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  1. Those falling dreams are the worst. It happens when you're almost asleep, so close to unconsciousness. You dream you're just walking alone de de de.... whistling a tune, chatting to the birdies... when WAM!!!! You fall flat on your face and sit straight up in bed. "What the hell just happened?" And then like two minutes later you're back in a deep sleep. Dreams are wierd......
  2. Happy belated birthday Mary Anne!!!! I'm sorry I missed it... but it sounds like you'll be turning 21 again next spring... so I'll catch ya then!
  3. Awwww... well ain't the the cutest thing ya ever did see!?
  4. You know your car is old when, the bumper stickers actually hold the bumper onto the car. Besides... who puts bumper stickers on anyways anymore?
  5. (gosh, I can't believe how long it's been since I even thought about this story, yikes!) "A likely story!" Rosco replied, giggling and chuckling to him and Flash the third. "It's true!!! I swear I can't slow down Sheriff!" Jeff cried back as Cooter swung his tow truck out in front of the General. He tapped the brakes and the General Lee smashed into the truck's rear bumper. Cooter continued pressuring the brakes and eventully piggybacked Jeff and the General to a stop. The sheriff pulled up right behind them and leapt out of his patrol car, pistol drawn and aimed at the young Duke. "FRRREEEEESZZZZZZEE!!!!" Jeff rolled his eyes and slowly slid out from the window, hands held up in defense, "Now Rosco.... you can't arrest me for havin no brakes..." "HUSH! Jus hush! You have the right to remain slient!" Rosco shouted as he grabbed Jeff's wrists and handcuffed them together. "You were speedin', and you were racin with grease monkey Cooter there. I'm takin ya in..." The old mechanic gave the sheriff and dirty look, Grease Monkey!?? Who fixed your car when you rolled it chasin the Dukes, you tows you outta the pond after you crash chasin the Dukes?!!? He thought to himself as Rosco loaded Jeff into the back of his car and they headed off towards town, and jail.
  6. http://www.hazzardretreat.com/sounds/Dukes%20of%20Hazzard%20Reunion%20Theme.mp3 Try that one...sorry I dunno how to get the one from here either.
  7. Hey! What are some of ya'lls favorite quotes from your favorite movies?? Here's some of mine SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT *Snowman* I gotta get some go-go juice in this here truck an throw some groceries doen my neck!! *Carrie to Bandit* Well I got the metal the the pedal an the thing to the floor!!!! PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN *Will* You cheated!! *Jack* Pirate!!! *Will to Jack* We're gonna steal a ship? *looks at the Interceptor, fastest ship in the carribean* We're gonna steal that ship? *Jack points to a smaller ship* Commandeer....we're gonna commendeer that ship!!! *Elizabeth to the pirates before she hits em* Ya like pain? Try wearing a corset. *SMACK* LORD OF THE RINGS THE TWO TOWERS *Gimli to Legolas as they stand at the ready and Gimili can't see* Ya coulda picked a better spot. *Legolas, with a big smirk* Shall I get you a box, or would you like me to desribe what's happening? I HEART HUCKABES *What's her face, Naomi Watt's character* F***abes!!!! HEHHHEHEHHEHEH Those are just a few of my faves!! How bout you??
  8. Heh heh heh I love Adam Sandler!! I like Happy Gilmore.....*to Bob Barker* The price is wrong B****!!!
  9. If they're gonna make a sequel they gotta do it right. No more moonshine......they were known for not making it anymore.... And get rid of the Sh**y cast. Most of them could be recast with someone better. And I agree, all the chacters could have been better devoloped. There's soooo many things I could nitpick about, but it would bore us all. It would be great to see the General Lee tearing up the big screen again, but it needs to be done right. And yes it may have had a huge audience response, but I reckon they would get more if they tried harder to rope in fans of the original. If you wanna see what the Dukes sequel should really be like I suggest you check out a fellow member of Hnet's screenplay. http://www.hazzardnet.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=2357 And I know JDhoggjr has more to post to it. It's truly a Dukes of Hazzard Movie....I think he'd love it if ya'd checkit out!
  10. Karis has to be his biological daughter, in the commentary on One Armed Bandits, he comments on how much he looks like his daughter at certain points.
  11. The sound ot the engine of the General Lee roars in the background. Marion Jones stands ready to start a race on the side of the street. The camera pans from her to the General Lee with Bo Duke (John Schneider) sitting in the driver's seat. The notes of the Dixie horn sound in the street and Marion takes off. The tires screech and smoke as the General pulls out. Marion leeps over a large dog being walked by an older woman. The General barrels down the sreet beside her. Marion darts to her left past a cart filled with vegtables and into an alleyway. The general roars and skids around the corner in a 90 degree turn, heading the same direction. The General Lee races towards the veiwer, and takes off into the air at the last second. Flash back to Marion in the alley way as she runs up a long ramp to the top of a building, she races across and leaps through the air to the next rooftop. From behind the car you see it land hard on the other side of a construction site and it turns another left corner, tires screeching loudly as people look on from the side walk. Marion races down a fire esacpe on the far side of the building and drops to the ground with a grunt and runs into the street a checkered flag waving as she bursts across a finish line. The Gneral Lee skids to a halt beside her several seconds later and Bo Duke climbs out, throughlly dissapointed. The camera pans back to Marion who is still out of breath and continues down to her feet. Voice over, "Now thanks to the New Nike Air Peguses, you don't have to be Marion Jones to outrun the fastest car in Hazzard County."
  12. I can't remember the start of the qoute im thinking off, but it ends with Jesse saying, "he had a couple nephews too, Frank and Jesse." And then the boys double over laughing...what episode was that??
  13. Damn I like that roadrunner, if I can't have a charger I want one of those!!! But it would ba cool to have a jeep too! But I love that roadrunner!!
  14. I agree with that! The Dukes wouldn't have been the same without Cooter! Just wouldn't have worked! And yeah like I said Cooter was hot, he didn't have the good looks, but he had the heart. I have to say, Bo and Luke weren't always the most sensitive, but Cooter always was. And I can only think of one show where he gets a girl. And she was a crook!!! Was there any others?
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