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  1. I have a new url it's... http://www.myspace.com/dukeluva
  2. "You two just make sure all of ya stay alive." Uncle Jesse had hoped they all would be safe. "Yes Sir, Uncle Jesse I think the rain is startin to clear up a little." Bo told his Uncle to give some good news. "Well that's good, maybe the ambulance will start out there then." Uncle Jesse said with high hopes. "Well I'm gonna go back to Luke now Uncle Jesse. I'm gone." Bo ended. "I wonder where that dang ambulance could be?" Bo asked no one imparticular. Daisy was just staring down at Luke trying to find some hope of him waking up soon. Every one in a while Luke would kinda flinch and get there hopes up when his eyes didn't open. All a sudden the winds started to pick up again. "Daisy I think we better find some shelter somewhere before that wind gets the better of us." Bo told his cousin. *CUE KITTY*
  3. I've been hearing it's commin out Dec. 13 a lot, but I hope that it comes out sooner!
  4. So Bo headed over to the CB in Uncle Jesse's pick-up truck. "This is lost sheep callin the Shepheard you got your ears on?" "This is Shepheard to lost sheep, where the heck are you fellas?" "Me and Luke got caught up in the storm and the General flipped. Luke hit his head a mite hard on somethin and is out colder than a winter day in Alaska." Bo explained to his Uncle. "Where are you fellas?" Uncle Jesse asked worriedly. "Were out on Millpawn road." Bo answered quickly. "Alright well I'll call an ambulance and see if they can't get out there, in the meantime you keep him warm and dry." "Yes Sir, Uncle Jesse. I'm gone." Bo ended the conversation. Daisy was trying to wake Luke up. "How's he commin along?" Bo asked his cousin pretty much knowing the answer. "He's the same, he ain't wakein up any, but at least he's still breathing." Daisy replied. "Uncle Jesse said he'd see if he could get an ambulance up here." the blonde said looking at his seemingly lifeless cousin. "I sure hope one can get out here and fast." Daisy looked up and said to Bo. *CUE KITTY*
  5. "Finally." Daisy said quietly to herself as the lights turned on. Cooter walked into the hospital room. "Well I got em back on." Cooter announced when he entered. "Now let's get back to gettin that blood put in Rosco." The doctor said walking in shortly after Cooter. "That sounds like a good idea to me." Uncle Jesse added to the conversation. The doctor re-hooked up Rosco to the machine and began pumping the blood into his system again. Everyone just watched with relief that the power was on and Rosco was still alive. *CUE ANYONE*
  6. Daisy kept tryin to find them in the pouring Georgia rain. She could barley see and the words of her Uncle Jesse kept runnin through her mind, "If the storm gets worse come straight back." they just kept running through her head and she knew why, it was because the storm had gotten worse and she was still looking for her cousins. ***** "Oh please Luke wake up!" Bo yelled getting more and more worried and frustrated. Not a single soul had passed them. Bo didn't know wheather he should go and find some help or stay with his almost unalive cousin. There were so many thoughts running through Bo's head. He didn't know what was going to happen to his cousin, and at the moment it didn't look too good. Bo's eyes started filling up with tears as all hope started to seem lost. *CUE ANYONE*
  7. bethie88 wrote: lol...that would be ironic.
  8. "That was quite an experience, wasn't it Luke. Luke?." The blonde haired Duke said as he looked into the General. "Luke! are you alright." Bo yelled hoping for his cousin to answer, but there was none. "Dang it! the CB is broke!" Bo said throwing the CB against the General. Bo pulled Luke out of the car and saw he was bruised up pretty bad. "Dang it! Where's Rosco when you need him?" The young cousin asked himself trying to apply pressure on some of the deepest wounds. ***** "Uncle Jesse I'm worried about the boys they should be back by now and they couldn't possibly drive in that wheather." Daisy told her Uncle with a worried look on her face. "I'm sure their fine, but I know what you mean." The elderly Duke replied. "I'm gonna go see if I can find em." Daisy told her Uncle. "Oh no you ain't, that weather would flip that jeep of yours in a second." Uncle Jesse stopped Daisy just as she was grabbing her car keys. "Can I take the pick-up?" "Well alright, but you be careful and if the weather gets worse you come straight back." Uncle Jesse commanded. "Ok Uncle Jesse." Daisy obeyed her Uncle. *CUE ANYONE*
  9. I got hit directly by hurricane Wilma and just got my electricity back after 4 days without it... ...Did any one else get hit by Wilma?
  10. "Awright, break it up!" Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane shouted as he came out of Boss Hogg's office. No one seemed to pay any attention to what the Sheriff had said, so Rosco took his gun and shot it up. He ended up hitting the shandaleer down. "Awright, what did you Dukes start now?" Rosco asked of course thinking the Dukes started the mess. "Rosco, we were just defending a lady's honor." Luke replied to Rosco. "Oh tiddly tuddly. What lady?" The Sheriff asked. "Daisy, that's what lady." Bo jumped in. "That's right Rosco this guy here got fresh with me." Daisy told the Sheriff. "Well then your under arrest for grabbing her and you Dukes are under arrest for starting a fight." Rosco concluded the arguement. "Now wait a minute, We didn't start the fight. This stranger here took the first swing." Luke reopened the argument. "That's right Rosco." Daisy added. "Oh good grief. Enos cuff em and stuff em." Rosco told his deputy who had just walked in the Boar's Nest. "Why Sheriff?" Enos asked. "Enos! Don't ask questions just cuff em and stuff em." "Yes Sheriff." As Enos went to do his duty Bo and Luke tripped Enos and pulled Rosco's hat over his eyes. They raced out of the Boar's Nest and jumped into the General. "Enos this is no time to take a nap. Get in your patrol car and catch them Duke boys." Rosco told the deputy that was sittin there after being tripped. "Yes Sheriff." Both police officers headed to their ve-hicles. "Hot persuit!" Rosco yelled as he stepped on the gas. *CUE ANYONE*
  11. OMG!! That was soooo funny!! I loved it!!!
  12. Ya they deffinatly need to actually watch and see how things go in Hazzard County and I think they need a better cast. LOL!!!
  13. "Well Uncle Jesse I think me and Bo are gonna head over to the Boar's Nest and have a cold one." The dark haired Duke told his Uncle. "Alright, I'll see ya later and don't be late for dinner." Uncle Jesse replied as he continued reading his book. "Yes Sir." The blonde Duke boy answered his Uncle obediently. ***** "Waitress! I'll have another beer!" A stranger yelled over to Daisy. "Commin right up." Daisy yelled back to him as she headed over to get him another beer. "Here ya go suga." Daisy handed the beer to the fella. "You know ur kinda cute." the stranger said as he grabbed Daisy's hand. "Now you just let go of me." Daisy commanded. "I got me a fiesty one." the stranger said to his buddy sittin next to him. Just then Bo and Luke entered the Boar's Nest. "Hey fella why don't ya just let her go!" Bo yelled over as soon as he saw what was going on. "What business is it of yours?" the stranger yelled back as he threw Daisy aside and took a swing at Bo's head. Bo ducked just in time and took a swing himself. The stranger's friend and Luke had also started taking punches at one another. Pretty soon the whole Boar's Nest was in it... *CUE ANYONE*
  14. ya i kno i just put summin....lol!!! and of course!!
  15. yeppers i do...it's... http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=22874663&Mytoken=BBB59601-9CF5-1464-910F1547E20B924E11724769
  16. OMG!!! That is so cool that you have an actual Rosco..lol!!!
  17. Hey GinaRenee, Welcome to Hazzardnet!!!!! John is the only reason I watch Smallville if he dies I ain't gonna watch it no more.
  18. I hate it when people act like OMG it's a confederate flag!!!! It's soooo annoying, unless your like that cuz you see the General Lee go by and are excitingly saying it then that's good, LOL!! but i mean like in a racist way...lol!!
  19. OMG!!! This is soooo funny... http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/206373 click the link then click on the pic of the guy that says Watch This Movie...it's sooooo funny!!