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  1. I have other stuff sitting around the house but this is my pride and joy. It's a 99 Jeep Wrangler with 5" of lift and 33" Goodyear Wrangler MTR's, Warn 9.5 ti Winch, Full Roll Cage, Lockers, Custom bumpers etc... I also have a 05 Pt Cruiser - Daily Driver 98 Ford Expediton Eddie Bauer - Tow Vehicle for my Jeep 02 Chevy Venture Warner Bros. Ed.-Wife's
  2. Looks Good. I also like to go Jeepin... but I get to go twice a month generally. Question for you how much do you air down? IMO it looks like you let out too much air for not using beadlocks I personally wouldn't want to take the risk of popping a bead.
  3. I couldn't believe this so I researched it and it appears 1935 is correct. Everywhere on the web I can find info on him always says 1935 as his birth year. I still just can't believe it.
  4. I met him @ cooters PLace in Gatlinburg a few years ago and I can't believe 1935 is correct. I would have guessed 1955. If he is 70 WOW he looks great for 70!
  5. http://www.mdna.net/kooks.html
  6. We had six kids total. It rained here though. My family went out and did a little trick or treating but we were only out for about a half hour.
  7. The tinted windows are pretty bad as well. I guess I like the general one way.... Just like it was on the tv show.
  8. yuck! This looks horrible IMO!
  9. Slow. I put a couple grand into my 1999 in the last month or so. I needed to upgrade to a Slip Yoke Eliminator to get rid of my driveline vibes which meant new control arms and a CV driveshaft. I also got new rims and tires for it but I have actually done a little to Dixie though. I put some new shackles on so I have enough clearance for my 32's to go on. Daisy had 31's. Mine will be a little bigger but I upgraded tires on my Wrangler to a larger size and I have the 32's laying around and they only have a few thousand miles on them so I figured I would put them on Dixie. I am about ready to paint the rims for Dixie the appropriate copper/brown color. THen I will mount the tires on it. Body work will come in the spring along with the paint and decals.
  10. As far as paint it's Just white. ANy body shop can do that. You would need to get a Golden Eagle Decal which is easily attainable. You can get that here http://www.phoenixgraphix.com/amc/7780ge.htm Cheapest Place I found. As for the Dixie Decal on the side I found a local sticker guy who will do it for me from a picture or I was even thinking of leaving the golden eagle on the side like it was on Dixie when Daisy got it after the Duke boys trashed her Roadrunnner. You can also change the front end of your YJ to a CJ for the cost of fenders, hood, grill and Round Headlights. It's a Direct bolt up to you YJ tub, they are virtually the same. Actually you can convert even the dash if you want as well, it is also easy to bolt up. I know Jeeps so if you have any questions let me know.
  11. DixieCJ-7

    Smallville News

    Yeah I would say it's over.
  12. I don't care for eithers music probably Shania's more then Gretchen but Shania is just so much better looking.
  13. Flames? Why not throw some 24 inch spinners on it. The General is perfect.
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