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  1. Check the 'unrated additional scenes'. You are in for some very pleasant surprises. ;-)
  2. Someone saying to Daisy Duke while she is taking his order at the Boar's Nest, 'Do those legs come over easy'?
  3. Sorority girls. Also, the 2 main girlfriends of Bo & Luke (Katie and that other girl).
  4. Unfortunally it's a misprint. If you go to Walmart online, the December 13th, 2005 date is correct. Daney Maybe they didn't change it online yet? Its strange they would actually show the Season 5 DVD cover with the new date in the newspaper ad. But on a hunch I do think it is a mistake but I hope I am wrong about that. :-)
  5. I have an ad in my Sunday paper from Wal Mart saying the Season 5 DVD is now being released on November 8th. That is the only place I have seen that earlier date listed though it makes sense because the theatrical movie DVD release was just a week apart from it in December (6th and 13th).
  6. http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=dukesofhazzard.htm
  7. In my area they only have it at the dollar theatres so maybe that is what they are referring to.
  8. The Target in my area lists those costumes for 10 dollars cheaper for this week plus they include the Daisy Duke costume though its not short shorts.
  9. I was in Target today and saw for $39.95 each Halloween costumes for Bo Duke and also one for the same price for a Luke Duke one. I didn't see a Daisy Duke one. They are based on the original actors from the TV series. They both have a John (or Tom) wig, a hat, a typical Dukes shirt and a belt buckle that says Dukes Of Hazzard on it. No mask of their faces though they are on the packaging. Pretty cool looking!
  10. As I recall, they never specifically mentioned the flag in the TV series either.
  11. As I recall, they never specifically mentioned the flag in the TV series either.
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