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HELP! i need MPC 1/16 parts


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HELP! hello forum first time poster here and noob to site love it!!  any ways I am building the MPC 1/16 GENERAL LEE, and I was getting ready to paint the wheels and have them all in plastic spring loaded clamps. im am also doing this outside as I wen to pick up first wheel to paint with my air brush I heard a " POP!! " and the tension on clamp shot the wheel ????? I have ivy on the other side of my fence, it could be any where!! very frustrating ive been working on this model for two weeks now!! and I need to know if any one has any parts for this model I could buy?? of if any forum members know where I can get parts??? I hope some one might know these answers 

                                                                                                                     THANK YOU FORUM IN ADVANCE 


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