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  1. Listen (Jessica Mae Parker) character, Bo is *MY* dreamlover since he was on the look out for girls *I* want to definately be his girlfriend! it's un acceptable for a different gal than me to have him. If so I'd want to harm her

  2. Thanks Garrett. I think so too. I'm going to be working on writing it here this month.
  3. Thanks. I thought so. I was thinking of either having Daisy fall for Jason or making up my own character that would be from Hazzard that would fall for him. The Dukes of course would play a big part, meeting Jason and all and helping him, and of course Boss and Rosco would be trying to turn him in and get some reward money.
  4. Hazzardnet has not died as Brian and everyone else is telling you. In fact things are slow because of the holidays. I'm sure a lot of people have travelled during the holidays or just plain don't have time to get online because of company or something else that has come up. Also many people work and go to school.
  5. I was just thinking today about writing a crossover having to do with The Dukes and the Bourne movies. I thought it might be interesting to try to do and I haven't seen anyone try it before.
  6. I like almost any kind of country music as well as classic rock like REO Speedwagon, AC/DC and Journey just to name a few
  7. Let me know what y'all think of this and if I should continue.
  8. Jessi’s face had paled considerably. She remembered the argument like it had been yesterday. She looked at Bo, hoping against hope that he’d woken up but when she saw how pale and still he was she sank back into her chair a little. Tears silently slid down her cheeks and she placed a hand over her mouth to muffle her sobs. Luke creased his brow in concern and reached out pulling Jessi against his chest, wishing it was him lying there instead of Bo. Cooter sighed and closed his eyes, picturing what had transpired right after Bo and Jessi’s argument. “I remember the horrible accident you
  9. Flashback Daisy’s Memory Daisy was at the bus stop to meet her best friend Jessica Mae Parker aka. Jessi. Jessi had lived in Hazzard but after her mother had died her father took Jessi and moved to Atlanta. The two girls had stayed in touch and Daisy had visited Jessi a few times over the years but not recently. Jessi was a pretty girl with a strong will and a stubborn streak as bad as Bo’s. The last Daisy had heard of her friend the feisty blond was racing on the NASCAR Circuit for her father and winning. But then she’d gotten a phone call from Jessi who was in tears. Jessi’s father h
  10. Part One Bo Duke maneuvered the old loaner he’d borrowed from Cooter around a sharp corner on the road to Atlanta. He was on his way to get a Valentine’s gift for his pretty wife Jessi. He was so intent on driving and letting his thoughts wander he didn’t see the dog run out in front of him till the last second. He swerved and lost control of the car causing it to flip and roll a number of times before coming to rest upside down in a ditch. Bo’s entire life flashed before his eyes as the car rolled. He saw his cousins Luke and Daisy and his Uncle Jesse, Cooter, Enos, Rosco, Boss and ev
  11. I haven't had any problems with any of my DVD's for that season or any of the others and I have all the seasons so my guess is it may be the DVD player itself. Or it just could mean the Player or even the disk need to be cleaned.
  12. My horse died about two and a half weeks ago and right now I can't afford to get a new horse. I'm hoping around April or May to have enough money to get myself a new horse. Right now I'm just trying to save up some money to buy one.
  13. Yes they made one. It was done in 2005. Not as good as the series though. The main characters were basically Walker, Alex and Gage. You only see Trivette briefly and Sydney isn't in the movie at all. Nice pictures of Trent and Carlos. For Trent and Carlos lovers Season Four with the episode "Sons Of Thunder" will be released Febuary 19, 2008.
  14. They made one movie. It was called Walker Texas Ranger:Trial By Fire. I never saw it by I know they did a cliffhanger at the end because they were planning on more episodes. Walker is one of my favorite shows and besides Walker, Trent Malloy and Gage were my favorite characters. I loved the chemistry there was between Sydney and Gage in the last two seasons.
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