Julieduke in God Is Great, Beer Is Good, And People Are Crazy   
    Julie came in and Says "Daisy, I won the tickets to the Billy Currlington Concert in Austin, Texas now as well. I've won anything in my life before this now as well."
    Cue LizzyJackson-Davenport or daisydukeXenosstrait or Elly Mae Duke
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    B.L. Davenport got a reaction from Julieduke in This Is How You Do It   
    "Bo your impossible." Daisy said sticking her tongue out at her younger cousin beginning to put the dirty dishes in the sink and fill it with water to wash them.
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    B.L. Davenport reacted to daisydukeXenosstrait in One More Night   
    Daisy said "i know, just take care of my family right now, you can take care of me later"
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    B.L. Davenport reacted to DaisyMaeDuke in True Love(Never Did Run Smooth) By Tom Wopat   
    Are your lyrics written with an English accent?
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    B.L. Davenport got a reaction from BoJamesDuke in The Official Dukes of Hazzard Trivia Thread   
    I agree
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    B.L. Davenport reacted to BoJamesDuke in True Love(Never Did Run Smooth) By Tom Wopat   
    I do, i'm currently writing the lyrics for Mini Hogg's Website on John and Tom's music - www.johnandtommusic.com
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    B.L. Davenport reacted to DixieDavenport in I'm a Danged Fool   
    Luke was in the barn finishing his chores when Bo walked in. Luke had his own problems but it didn't take Luke long to notice Bo's hand had been bleeding and was swelling and bruising. "What happened to you?" Luke asked.
    Bo replied, "Nothing." He said working his hand trying to determine if he had broken anything or just bruised it.
    "Bo you had to hit something pretty hard to do THAT to your hand." stated Luke.
    Bo's hand hurt but no more than his heart did. "You would not understand."
    "Are you and Beth fighting?" questioned Luke.
    Bo relied, quietly, "Not exactly."
    Luke said, "Then what?"
    Bo replied, "I guess you want to tell me what's up with you dating EVERY girl in the County?"
    Luke glared at his cousin. "No, I don't"
    Bo replied, "Well, then we're even."
    Luke thought, "Only until Uncle Jesse, sees that hand!"
    Bo and especially Luke thought they knew it all at this time in their life.
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    B.L. Davenport reacted to bethie88 in I'm a Danged Fool   
    (This is a fic that I'm gonna develop in a different way with different characters (ie, not having me as his GF) for FF.net.)
    Bo Duke couldn't believe it. He couldn't believe what she'd just told him. Beth Smith, his girlfriend, and the love of his life, was pregnant... And she was only 16, and he was 17. How could he have made such a stupid mistake? Uncle Jesse was gonna kill him, if Luke didn't kill him first.
    Beth hated the way he was looking at her... Like a scared little boy. Bo wasn't a scared little boy, and seeing him like this tore her apart inside.
    "I'm a danged fool," Bo said, punching a tree so hard it made his knuckles bleed.
    [Feel free to pick up, and I don't care if you use my character...Won't bother me]
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    B.L. Davenport reacted to Kay Darleen Duke in Luke and Candy's bundle of Joy   
    Tonight On The Dukes : Luke and Candy are having a baby but sadly Candy
    suffers complications and Luke is having to raise their daughter by himself.
    Luke and Candy was a happy married couple who was about to get a visit from
    the stork and right as we speak Candy is in the bathroom taking a test to see
    if she is pregnant and Luke was making a hole in the floor by pacing so much.
    " Candy you've been in their over an hour is it ready yet ?", " Luke these things
    take time i ain't gonna rush it besides on the box it says i have to wait 30mins.
    but patients was never one of Luke's better skills so he tried to wait but he couldn't until finally the bathroom door opened and Candy had big smile .
    She said " Luke I have great news I'm " PREGNANT " Luke got tears of joy in his
    eyes , Candy did too she couldn't believe it oh my god were gonna be parents",
    Luke started feeling like he was gonna pass out from the thought of being a
    daddy suddenly he fainted and Candy was shocked " oh my god Luke ".
    " Luke , Luke , wake up Luke , and she got smelling salt sprayed it and he finally
    woke up and said " i can't believe it I'm gonna be a daddy and your a mama,
    Candy said " yep that's right baby i can't believe it either but we better go see
    Doc. Applebee so he can tell us what were having so they made their way over
    to the doctor's office and the waiting room was filled and with people and so Luke and Candy found two empty seats in the back and Luke went up to the nurses station and signed in and then went back to sit down then a half-hour l
    later a nurse came out and she said " Luke and Candy Duke " Luke and Candy
    got up and made their way into Doc. Applebee's office and he already had Candy's chart on his desk and he said " Luke it's been awhile you look great,
    and Candy you are pregnant i hear congrats are in order then he said " well i have some great news kids your having twins Luke and Candy said " What".
    Cue Anybody
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    B.L. Davenport got a reaction from Jami Lee Hogg in Word Association   
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    B.L. Davenport got a reaction from kit in Reputation   
    Life would be boring if we were peaceful
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    B.L. Davenport reacted to Kelly Davenport in The Blue Angel   
    Cooter and the Dukes deal with a turning point in their lives and the idea for the infamous Blue Angel is born. Takes place on November 8, 1986, at the Naval Air Station in Oceana, Virginia.
    Let me know what you guys think.
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