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  1. Haha
    BoJamesDuke got a reaction from Skipper Duke in Jab Stuart Duke   
    And Morgan, its jEb lol not Jab
  2. Love
    BoJamesDuke got a reaction from Skipper Duke in Musical Chairs   
    Me Against the Music - Britney Spears ft. Madonna
  3. Love
    BoJamesDuke got a reaction from Skipper Duke in Musical Chairs   
    Carryin' On Like WE Did Before - Tom Wopat & John Schneider
  4. Love
    BoJamesDuke got a reaction from Skipper Duke in Musical Chairs   
    Say Hello to Goodbye - John Schneider.
  5. Haha
    BoJamesDuke got a reaction from Skipper Duke in Jessica Simpson Blunder   
    Sounds about right for her
  6. Haha
    BoJamesDuke got a reaction from Skipper Duke in Where did this Quote come from?   
    Okay, the idea of this game is.
    I'LL post quotes, and the first person to give me the right episode it came from will be the winner no matter how many people post the right answer. I'll keep track of the scores to see how people do. Hope people get involved in this.
    Here goes the first one.
    Luke: If you took off them platform cowboy boots she'd be eatin' off the top of your head too!
  7. Haha
    BoJamesDuke got a reaction from Skipper Duke in Star Trivia   
    I can just sit here smug in the knowledge that I have the knowledge but you think I dont have the knowledge cause I obviously do have the knowledge of which knowledge you do not.
  8. Sad
    BoJamesDuke got a reaction from Skipper Duke in Dukesfest 2009....   
    Sorry guys, but it has been confirmed that next year there is no Dukesfest
  9. Haha
    BoJamesDuke got a reaction from Skipper Duke in Howdy y'all   
    Hey buddy,
    Glad you finally got around to posting on here...I warn you its addictive...
  10. Like
    BoJamesDuke got a reaction from Skipper Duke in 2010 Christmas Party   
    LOL well at least its noticed when I aint around
  11. Haha
    BoJamesDuke got a reaction from Skipper Duke in lets play a dukes game   
    Luke 28
    Bo 27
    Jesse 26
    Cooter 19
    (I'm gonna keep on keepin on LOL and yeah I never mean to hurt Rog or anyone by doing that...I just noticed you kept adding it to Jesse all the time is all LOL)
  12. Haha
    BoJamesDuke got a reaction from Skipper Duke in lets play a dukes game   
    (To be fair I always take it off the same person but give the point to anyone else randomly..mainly cooter though cause I feel sorry for him LOL)
  13. Haha
    BoJamesDuke got a reaction from Skipper Duke in lets play a dukes game   
    Bo 28
    Luke 28
    Jesse 26
    Cooter 18
    (Well I did try and instigate a plan so we did but no one listened!!! lol)
  14. Haha
    BoJamesDuke got a reaction from Skipper Duke in lets play a dukes game   
    Bo 30
    Luke 24
    Jesse 30
    Cooter 13
    Enos 3
    Jesse have the point he cruelly took from Daisy to elimate her and gave it to Luke.
    I now officially start a campaign to eliminate Jesse just because Roger never gives points to anyone else! *snicker* C'mon people, let's elimate Jesse! Give all the points to Enos! LOL
  15. Haha
    BoJamesDuke got a reaction from Skipper Duke in Another what episode is this question ;-)   
    lol I have a reputation? It lies only with you I think my friend lol
  16. Like
    BoJamesDuke got a reaction from Hobie Hartkins in Alrighty Hazzardites, I need your help!   
    Ok people here's the deal,
    I'm going to Dukesfest and had this idea that at Dukesfest they could have a trivia between the Dukes cast, The Dukes being on one side and the Law on the other. I wrote into them and asked and they replied saying they loved the idea and want me to send them some questions!!!
    Here's your chance for you guys to shine and for Hazzardnet to gain more publicity with the Dukes of Hazzad Cast. I need some questions, only two per person please. I dont know yet how many questions they want me to give, so that's the limit for now. Make them good but not too hard remembering they did this show 30 years back and probably haven't watched much of it since then. This is gonna be great, lets quiz that cast and see what they really know *grin*
    My three questions are: (Yeah I added one cause I couldn't pick between the three)
    1. How many Duke cousins appeared over the seven seasons?
    Answer: 7 - Bo, Luke, Daisy, Coy, Vance, Jeb Stuart and Judd Kane.
    2. How many deputies have there been over the seven seasons?
    There were 7 deputies in total - Rosco (demoted to several times) Enos, Cletus, Bo, Luke and Daisy.
    3. Fill in the gap and name the character who said it: 'Bo! You got the IQ of a ________, a small one!'
    You guys check these answers as well as others too. We need to know these are 100% accurate before I give them over. Come on guys, lets really quiz em.
  17. Downvote
    BoJamesDuke got a reaction from DixieDavenport in Hazzard County Exemplum   
    (OK so here's the deal. I can't round robin, not at all, i've tried but I just can't stand it but I am very intrigued by Daney Duke's Idea. So i've copied his and my first post from the round robin section and am going to continue the idea as a story. If anyone would like to colaberate with me, please message me before you post. Thanks and also Mega Thanks to Daney Duke for the idea )
    A guest goes missing from a Hazzard County motel…
    “Sheriff, I think we got everything.†Enos said.
    “Careful with that,†Rosco answered. His attention on the deputy fidgeting with the camera strap on the department equipment in his hands. The dawn of a new day had barely begun when the motel manager had phoned the Sheriff’s Office. Another patron checking out had noticed a room door wide open. They had mentioned it to the clerk on duty. The clerk found the room just as the officers had, tidy.
    The only thing missing was the customer who had checked in the afternoon before. The only indication there might be trouble was the trail of cards that led from the sidewalk to the parking lot. The cards were in the opposite direction of the hill behind the motel.
    Enos had walked the hill, took a few pictures. There had been no phone calls to the room. The possibly missing person hadn't made arrangements for someone to pick them up? And it turned out they had simply forgotten to close the door all the way.
    A travel case with money and identification sat on the chair next to the window.
    Rosco looked at the tan and brown paisley printed travel case. He was deciding between taking a picture of the person’s id and making a flyer that way. Or taking the case back to the office. If the person wasn’t really missing, they could report his department. He really wasn’t quite sure what had happened. Sometimes a police officer immediately knew what they were getting into at a scene, but not this time.
    The person could have made arrangements before they checked into the motel to be picked up. Were they a person on the run and that was why the items had been left behind? That could explain it. But then a criminal normally wouldn’t have the stuff that was in the travel case. And he had no proof at this moment, the person was a criminal.
    “Alright, let’s get back to the department,†he paused. “I’ll run the name through the system,†Rosco said quietly.
    “Develop the pictures while you do that?†Enos asked eagerly.
    “Yeah,†Rosco replied. “Stop at the office and tell the clerk I’m waiting for them to lock this room up.â€
    “Sure, Sheriff.†Enos stepped toward the door that had been left open. Rosco pondered over the possible crime scene evidence, the tip tap of the deputy’s boots on the sidewalk outside grew faint.
    Due to the fact it was an unusual start to the morning for the Hazzard County Sheriff's department, it also meant an unusal start to the day for the Duke Boys too. They'd been driving down the dusty back roads of the backwater town, testing out the General as they made their way in to see if they needed to stop at Cooter's while they got the daily grocery shopping done. The sun was warming up the land, the birds were singing, the dust was being kicked up by the powerful orange stock car as the sun gleamed off its paintwork...it was a lovely, quiet day and both boys were enjoying relaxing in it...
    "Luke....does it seem odd t'you...that we ain't heard nor seen hide nor hair of any flashin lights on Rosco or Enos' patrol cars the whole time we's been drivin'? Heck, we musta driven past at least 3 speed traps an' they ain't there..."
    Bo couldn't help but break the silence to comment on this unusual non-activity. Of course he wasn't really asking Luke if he'd noticed, his cousin's razor sharp mind never missed even the tinest hint something was amiss, let alone something as huge as this indication. Taking his eyes off the road for a second, he spared a glance at the dark-haired Duke, only to be met with the oh so familiar Must you point out the obvious all the time look.
    "Course I noticed it Bo, puts me dang near on the edge of my seat more than jumpin the General does when they ain't around...what seems odder t'me is how many times you used the word nor in one sentence..."
    "Cute..." Bo replied sarcastically, narrowing his eyes at his older cousin before turning his attention back to the road.
    "Ain't nothin we can do about it though Bo, Uncle Jesse needs these groceries so we can't afford t'be thrown in jail till after we got them to him...its better we ain't seen them two around yet for that reason."
    Luke explained, he never liked to leave things on an insult between them. Bo might be blonde sometimes, liked to point out the bleeding obvious a lot too but that didn't mean he wasn't as smart...or that he didn't get hurt like everyone else by things that were said. He didn't mind explaining things, he knew his mind worked about ten times quicker than everyone else's, even in the Marines he was forever the one to explain how something needed to be done. He liked it that way, it was something to keep his mind occupied in this sleepy town. If it weren't for Boss and Rosco coming up with new plans for him to think a way out of near every day, he would be downright bored. Besides, Bo was nodding in agreement with him anyway and continuing on his way to the lion's den itself.
    If the boys weren't in trouble yet, after a trip into town they pretty much were guarenteed to be. That was when the day would become like usual again.
    In the meantime, the mysterious disappearing motel lodger wasn't as far away as people might have thought. They might have needed to run but they were smart enough to know that running around a place you had no knowledge of - at night no less - was a stupid thing to do. So, slipping out into the cool night air after sleeping most of the afternoon, they had absconded onto the roof of the motel to watch the tiny town square come to life in the morning...or more importantly, looking for someone to help in their plan to run as far away as possible from those that were looking.
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    BoJamesDuke reacted to Elly May Duke in Fever   
    "Well what's going to happen to my nephew?" Jesse asked concerned. The doc turned to him "I just said it. . . I don't know." Jesse nodded not seeing how he would get another answer.
    "Oh Uncle Jesse." Daisy whispered,leaing her head against his shoulder "I . . .I can't loose Luke. . .what will we ever do without him?" she asked.
    Jesse wrapped an arm around her "I don't know Daisy, but I know it won't be the end of the world."
    "How can you be sure?" she asked.
    "Well. . .the doc said that. . ."
    "I don't care what she said Uncle Jesse." Daisy declared "I want Luke."
  19. Downvote
    BoJamesDuke reacted to daisydukeXenosstrait in Say NO to one liners on the ROUND ROBIN FORUM!   
    I never said or wanted to try to sound like I was forced to sign, I know I wasn't and I wasn't trying to sound like I was.
  20. Downvote
    BoJamesDuke reacted to Emy-Rae Duke in His secret life character might die!!!!!!   
    all right you two gang up on me as usual ... i resign from this thread
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    BoJamesDuke got a reaction from Julieduke in True Love(Never Did Run Smooth) By Tom Wopat   
    I do, i'm currently writing the lyrics for Mini Hogg's Website on John and Tom's music - www.johnandtommusic.com
  22. Downvote
    BoJamesDuke got a reaction from Jami Lee Hogg in dukesfest 2009?   
    Hmmmm interesting! Well maybe there's hope yet, John has been selling a lot of stuff on ebay and in his shop so maybe he's been raising money for it. I'd think it might be too late in the game to organize something as big as last year unless they've been sneaky about it...but still, good to know! Thanks!
    And a big welcome to Hnet
  23. Downvote
  24. Downvote
    BoJamesDuke got a reaction from B.L. Davenport in True Love(Never Did Run Smooth) By Tom Wopat   
    I do, i'm currently writing the lyrics for Mini Hogg's Website on John and Tom's music - www.johnandtommusic.com
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    BoJamesDuke reacted to Kay Darleen Duke in Luke and Candy's bundle of Joy   
    Meanwhile over at the farm Luke and Candy was getting ready to tell Jesse the news.
    Uncle Jesse who was collecting the eggs couldn't wait to hear the news ", so Luke was the
    first to speak " uncle Jesse me and Candy is expecting twins ain't that exciting ?".
    Jesse couldn't believe it he said " Oh My God well if that don't beat all I'm so happy".
    Then Jesse said " so when are these tow little bundles due ?", Candy said " Doc. Applebee
    said " 4th of july " Jesse said " well holy smokes their gonna have a big birthday party,
    about a half hour later Julie , aaron showed up with their news , Luke and Candy's too.
    Luke said " Howdy Julie what are you doing here ?", Julie said " well me and Aaron have some news also we are having a baby too and Jesse said " he gave Julie a hug and kiss,
    and he gave Candy one also and Julie said " I noticed that you and Luke looked so happy
    when you left the Dr. office and so we would like to know what are you having ?.
    Luke said " well were expecting Twins ain't that great Cuz ?", Julie said " WOW that is happy news i'm jealous because i'm just having one but hopefully maybe i could babysit?,
    Candy said " well let's not jump the gun we don't even know what sex they are yet.
    Cue Anyone
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