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  1. The crack of dawn found Luke sleeping in his chair, only to be awakened by the squeaking sound floorboards in front of the stairs. Even though he was still a bit drowsy he realized it was still too early for anyone to be out of bed, definitely because of their midnight adventure. The thought of Ben sneaking out of their house anyway despite of their conversation of the night before made him angry. Quickly he hurried to the porch and waited around the door opening with his back to the wall for Ben to step outside. Slowly he heard careful footsteps coming closer and also the farm door was op
  2. Pffff.....luckily. Jesse didn't get shot. Sorry to keep you waiting for that about half a year. Now about the NASCAR mentioning. Be sure to know, all information is strictly Wikipedia or Google knowledge. So if there are any flunks mistakes or real stupid remarks. Let me know. Ciao Ciao, JM
  3. “Uncle Jesse….Maybe you ought to listen to the man.†Luke said getting pretty nervous. “Yeah.†Bo replied weakly. “It’s just a race.†Both men had not counted on the current way that things were going. They had not thought of Ben to be really dangerous, not even thinking about him carrying a gun. But now, when he held their uncle at gunpoint, sweat started to burst out. Jesse pretended not to hear them though. He looked at Ben without blinking or looking away, his face serene, his hands tranquil. Nothing in his behavior told a gun was pointed to his head. “You know Daisy and N
  4. Okay, so this thread and the story that comes with it is rolling again! Pfff when I started to translate the original (witch was much shorter ) in to English I’d never thought I would stumble to so many back roads, new ideas and elaborations and that I’d still be working on it 2 years later! Anyway it keeps you of the streets and I still enjoy writing it and I hope ya’all still enjoy reading it. So…….tonight on the Dukes!!!!: The big race is coming up, Nick’s final hours at the farm are ticking away and the Duke boys get literally tied up as somebody has the nerves to pull a gun o
  5. Now let go of me before I have to shoot you Luke.†Ben ordered Luke had not expected Ben had carried a gun and as soon as he felt the metal pushing his belly he let go of the man. “Okay it seems I was wrong, but don’t do anything stupid now.†Luke said while putting his hands in the air and stepping back slowly. Ben lifted the gun so hit pointed at Luke's chest and forced him to move backwards. “I’m sorry Luke, but I guess since you ruined my plan I have to take the General with me. I can’t let ya’all win that race tomorrow.†“Well if you want that, you first have to pass me
  6. In the living room all the adults had gathered for a toast on the race with the whiskey Ben had brought. Some stories were told and some jokes were made but as soon as everybody had finished his glass, they decided to call it a night and because Ben insisted on going back to the hotel instead of spending the night at the farm Ben took of driving Dixie, on witch they had agreed he would return at the race tomorrow. Just a few minutes later all the Duke cousins and there uncle left for their bedrooms making sure they were rested well enough for the race that kept everybody’s mind spinning. T
  7. Now Jesse was an old man and with those years came some knowledge concerning people. If he thought of a person to be good they most of the time were and if he did not trusted a person then most of the time there was a reason for that. Now in this case Jesse wasn’t quite sure what he thought of the young man who was a guest in his house today, but like always he was ready to give the man the benefit of the doubt. Slowly he walked up to the orange racecar were he still found Ben listening to all Nick had to say about it. “Hey Uncle Jesse!†Nick greeted him “Hey son, how is it going?â€
  8. After dinner everybody went outside to the front porch where they had watermelon as desert. “So I guess you’ll be driving that orange car aren’t you?†Ben asked while he pointed at the General. “Yes sir.†Bo replied. “That’s the General, never let us down before.†“The General Lee can fly over a creek.†Nick said while he was wiggling his legs to get the porch swing in to movement, not noticing that Luke sitting next to him kept his feet firm to the ground which made his effort in vain “Now don’t you go spill all our secrets kiddo.†He said grinning while he ruffled
  9. Driving home to the farm, Daisy could do nothing else but noticing that Ben Haywood was a down right nice guy. He held the door for her, thanked her again for the invitation, insisted they made a stop at the liquor store so he could buy her Uncle Jesse a present for his trouble and most important of all, unlike other men he didn’t try to make a move at her once or seemed to be under some sort of spell when she spoke to him. He just made friendly conversation about cars and races, the journey’s he had made and the girls he had met and it was just like she was driving next to Bo or Luke. Wh
  10. At the Boars Nest Daisy watched how Ben Haywood still sat at the bar and seemed to be finishing his mug of beer. Watching the fellow she was so moved by the defeated impression this man made she still could not feel any anger towards him even now she knew he was probably having it out for her cousins. She decided that if she wanted to make a move she would have to do it now. With her most authentic smile she walked up at him and reached over to him from the other and of the bar. “So tell me Ben Haywood.†She said “Doesn’t a former NASCAR-driver have a place to go home to a
  11. At the farm Nick had decided he didn’t want to waste anymore of his time to the darn writing exercise and wrote his last couple of sentences down within 30 minutes after Uncle Jesse had left the kitchen. Not that he gave up on it, but he really didn’t know what he could write anymore, already having filled 5 pages of the workbook. Jesse sat in the living room pealing the potatoes for supper when Nick walked in. As the boy handed him the workbook, the old man couldn’t help thinking back of the time his boys were still in school and would show him their homework so they could run of as q
  12. you're might be a redneck.... if your working TV stands on top of your broken one if the wind chime on your front porch is made out of beer cans if your freezer contains dead squirls and rattle snakes You've been married three times and still have the same in-laws. You think TACO BELL is the Mexican Phone Company
  13. Sure is a cute little man. Just like the real Bo. Bet he'll be having loads of girls after him when he grows up! :-) lov, JM
  14. And so the boys walked out of the office and told Daisy what they had found. “Guess now we know why Boss is after us.†Luke finished his explanation. “The only thing we have to know now is what he’s up to.†“Well with Boss you never know.†Daisy said. “Could be anything, like sabotaging the General or getting you two in jail before the race. He could even have hired somebody to run ya’all of the road.†“If we only knew who this Ben Haywood guy is. That would be something.†“Now that’s something I can help you with.†Daisy said with a smile and pointed to the bar in fro
  15. Okay so summer break did not help me to write more frequently, and again this post came later than it was planned. I've been out doing way to many fun things with friends enjoying the summer and stuff. Also I'm forced to admit inspiration is a problem at the moment. So if anyone got any suggestions: Feel free to offer them. On a brighter note, I am happy to tell you all I now officially finished my study at the university and will receive my master’s degree on the first of September. Now I know this has absolutely nothing to do with DoH, my fan-fic, or what so ever but I’m so happy about
  16. Hey! Pretty good work there! Keep it up! Lov to see where this is going. Lov, JM
  17. Daisy didn’t waste a lot of time and immediately called home to the farm and told Bo and Luke to come over. The three of them sat down in the back and Daisy told them what she’s heard. “But he didn’t said exactly whom or what we had to be careful for did he?†Luke asked when she’d finished talking. “No he didn’t but is sure sounds a lot like Boss Hogg to me.†Daisy said with despise in her words. “Well that figures.†Bo reacted sarcastically. “I can hardly remember a race without Boss trying to keep us from winning.†“Well might be so but, sounding to Enos he reall
  18. Great Story! Hope you wright more of them soon. Sure wanna see how Betsy-rae is doing from now! lov, JM
  19. just_me

    Blue Collar TV

    I really like Blue Collar! Jeff Foxworthy is my favorite. You believe nobody knows them around here? I didn't hear about them untill a while ago. I tried to tell some of their jokes to my friends but it just didn't come out right. Guess I just have to show them some time JM
  20. Hi everyone. Sorry that this last one took me so long. Just that I’m pretty busy graduating from college and working at the same time and just at the time I’d pulled an all-nighter to get a new post ready the forum was down. Of course nobody can do anything about that, but it sure was ironic. Anyway I turned in my last paper at the university today and with the summer break coming up pretty soon, teaching is almost over for this school year, so lots of time to write then. Hope ya’all are still there and still enjoy reading Lov, JM.
  21. Later on, Daisy was at work at the Boars Nest when her eye fell on a young stranger sitting at the end of the bar. She observed him some time and noticed the pose who was well none to her as the pose of a wretched man. The way as the man was bending over his beer, his shoulders pushed foreword and his hand carrying his head told her enough. ‘Hi there stranger’ She said while she walked over to him. “Looks like you can use another one of that.†And she pointed at the almost empty beer mug he was holding in his hand. “Yes ma’am you can say that again.†He answered while handing her
  22. On his way back to the sheriff’s office Enos head was spinning. Boy o boy did he get him self in deep this time. He knew as soon as he would run in to Daisy she would look right through him and see something was wrong. He just considered himself lucky she wasn’t working just now. Not that it surprised him though; he had expected something like this would happen sooner or later. He only hadn’t thought it would be this soon. What was he to do now? If Daisy ever found out he kept something like this from her he was sure she would never look at him again. And what if this guy Boss hired, to
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