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  1. I wish that someone change his real birth of year 1960 from 1954 on IMDB.com, agree with me?
  2. I have all 1-4 or 5 seasons and VHS. I will recheck again if it's good order or not.
  3. I loved Flash since I was a kid watching on "DOH."
  4. You will meet his cousin works there at Cooter's place but she's nice and she's related to Ben Jones.
  5. I might go, YEE-HAAAA!!!!!!!!!! I already had a dream about this and being in the General lee with John to fly, ride around, etc! I'm excited for this bec of my dream come true!
  6. Yeah, I have seen that movie before.and he looks like more of his dad. His son will be on "EVERWOOD" as a intoxicated driver (guest star) today.
  7. Mine's: I became a fan of John's that time I started watching him on "Dukes" when I was a baby like months old in '82 after I was born in March that year to I was 3 years old on that month - September of 1985 it ended and reruns on CBS, too at my old house where I grew up. That means 24 years. How about you?
  8. Me, too. I always liked him drive that car since I was little and I loved that car that I wanted to drive it so bad for my dreams since I was a little kid!
  9. When is the DOH season 6 is out? Let me know.
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