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  1. Well as time goes by Rosco finds out that Sissy is retirein' from the state police, and that she is movin' back to Hazzard. About six months later after she had already retired from the state police, she was still livin' with Rosco and his mama, which made everyone in the house very happy, even mama Coltrane. But it did make an awful lot of people in Hazzard start to think about things and start putting two and two together. Many people had a sneeking suspision that Sissy and Rosco were back together, especially when Rosco finally got Boss to give her a job as a Deputy Sheriff. But no one could prove that they were, because the only time anyone ever saw them together was when they were goin' home, but that was all about to change. Rosco and Sissy walk into the Boars Nest and sit down, soon after Daisy walks over andhands them both a beer and goes back over to Luke, Bo, Cooter, Uncle Jesse, and Enos. Bo-"I wonder what they're up to?" Luke-"Yeah, the last time both of them were at the Boars Nest together was when Sissy moved back to Hazzard." Bo-"Well Rosco has been actin' awful strange ever since Sissy moved back." Daisy-"Well boys it looks like they're just havin' a beer." Jesse-"Well, I think it's a little more than that now." Daisy-"What do ya mean?" Enos-"Ever since Sissy moved back Sheriff Rosco has been actin' different." Luke-"How so Enos?" Enos-"Well in the last six months he's only called me Dipstick about two times, and he hasn't even yelled at me about not makin' my ticket quota, even after Boss yells at him about it." Bo-"He hasn't?" Enos-"Nope, not even after I crash my partol car." Just then much to everyone's surprize Rosco and Sissy get up and start dancin' to a slow song. Cooter-"Wonder what that's all about." Bo-"It sure looks funny seein' two police officers dancin' in their uniforms." Luke-"Sure does." Well while Rosco and Sissy were dancin' Rosco decides to do somethin', since hima and Sissy have been datein', kinda behind everyone's back because if word got out that they were goin' out then Boss would through a fit. Rosco-"Sissy." Sissy(laying her head on Rosco's chest)-"Yeah Rosco?" Rosco-"Well we've been goin' out for quite some time now and well......you know I love you." Sissy-"Yeah, I love you too Rosco." Rosco-"Well I wanted to ask you somethin'." Sissy-"Well what is it Rosco." Rosco-"Well, I wanted to ask you if you would marry me?" Sissy's eyes light up as Rosco slipps the ring on Sissy's finger, then Sissy hugs him tightly as they cotinue to dance. Rosco-"I guess that's a yes." Sissy-"Of course it is Rosco."
  2. OMG, I have so many Rosco moments I think I'm turnin' into him. In one day I will hit my head on the door when I open it, with no one else standing around. I always forget the topic of a discussion I'm having with anyone. I always tell my dogs to HUSH!!! And if the ground is wet you can bet I'm gonna fall inthe biggest puddel you can find. And during Holloween I was wearin' a gorilla costum much like the one Rosco wore on "The Dukes GO to Hollywood", and My mother thought she would help me down the hallway and she pushed me right into our Doberman pincher and I flipped over him and I laid on the ground for about five minutes, with my mask twisted around, and they couldn't tell if I was laughing or crying, but I was cracking up. When I fell I slid right into my Basset Hound Fred(guess where i got that name1!!)
  3. I got a Basset hound for Christmas last year, his name is Fred;from Smokey and the Bandit.
  4. Well as the night went on the three of them kept on wonderin' how Rosco, Jesse, and Sissy knew each other, Rosco and Sissy kept on talkin', and soon Boss had made his way to the Boars Nest because he couldn't get ahold of Rosco on the CB. Boss(making his way to Rosco's table)-"Rosco where in tarnation have you been, I've been tryin' to get ahold of you for almost an hour?" Rosco-"Sorry Boss, I've been alittle distracted." Boss-"Well you've gotta have a brain to be distracted, which you ain't." Rosco-"But Boss, look who's here." Boss(Looking at Sissy)-"Who's that?" Rosco-"Well you know who it is, remember ." Boss(taking a better look at her)-"Oh it's you." Sissy-"Now just what's that supossed to mean J.D." Boss-"You know what it's supossed to mean." Sissy-"Are you still sore about that.....it happened almost twenty one years ago." Rosco-"Yeah, I would be too if I got wooped like that." Boss-"Oh Rosco hush......I wanna put a restraining order on her." Sissy-"I think it would be a little hard to get a restraining order on a police officer." Boss-"A what?" Rosco-"You heard her Boss.....she out ranks both of us, when I found out I didn't know wheather or not to hug her or salute her." Boss-"OOOH you just better stay away from me then." Then Boss finally went into his office in a huff. By this time Bo, Luke, and Daisy were all wondering what she had done to Boss so long ago that he would still be sore over. Finally the night was over and everyone was going home, but Rosco and Sissy were still talkin'. Sissy-"So Rosco, did ya ever get married?" Rosco-"Well I did once, but I ahd to get it annulled, because she tricked me into marrying her so her husband could robb the bank." Sissy-"Oh Rosco, I'm so sorry." Rosco-"It's OK, how about you?" Sissy-"NO, never......I've never been in love with anyone but you." Rosco was pleased as pie to hear that, because he had the same feelings she did. Soon enough they were getting shooed out of the Boars Nest because they were closing, then Rosco had an idea. Rosco-"Well, looks like we've gotta go home........where are you staying?" Sissy-"Well I was gonna try to get a room at the Hazzard hotel." Rosco-"That wouldn't be any good, you could stay out at my house, I have an extra room, and I'm sure that my mama wouldn't mind seein' ya ....you know you're the only girl I went out with that she liked." Sissy-"Well, I guess I could, if it's OK." Rosco-"It's more than OK, come on." So Rosco and Sissy headed over to Rosco's house and she got setteld in, but over at the Duke farm Uncle Jesse was tryin' to explain to three very surprized people who Sissy was. Luke-"So who is she?" Jesse-"Well, about twenty years ago she used to live here in Hazzard, but her daddy got a job in Savannah, and they had to move... she and Rosco were in total love,Rosco was almost as bad as Enos is towards Daisy, everyone figured they would get married sooner or later, but Sissy's dad never did like Rosco, for some reason. But when she moved it broke Rosco's heart, and well have you ever seen him with a girl?" Bo-"NO... come to think of it I haven't." Daisy-"So that means that Rosco's still in love with her?" Jesse-"There's about a 99.9% chance." Luke-"But what happend between her and Boss." Jesse(giggling)-"Well, one night Shortly after Boss had married Lulu, Rosco was talkin' to Boss and well Boss was sayin' some real harsh things to him about almost everything, and well you know that Rosco won't stand up to Boss....but she did, she gave him a right hook that would have made any boxing coach proud." Daisy-"WOW, what happened?" Jesse-"Well you saw them at the Boats Nest......after it happened J.D would even talk to Rosco for a week, and he always gave her dirty looks, but she always shrugged them off." Luke-"WoW, that explains alot." Daisy-"Yeah, especially why Sissy's stayin' over at Rosco's house." Jesse-"Well I wouldn't worry about them two.......earlier when I was talkin' to Sissy she said that she was retierin' from the state police and movin' back to Hazzard."
  5. Sissy-"Well Rosco, I think if you're gonna arrest me you might need acouple more people to help you." Rosco got very quiet all ofa sudden remembering the voice he hadn't heard for so long, not wnating to turn around, because if he did and it wasn't who he though it was he was gonna be mad. So finally after acouple moments of silence he decided to stand up and turn around. When he finally saw who it was he was just about as happy as Boss when he finds a ten dollar bill in the middle of the street. Sissy-"Well Rosco, don't just stand there starin' at me give me a hug." Rosco(Giving her a hug, with a smile about as big as Enos's on his face)-"Is it really you?" Sissy-"Well ofcourse it is Rosco, who else would it be?" Rosco(Giving her the once over)-"Wow, you sure have grown up since I last saw you." Sissy-"Well so have you." Rosco-"Um, Daisy could you get me another rootbeer, and get Sissy whatever she wants." After Rosco and Sissy finally sat down,and they got their drinks they began catching up on what they had missed in eachothers lives in the last twenty years. Sissy-"So Rosco, what have you been up to, besides becomein' Sheriff." Rosco-"Well nothin' out if the normal, how about you?" Sissy-"Well acouple years after I moved I joined the Georgia state police, and now i'm a leutinant." Rosco-"I always thought you'd be a Lawyer or somethin' by the way you used to get us out of trouble all of the time." Well by "Accidently" overhearing their conversation Bo, Luke, and Daisy got awful suspicouse of the woman they had never heard of. Bo-"I wonder what they are talkin' about." Daisy-"yeah, i've never heard of Rosco gettin' into trouble when he was younger."
  6. Rosco-"What do you want Jesse, can't you see i'm busy?" Jesse-"Well Rosco, I just wanted to know if there was anything I could do for you?" Rosco-"Yeah you could get your boys to quit givin' me a headache everyday." Jesse-"Well I don't think I could do that, but I think I could make your headache go away." Rosco-"OH, and how are you gonna do that, Jesse?" Jesse-"I ain't gonna do nothin'." Just then Sissy came up behind him and began rubbing his temples, which mde his headache start to go away, but after awhile he relized he didn't know who was doin' it, and he opened his eyes and saw Bo and Luke sitting at the bar laughing, so he thought it was another one of those "dirty" Duke tricks. Rosco-'OK Who's behind me, if you don't let go of me right now i'm gonna arrest you for assaltin' an officer of the law."
  7. Rosco-"No Enos....there's no use, lets just go to the Boars Nest." As Rosco and Enos were makin' their way back to the Boars Nest the boys were wonderin' if they had acutally lost Rosco. Bo-"Did we loose him?" Luke-"Yeah it looks like it.......hey did the way Rosco was actin' seem funny to you?" Bo-"Yeah, come to think of it, it isn't like rosco to just quit chasin'us, even if he does crash." Luke-"Yeah, and he never says he not in the mood to chase us, he's always chasin' us." Bo-"Well maybe he's gotten tired of chasin' us all the time?" Luke-"Yeah, I don't think so......why don't we head on over to the farm and talk to Uncle Jesse." As Bo and Luke were on their way to the farm, someone very special was visitin' Uncle jesse. As the boys pulled up they saw a Black Trans Am that said "Shooter" on both doors in cursive, and they were very suspiciouse of the car and who they were gonna find talkin' to Uncle Jesse. Luke-"I wonder who's car that is?" Bo-"Well if it's a girl I saw her first." Luke-"We'll just see about that......if she like boys you can have her, but if she likes men you're SOL." Bo-"Well lets just go in and see about that." So the boys went into the house to see a woman sitting on the couch talkin' to Uncle Jesse, and as the boys walked in she noticed them and so did Jesse. Uncle Jesse-"Oh boys you're home, Sissy I'd like you to meet my nephews Bo and Luke." Sissy-'Nice to meet you two." Bo-"Yeah it's real nice to meet you." Luke-"Yeah it sure is." Sissy-"You're right Jesse, they both act like you when you were younger." Bo-"Well what's that supossed to mean." Uncle Jesse-"Oh, Bo just settel down." Luke-"Oh, Uncle Jesse, we need to talk to you about somethin'." Uncle Jesse-"Well what is it?" Bo-'Well it's about Rosco." Uncle Jesse-"Well what about him?" Luke-'He's been actin' kinda funny.....he just stopped chasin' us today after he crashed the first time, and he said he wasn't in the mood to be chasin' us today." Uncle Jesse(looking at Sissy)-"Well I think I have somethin' that will cheer him up." Bo-"You do?" Uncle Jesse-'Yeah, Sissy come on lets go see Rosco I'll drive my truck and you can drive Shooter." Luke-"Wait a minute what's goin' on?" Uncle Jesse-"Well I guess you boys could come too, we're goin' to the Boars Nest." So the boys followed Jesse and Sissy to the Boars nest wonderin' the whole time what Jesse had ment by what he said, and who Sissy really was, and how they were gonna cheer Rosco up. Soon enough they all pulled up to the Boars Nest and sure enough Rosco and Enos were there, so the boys went in and sat at the bar and Rosco ignored them when they came in, and just drank his rootbeer, then Jesse came in behind them and sat next to Rosco, and he had left Sissy standing next to the door so she could surprize Rosco.
  8. If you like this story, love this story, or hate this story I would like to know, so give me some feedback, so I can keep makin' you happy or improve on the story a little more P.S- if you would like some background on Sissy Carter go to character bio's.
  9. One usual Hazzard mornin', the birds are cherpin', the bees is buzzin' and the General is tearin' up the roads as usual, followed by the Hazzard county Sheriffs Department; well Rosco and Enos. Rosco-"OK you Dukes pull it over now......I ain't in no mood to be chasin' you today." Bo-"Well why not Rosco you chase us every day anyways, no matter if we've done somethin' wrong or not." As the General turns the corner Rosco tries to turn as quick as possible, but he swereves and almost hits a tree as he stops. But Enos wasn't so lucky with the stopping part as he hits Rosco's car and then bounces off and hits the tree. Rosco-"Enos you dipstick.......you scuffed my ve-hicle!!" Enos-"Sorry Sheriff.....do ya still want me to give them a ticket?"
  10. Name: Sissy Carter Age: Same as Rosco Height: 5' 9" Weight: 120 Eyes: Grey-Blue Hair: Dark Blonde, naturally wavey, long CB handel(Splash or Smokey the Bear, depending on the day) Occupation: Georgia State police Leutinant, Hazzard county Deputy Sheriff(Eventually) Attire:Usually a Police uniform, or Jeans and a white t-shirt with black cowboy boots. Attitude:Straigt forward, always tells the truth, very kind in nature, but if you get her mad you're gonna be sorry! Born in Hazzard and moved to Savannah when she was 17. Sissy and Rosco went to school together all the way up until high school, and they were very much in love, until Sissy's father got a job in Savannah breaking off their relationship for what they thought was for good. Everyone in Hazzard remembers Sissy if they went to school with her especially Uncle Jesse and J.D, because one night she laid J.D out and Jesse and Rosco never forgot that.
  11. I am also happy to say that I will be trying to post my Rosco fanfic too, hopefully in the next week, you're gonna love it!!
  12. In the next week i'm gonna begin posting another Daisy and Enos story in which they also get married since i just finished Comeing home and am in the process of finishing A little missunderstanding, but it goes into after they get married also.
  13. Well they had finally gotten married, later on after the cerimony Boss had been forced to put on a big feast for everyone by Lulu, much to Boss's dislike. Enos was one of the happiest men on earth, and you could tell it just by one look at him, Daisy was also happy that she had finally gotten married to one of the nicest guys she had ever met. But the night wouldn't be complete without some teasing from Bo and Luke. Luke-"Hey Enos ol' buddy, it look like I won't be asking you a certain little question anymore." Bo-"Now we have to find somethin' else to rag on you about don't we." Daisy-"Would you two leave him alone." Enos-'But you know their right Daisy." Daisy-"Enos!" They all sat there awhile laughing, then Daisy reminded Enos of the time, so they both got ready to leave, and everyone followed them out to Daisy's jeep and waved to them as they drove off. Daisy-"Why do they always have to pick on you Enos?" Enos-"Oh Daisy it's OK, now they won't have anything to pick on me for." Daisy-"Well that's true." Enos-"Yeah I know, but I don't want to think about that right now." They both just laughed as they drove on down the road. ~~~The End~~~
  14. I think Rosco should wear a santa hat more often, and Boss should wear that Bo that he's wearin', he lok like a big ol' present that no one could wrap.
  15. I really want the Fith season and the new movie, but I don't think I can wait until Christmas, I think i'm gonna get them when they come out.
  16. Cooter-"Wait Rosco, he already has buttermilk allover himself." Uncle Jesse-"What did you do to him Daisy, I ain't ever seen him do that before, but I guess i've never seen ya kiss him like that before either." Daisy-'I guess everything was to overwhelming for him." Luke-"What was?" Daisy-'Well, he proposed, and I said yes, then I kissed him and he passed out." Rosco-"He did what....I guess he finally got the nerve." Cooter-"come on boys, help me get him up." So the boys helped Cooter get Enos up and they sat him in a chair, and flicked some water in his face, and he finally woke up. Enos-"What happened?" Bo-"Ya passed out ol' buddy." Remembering what had happened Enos got a big grin on his face. Enos-"Well what do ya expect when someone kisses ya like that." Daisy-"Oh Enos." Well acouple weeks went by, and the big day was finally here.Enos was as nervouse as a long tailed cat in a room fulla rockin' chairs, and Daisy was very excited. Everyone was waiting in the Boars Nest as Enos, Rosco, Bo, and Luke waited for Daisy. But what everyone didn't know was that Frank Scalon had escaped from prision and found out about Enos and Daisy's wedding. So Scalon , willing to do anything to get Enos, he kidnapped Daisy as she was goin' around the Boars Nest to meet Uncle Jesse at the door so her could walk her down the isle.Meanwhile Enos was getting worried as Uncle Jesse began down the isle to Enos,then he approached Enos and whispered in his ear that he couldn't find Daisy anywhere. Enos ran down the isle and Bo, Luke, Rosco, and Uncle Jesse follwed instictively. Everyone was wondering what was going on as Enos ran to his patrol car and grabbed the CB. Enos-'Daisy, where sre you, can you hear me?" Everyone just stood around the patrol car as Jesse explaine to them what was goin' on. Scalon(hearing Enos on the CB)-"Finally, it took him long enough, here tell him your fine." Daisy-"No! I don't want him to think that I ran out on him." Scalon-"He won't, just do it." Daisy(Over the CB)-"Enos, i'm fine." Enos-"Daisy where are you?" Scalon-"Look here Enos ol' buddy, I want you to come to skunk hollow, alone, and I might let your fiance' go." Everyone, especially Enos looked in horror as they recongnized his voice. Enos-'If you so much as harm one hair on her head i'll..." Scalon-"You'll what?" Luke-"Settel down Enos, were gonna get her back." Rosco-"It's ok Enos remember last time?" Enos-"Yeah, but it won't work this time, he'll expect somethin' like that this time." Luke-"I know he will." Uncle Jesse-"You'll have to go get her Enos, but we're all comein' with ya." Enos-"I think I have a plan." Rosco-"Really?" Enos-"OK I'll switch with Daisy and you guys can follow me and Scalon and..." Enos finished explaining the plan to everyone and thay were all soon ready to go, and Enos made his way to skunk hollow to sitch with Daisy. he was soon there and he saw Scalon and Daisy waiting for him. Scalon-"OK, Officer Strate step out of the car." Enos-"OK, just don't hurt her."
  17. As Enos lifted his head up you could see the big bright red hand print on his cheek. Enos-"I don't know....she said she saw me with a girl...then she said that she never wanted to see me again, then I told her she didin't know what she was talking about, then she slapped me." Luke-"Well I think she was talkin' about that Mary Lou girl." Bo-"Yeah, last night when she came home she didn't talk to anyone, she just went to bed." Enos-"Why in the world would Daisy be so worried about Mary Lou?" Luke-"Well you've been spendin' alot of time with her, and I guess Daisy is jelouse?" Bo-"Who is Mary Lou anyway?" Enos-"She's my cousin from California." Luke-"OOh... Daisy thinks ya met someone else." Enos-"She what...I've gotta go over to the Boars Nest and talk to her." Luke-"Well hold on now Enos, we could make this work to your advantage." Bo-"OOh I see what your talkin' about." Uncle Jesse-"Boys, now don't go doin' anything that's gonna get Enos in anymore trouble with Daisy than he already is." Enos-"What are you boys talkin' about?" Luke-"Well you wanna see if Daisy loves you, don't ya?" Enos-"Well, I guess." Rosco-"Ooooooh I see what your talkin' about..me and Cooter will help ya." So Luke explained the plan to get Daisy to confess her true feelings about Enos by making her think that Enos and Mary Lou were involved. Later that night everyone got ready for the big moment, when Enos and Mary Lou were supposed to the Boars nest and the plan will come together.Luke, Jesse, Cooter, Bo and Rosco were already at the Boars Nest, and they were tellin' Daisy all about Enos and Mary Lou and how they were involved with eachother, and Daisy was getting really heated. Finally Enos and Mary Lou come in and sit at the table in the corner and ignore Daisy for awhile.Daisy finally get mad enough to go over and "see" Enos and Mary Lou, acting as if she's gonna give them somethin' to drink. As Daisy walks up behind Enos with a glass of butter milk in her hand and a beer in her other hand she finally looses it, and dumps the buttermilk right on top of Enos's head. Enos-"What the...what are you doing?" Daisy-"Just givin' you your buttermilk and your girlfriend her beer." Now everyone had their eyes on the three, amazed at what had just happened they didn't what to miss anything. Enos-"Daisy, you still don't know what your talkin' about." Mary Lou-"Dasiy you really don't know." Daisy-"What don't I know....are you two gettin' married now?" Mary Lou-"Married, why would I want to marry him?" Daisy-'But I thought..." Mary Lou-"I think Enos should explain somethings to you, I need to go anyways or i'm gonna miss my bus." Enos-"See ya soon Mary Lou, tell everyone i said Howdy." "OK"Mary LOu said as she gave Enos a kiss on the cheek and left. Daisy-"What was she talkin' about Enos?" Enos-"Well Daisy you never let me explain, ya see I know what you think...and it ain't true." Daisy-"It's not?" Enos-"No" Daisy-"Well who is she then?" Enos-"She's my cousin from California." Daisy-"She's your cousin?" Enos-"Yeah...but ya still didn't like seein' me with another girl did ya?" Daisy-"Oh Enos, I'll never think anything bad about you again." Enos-"Thanks Daisy." Daisy-"Enos I need to tell you something, I...I.. I love you." Enos-"You do....do you love me enough to marry me?" Daisy-"Oh Enos of course." As she responded he slipped a ring on her finger, because he was hopein' to ask her anyways. As this was happening everyone was wonderin' what was goin' on because they didn't see Enos put the ring on her finger and they couldn't hear them, but they could all see that Enos now had both of Daisy's hands in his. Enos-'Daisy, I love you too." Daisy-"Oh Enos." Now as they were kissing passionatly everyone was really wonderin' what was goin' on. When they finally stopped kissing and Enos tried to stand up but had hadn't even began to recover from the kiss Daiys had just laid on him and he went weak in the knees and passed out right there on the floor. So everyone rushed over to Daisy leaning over his body , and they were all wonderin' what had happened. Jesse-'Is he OK?" Bo-"Daisy, I think you finally killed him." Luke-"No, she just knocked him out cold." Rosco-"Well I guess i've gotta pour this whole pitcher over water over him. Jit. Jit."
  18. Rosco is one of my favorite characters next to Enos, but I've gotta give it to him he really does come up with some clever ideas to catch the Dukes, too bad they never work, but ya can't say that he ever gave up.
  19. Well Enos and Ben had taken off their shirts and now everyone knew who the real Enos was, but they still didn't know how Ben was able to look like Enos. Ben-"You idiot why didn't you tell me that you had gotten shot?" Enos-"You never asked." Rosco-"Yeah, but though your not Enos why do you look like him?" Enos(pulling off Bens mask)-"He was wearin' a mask Sheriff." Well now that everyone was who they said they were Rosco was able to take Ben to the state pen for acouple years for kidnapping, and impersonating an officer of the law. Now about two weeks after this incident and about the time Enos' black eyes and broken nose were almost unseeable Enos and Daisy had decided on a wedding date, and everyone in Hazzard was invited, and everyone came to see what was known as the wedding of the century, which no one would wanna miss. Well the wedding went off without a hitch eventhough Enos almost passed out acouple times before the ceremony and Daisy was surprizingly nervouse everything was just as they had planned.
  20. I like the original because it has Sonny Shroyer in it. I love it when he throws the bails of hay on the truck, man he's really strong!!!
  21. Later that night when Daisy was drivin' home she remembered she had to pick somethin' up at her friends house so she headed into town. As she was drivin' through town she saw Enos and Mary Lou walkin' down the street, and they were talkin', they didn't even notice Daisy as she drove by, which was unusual for Enos. When Daisy got back to the farm she was heated, she didn't say anything to the boys or Uncle Jesse she just went into her room and went to bed. Uncle Jesse-"Wonder what's wrong with her?" Luke-"It's probably that girl that's been hangin' round Enos." Uncle Jesse-"Oh i don't think that boy will ever be interested in any other girl than Daisy." Well the next day Enos was at speed trap #3 as Daisy drove by; she was goin' to meet Bo and Luke at Cooters.Enos decided that he was going to pull her over and give her the flowers he had bought for her earlier that mornin', but she didn't want to have any part of it. (On the CB) Enos-"Daisy would you pull over, please....I wanna give you somethin'." Daisy-"Unless it's an explination I don't want to talk to you." So Enos chased Daisy all the way to town where the boys were outside the garage talkin' to Cooter and Rosco. As Daisy flew around the corner she quickly stopped a Cooters, Enos wasn't so lucky. As he turned the corner his car spun out of control and did a 360 and somehow managed to get his patrol car on the steps of the court house. All the men were surprized at what they saw, and they could tell Daisy was heated as she walked across the street to where Enos was. Uncle Jesse-"What's wrong with her?" Bo-"She probably saw Enos with that Mary Lou girl?" Uncle Jesse-"Well who is she anyway?" Cooter-"No one really knows. We've seen them together a few times and they're always talkin' or goin' somewhere." Rosco-"Well lets go over there and see what's goin' on." All the guys started towards the Court house as Daisy was approaching Enos as he was getting outta his car.And World War 3 began. Enos-"Why wouldn't you stop Daisy, I just wanted to give you somthin'?" Daisy-"You know perfectly well why I wouldn't stop." Enos-"Daisy I have no clue why you wouldn't stop....could you tell me what I did?" Now the boys, Cooter, Rosco, and Jesse were watchin' the scene that was takin' place. Daisy-"Who's that girl you've been hangin' around with, and why haven't you told anyone about her?" Enos-"Is that all Daisy, you don't have to worry about that." Daisy-"And why not, because you love her and not me anymore?" Enos-"Daisy you don't know what you're talkin' about." Daisy-"Don't you lie to me." Enos-"Daisy...will you just listen to me!" Daisy-"Enos Strate, I never want to see or speak to you again!!" As Daisy turns away Enos spins her back around. Enos-"Daisy, you have no clue what you'r talking about." Then she looked at him and slapped him right acrossed the face.Everyone was surprized as they watched himhold his cheek in amazement. Then Daisy got in her car and drove away. Enos just stood there a minute, then decided to try to get his car off the steps, but couldn't so he got out of the car and walked into the court house. Bo-"I wonder why she did that?" Luke-"Well lets go find out." So all of them went into the court house, and they found Enos sitting behind the booking desk doing paperwork. He didn't even look up as they walked in. Rosco-"Hey Enos..are you OK?" Enos(Still not looking up)-"Yeah." Cooter-"What happened?"
  22. Enos knew that by this time everyone would be at the Boars Nest around this time so he had to make him take him there or get him to go there some how. Enos-"Ok I'll tell you where it is." Ben-"You've finally come to your senses huh." Enos-"I'll tell you if you take me with you...and we have to go to the Boars Nest." Ben-"Well...OK but you better not try to get away." Enos-"Ok." So they both got into the car Enos had taken and headed towards the Boars Nest. Soon they pulled up in front of the Boars Nest. Ben-"Ok tell me were it is." Enos-"Ok, but you have to promise me that you won't hurt anyone." Ben-"Well that all depends on you doesn't it." Enos-"Fine I'll tell you where it is....if you go up to Daisy and ask her for the bag she'll go get it, because she knows where it is." Ben believed Enos, but he had to make sure that he wouldn't try to go inside and tell everyone who he was so he had to make sure he stayed in the car. Ben-"Do you have any hand cuffs?" Enos-"I'm not wearing my uniform, I'm wearing a tuxedo." Ben-"So aren't you a deputy...never mind i have some rope." So Ben tied Enos to the steering wheel and went inside, but what Ben didn't know was that Enos was good at getting his hands free from ropes, since he's always getting tied up by someone he's had alot of practice.When Ben went in everyone was surprized because they thought he was laying down at Enos' house. Daisy-"Enos what are you doing here?" Ben-"Well I needed to ask you something." Daisy-"Well what is it?" Ben-"I need you to get my bag." Daisy-"What bag?" Ben(under his breath)-Dang it, he lied to me." Uncle Jesse(over hearing him)-"Who lied to you Enos?" Ben-"Huh, oh no one Uncle Jesse." Rosco-"You know Enos you don't look to good." While Ben was getting madder every minute think about how Enos had lied to him, Enos was freeing himself from the car.After a few minutes Enos was free and he ran into the Boars Nest hopeing that Ben hadn't found out that he lied to him. When Enos ran into the Boars Nest everyone was really surprized to see two of him. Daisy(Seeing Enos run in)-"What's goin on?" Ben(Pulling a gun out and pointing it at Enos)-"Boy you really messed up now" Rosco(Really confused)-"What's goin' on?" Enos-"Well Sheriff he's dressed up like me to get somthin' that I don't even have." Ben-"Boy you shouldn't have lied to me, now you're gonna get it." As Ben points the gun at Enos Daisy, not knowing who was the real Enos kicked the gun out of Ben's hand because if he wasn't the real Enos she didn't want the real one to get shot. After Daisy kicked the gun out of Ben's and Enos rushed him and they both fell to the floor, then Be got up before Enos did and he began to run out the door then Enos got up and tackled him, and they both went flying through the doorand over a car.When they both got up they relized that everyone had followed them outside when the Sheriff pulled a gun on them. Rosco-"OK you two now get up, now put your hands up." Boss-"How are we gonna know who the real Enos is?" Ben-"I am Sheriff you gotta belive me." Enos-"He's lyin' Sheriff, I'm Enos." Daisy-"How are we gonna tell who the real Enos is?" Cooter-"Well I think I have an idea." Luke-"I think I know where you're gonin'." Cooter-"OK you two take your shirts off." Ben-"What.. why do we have to do that?" Enos-"Do we really have to?" Cooter-"Just take your shirts off." So Enos and Ben began to take their shirts off,and Ben was wondering why. Cooter had them take their shirts off because the real Enos would have two scars on himself, one on his chest and the other on his side, because he had gotten shot while he was in California. Everyone had relized why they were taking off their shirts but Enos and Ben.
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