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Cooter's Book

Hobie Hartkins

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OK...I know I've said something " Negative" about Ben Jones but as I get to the end of his book....folks.... that guy is nothing but a Leftist! AND a Communist!! I know it's hard to see, when Cooter is such a great guy but Ben Jones AIN'T Cooter! Being conservative and southern or whatever, is now all the rage, but it's like the CONservative ( with emphasis on the Con), talk show hosts you have on the radio....it's a front! Being conservative is popular, so they go with it! The title of the book " A Redneck Boy In The Promised Land",  ...Ha! He has no idea WHAT a REAL Redneck is and it's sad really, because he's from the south AND he grew up poor. I am from the south and grew up poor and so I know! I love Cooter but I can't stand Ben Jones! ( and that's putting it nicely!) I also know a DOH fan, who is a liberal Leftist who has met him and doesn't like him, so it's not like I'm " Throwing Shade" or anything! My point is this: I bought the book on knowing Cooter, NOT Ben Jones. DO NOT cross the characters that actors play with their REAL personalities! 

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