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  1. The General Lee shirt at Celina's WALMART store that I saw last Saturday that they have it there, go buy it! I will buy it next year.
  2. Oh, yes, I remember that one scene on that show on tv when I was 7 that time because I can remember my younger days at early age. I didn't know that about this!
  3. Wow, I never knew that! 9] I graduated hs at my deaf school in 2001 Cool. My best friend is deaf so that's why I know it. Cool!
  4. Wow, I never knew that! 1) I'm deaf 2) Born in Cincinnati 3) born deaf and had mild celebral palsy 4) I know ASL because I sign a lot 5) I have a younger sister (b. August 7th, 1985) and 2 older half brothers - (b. October 2nd, 1970) and (b. December 5th, 1974) 6) I'm the first born of my dad's and third born of my mom's 7) I love aminals yes execpt snakes, skunks, bees no way 8) fav. color is red 9] I graduated hs at my deaf school in 2001 10) I love all the 80's tv shows like the Dukes are some of my favorites since I was younger.
  5. whats your url...... to myspace like myspace.com/..... www.myspace.com/alicehoch82
  6. Cool! I have met him back in 2002 here in Ohio, he's a nice guy in person.
  7. I think that was aired in 1981 before I was born 1 year eariler in '82, I would see that show on cable.
  8. Cool! I was shock that we're the only two deaf members loves the "DOH" here on this forum!
  9. WOW, you're deaf?! I'm deaf, too. Do you have myspace?
  10. Howdy! Here is my link: www.myspace.com/alicehoch82
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