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    Been a huge fan of Sonny Shroyer for 30 years or more.
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  1. There's a website from this year's auto show in Marilla NY (where I met Sonny). Check them out. There's TONS of pics. That man sure is loved: http://www.marillaautoshow.com
  2. I would have to say my favorite, beyond all of them, is in later episodes where Rosco says, "great gobs of gallopin' goose grease". That one just always struck me funny. Jimmy Best sure can deliver a line. I watch the 20th Anniversary Barbeque on Youtube a lot because I love to watch everyone's interaction with one another. Love how they get along in real life.
  3. I have an interesting piece of trivia for y'all. Where I live is just around the corner from where Sorrel's aunt and uncle once lived. They had a furniture store right here in town. A restaurant called Togi's stands in it's place now. How about them apples?
  4. I'm replying to my own post, I know. I'm still flying after meeting Sonny last Sunday. He is, hands down, the sweetest person I've ever met in my life. He's a big guy with a big heart. He's one of the few people in this world there just isn't enough good to say about him. I somehow knew he'd be that way. Even wished my family a safe trip home. I told him hubby does the driving and I do the praying so it evens out. LOL Sonny, wherever you are, love you to pieces!!!
  5. That's funny. I heard his wife says the same thing about him. LOL Seriously, it was really an amazing time. The guy that ran the car show took us right up to meet him. When I told Vinny I'd been waiting 30 years to meet Sonny, he escorted us to get to him. I felt so good that just giving Sonny a simple thing as a ball cap touched his heart like it did. I wish y'all could have seen his face. When he did speak, he sounded kind of choked up. I hope they bring him back next year. I'd give my right arm to see him a few more times while we still have him with us. His heart is as big as he is, that's for sure. And anyone that knows him is aware, THAT'S BIG. As you can tell by the picture, he towers over me and my kids. My daughter literally attached herself to him. Just ran up and wrapped her arms around him. I had to explain to him that she was my daughter and that giving him a hug was the only thing she wanted to do. Now I really feel like one of the lucky ones. This will go down as one of the greatest moments of my life.
  6. He was at the auto show in Marilla, NY. What an amazing time. I gave him a ball cap with "Jesus is my boss" on it. He was speechless. I adore him even more now since I met him. Amazing individual.
  7. Check out THIS photo! Is it the bomb or what? I was stoked before I met him and I'm still bouncing. Had to share with my fellow Hazzardnet residents. --Amy
  8. Are the stories posted where we can read them? I'd really like to. I mean the ones about Daisy and/or Enos getting drunk. Anyone know?
  9. I think I got y'all beat. I was about 13 when it began and 15 when the Enos series premiered. That must make me the "old fart" of the group.
  10. I've never met him, but from what I can tell, I could not have said that better myself.
  11. Exactly! Ain't no one like him.
  12. Sorrel's aunt and uncle lived in my hometown (Bradford, PA) and owned a furniture store here, just a block or so from where I grew up watching the Dukes. It's been a restaurant the last 20 years or so. Their last name was Yasgur. --Amy
  13. Two things Sonny Shroyer is to this day, very cute and very built. Still has those football shoulders. He's by no means ready for the ol' scrap heap yet, by God! His wife Paula is one lucky woman. --Amy
  14. The only reason I watched the Coy and Vance eps back then was because of Enos. And, for anyone who doesn't know, the reason Enos was so built is because Sonny is not only very tall (6'2"), but worked out with weights and was a football player for Florida State, which is where he met, and became friends with, Burt Reynolds. More trivia for the board. --Amy
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