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Rosco, Rosco, Rosco....

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Certainly not me. :wink:

Tryin' to think of a favorite Rosco moment but there's too many to mention. LOL.

I did watch Deputy Dukes today and the dialouge between Rosco and Boss is classic.

Boss: "Rosco, I promised your fat sister Lulu when I married her that I'd keep you from gittin' yer fool head shot off!"

Rosco: "Well I 'preciate dat."

And then...

Rosco: "Yer beautiful Boss. Just beautiful."

Boss: "Beautiful? Heh...real nice lookin' maybe but...definetly not beautiful!"

Rosco (after Boss leaves): "Boy ain't that the truth. He's a mess-a ugly!"


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LOL Maryanne! :lol:

At least I'm not the only one that still watches the Dukes, even if it is a videotape!

My favorite Rosco moment would be when Rosco found out that he had an evil twin. Imagine having 2 Rosco's in Hazzard all the time! What would happen?? :o

Well, I have to get back to studying for my CNA nursing exams. Maybe I'll be the newest nurse at TRI-County Hospital! LOL :lol:

Take Care & Have A Great Day! :D


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Ooo that sounds like a good idea MaryAnne! Good Luck!!! I'm sure ol' Rosco sure will love that. Knowing you, you could really make some funny moments outta that. I love commical moments in reading. Love them in movies and tv shows too. (or knowing me you already did it and i just haven't gotten around to reading it, sry)

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Hi all,

Don't know if you read my topic on "The Dukes: Return to Hazzard County". But I am working on a series of teleplays that I plan to present through an agent to the WB for a "Next Generation" (For lack of a better description) of the Duke Family.

"Woody" plays an integral part in the pilot of the series. After being paroled, he returns to Hazzard County to take revenge on the Sheriff and the Dukes, but finds Hazzard a little different from when he left.

(doing best Waylon impression)

Don't that beat all, that's just one of the story arcs...there'll be plenty more excitement, if'n y'all hang around...

Anyway visit my topic and leave your thoughts and ideas.


J.D. Jr.

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We finally saw the Rosco quotes today we've been looking for...

Rosco: It was them cute little dimples...

Boss: Never mind the cute little dimples!

Other Rosco quotes:

Enos: Possum on a gumbush

Rosco: I'll possum your gumbush you dipstick!

Rosco: (to Bo covered in motor oil) You are a mess <walks off>

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*Begin rant*

You know, that scene all ways kills me. (Read: Pisses me off). Obviously I have a bias in favor of Rosco (if'n any y'all didn't know. LOL) but I feel really bad for Rosco who goes to the farm to pay his respects and Jesse essentially turns the knife in an already open wound. Rosco obviously doesn't know the boys are alive like Jesse and Daisy do and for cryin' out loud, he's the one that saw the General go into the pond! For all he knew, he witnessed Bo and Luke demise. Enos came out with the clothes, Rosco was the one that had to tell Jesse what happened and we had that very wrenching scene at the Boar's Nest. Everybody was crying. Except Boss but don't get me started on him and his actions in this episode. LOL

I think what Jesse said was uncalled for to be honest.

*end rant*

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Oh well :)

Rosco - "....Well I had some help"

Everyone - "From who"

Rosco - "From my little fat buddy, Boss Hogg"

Everyone - "Boss Hogg?!?"

Mama Max - "who?"

Rosco - "When the Boss, uhh "left" he left me a some notes about connin' people. See it says right here, When tryin to con someone, always pick con-men cause they're always lookin for somethin' for nothin"

It's a lot like that, but not exact....it's from the first Reunion.

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It's been a while but in the episode with the evil double, they're trying to tell them apart at the end.

Rosco: Well would he give you this? (hands Boss a bag of money)

Boss: My money!

Rosco: And would he call you (pinches Boss' cheek) his little fat buddy?

Boss: AHk (pushes Rosco's hand away) NO he wouldn't! You are the real Rosco!

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