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    the dukes of hazzard, collecting duke stuff....just anything dukes or john schneider

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  1. I went to the Autorama in Detroit MI. Sat. and I got to meet Ben Jones! The line was really long but i was lucky enough to be the 20th person in it, some of us had been there from 10:00am and he came out at 1:00pm Everyone that i met was really nice, Ben was really nice and so was his wife, he signed everything that i bought and chatted with me, he was super laid backhe was joking around with me and even sang the theme song. I even got my picture taken with him and the General Lee!! He didn't act like a big celeb, he acted just like a regular person. I hope everyone gets a chance to meet him he is a really great guy!!
  2. I have one too! Here is the link http://www.myspace.com/39650074 hope to hear from ya soon!
  3. This show is awesome but not as great as dukes of hazzard or smallville though. Jared(sam) is really hot! that's why I started watching it
  4. let's hear it for miss tizdale...best postmistress in the world 8)
  5. Cathy for sure. She just has this something about her that made all the girls want to be like her(i know i do) and the guys want to date her. jessica she doesn't have that. I didn't see the movie, but seen the ads and she could never be as great as cathy
  6. i own one too! it's hanging on my wall also, on a hanger though so I can still wear it.
  7. I just got it for christmas. I love it! I like all the songs and i think everyone sings good but john is my favorite
  8. I want to go so bad. My parents won't let me go alone so I have to find someone to go with me. It will be a long drive from Michigan but I'll do everything I can to get there.
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