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Domestic abuse in Duke Family

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After 3 months of marriage Bo started to become abusive to his wife Jenyfer.  She was not allowed to work had to stay home . The house cleaned when he got home. When not all of the cleaning was done she got beat.  She got a bloody nose and  bruises on her face. Jenyfer made up excuses for a while but a friend of hers  knew what was going on . She also helped out at a womens shelter for battered women. She encouraged Jenyfer to get a job when her husband was away racing his car so she can save up money so she can leave. She also advised her to pack a bag and hide it.  Jenyfer cleaned the house with the help of her friend and she applied for a job waiting tables. She talked to the manager and explained her situation.

The owner James Wilson hired her on the spot but she told him that her husband did not want her to have a job. He understood because his sister was a victim to domestic violence also. She got out because I helped her . Jenyfer waited tables from 12pm-5pm  she made good money in tips but asked for an envelope .Jenyfer started to save her tip money.  She told her boss that she  is saving enough money to get as far away from abusive husband as she can. When Jenyfer got off work she started to pack a couple of bags.  She opened Christine's trunk and put the bags  in. 1 bag had some clothes the other had cash and doccuments . She checked Christine's gas tank and see she had to fuel up. 

Jenyfer  drove Christine the next time she worked  because the owner also sold fuel. Jenyfer parked the car behind the building. Jenyfer worked another 5 hours on her 2nd day and made $80.00 in tips. Jenyfer  filled Christine's tank with the hightest fuel and then the owner handed her cash he told her that he will pay her cash because of her situation. Jenyfer hid the money she made.

Bo was home before she got there. He asked Jenyfer "were have you been?!" Jenyfer told him she was running errands for a friend. Bo slapped her and told her she was not to leave this house again.  When Jenyfer finally got up  Bo was passed out on the couch. She quietly opened the door and closed it behind. She walked over to Christine got in started the car  and headed out to the road. Jenyfer decided that enough was enough and it was time to leave.  Jenyfer stopped at the Hazzard county Sheriffs office. Roscoe seen her face all beaten. Roscoe asked her what happened. Jenyfer told him that Bo beat her and she left him. She told Roscoe she wanted to press charged and have a  restraining order filed against Bo. She even asked Roscoe if Bo had permission to leave the county to go and race his car. Roscoe told her "no." She told him that Bo was leaving Hazzard county to race his car. Roscoe told her she did the right thing by reporting he violated his probation. Jenyfer also told Roscoe I need to fill out divorce papers also.  Roscoe then heard Bo's car pull up . Jenyfer looked outside and told Roscoe here comes the suspect. Roscoe told Jenyfer to leave before Bo gets inside. Jenyfer went out the back door got into Christine and drove to the women's shelter. Jenyfer's friend Wilma was there to help her get settled in.  Wilma took care of Jenyfer's cats for her .  Jenyfer filled out the paper work and handed it over. Jenyfer called her boss from the shelter she told him she left her husband and filed charged against him and a restraining order against him also.

Wilma told Jenyfer that there is a bank across the street and it has jobs to help battered women get back on their feet Jenyfer's boss over heard  what she was told and advised her to take this. Jenyfer took his advice and got the job. She opened an account in the same bank and let the money grow. Jenyfer put her money in her bank account every week and let it grow but she kept enough to buy food and pay rent.. 

Bo was in the Hazzard county Jail and was being held with out bail. The Judge approved the filing of the restrainig order. Roscoe handed it to Bo  and told him if you come with in 50 feet or attempt to contact the victim you will be arrested. Roscoe also told Bo that Jenyfer also filed for a divorce on the grounds of domestic violence. 

Jenyfer went to talk to a divorce lawyer about 

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filing for a divorce against her husband on the grounds of physical abuse. When she showed the attorney her face he took a photo for evidence. Bo wanted to reconcile with her but  Jenyfer said no and the divorce was granted. Jen went to get the rest of her belongings . Jenyfer sold her wedding dress for cash and also sold her wedding ring and engagement ring for cash. Jenyfer left Hazzard County for good and never returned and never once contacted the Duke Family. She went back to her maiden name  Sharp 

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After the divorce was finalized  Jenyfer was a free woman. A lot of men tried to date her but she explained that she just got out of an abusive marriage and was not ready for another relationship but only wanted friendship .She told 1 by the name of Craig  Johnson that she needed time to heal and only needed a friend for right  now. Jen told him about the abuse from her ex husband  and he beat her . Craig told her that is a law enforcement officer and asked if she reported this . She told him she did the last time he beat her .  Jenyfer told Craig I also pressed charges against him and I also filed a restraining order against him. Craig asked to see it and she showed him and it had a photo of Bo with it. He asked " is this him?" Jen nodded  and told him I went back and got the rest of my items while he was in jail I reported he violated his probation. Craig asked her " what is he on probation for ?" She replied he got caught running moonshine. 

Craig asked if she was staying any place. She told him I have been sleeping in my car until I can afford a place . Craig told her why don't you stay with me  you will be safe. Then he asked does his family know were you are. Jenyfer told him no I did not bother to tell them . Jenyfer accepted his offer and moved in with him and followed him in Christine. The radio was on and Ferlin Husky was singing Gone   Jen pulled up in the drive way Craig open the garage door and Jen pulled in and shut the engine off. He asked her what year Jenyfer told him '58 I had her for a couple of years now. Jenyfer walked in the home and she met his partner and friend Shane Williams,Shane asked her about the bruises that were almost gone. She told him her ex husband did this to her but she left and divorced him. Jenyfer went and got her cats named Moon light  and Spooky 2 black cats she adopted from the shelter and she told Craig and Shane they are strictly indoor cats they are not to go out side  Jenyfer fed her cats and closed the door were she kept the cats.

Jenyfer's lawyer contacted her and told her that the  papers finalizing the divorce are  in his office and needed to be signed so he can file the 

papers. Jenyfer had to drive back to Hazzard County to sign them. She told her room mates were she was going and left her cell #. Craig  told her "wait I better go along so you will be safe ,  Craig  and Jenyfer got into Chrsitine . The radio was playing and Webb Pierce was singing Tupelo county jail  and then Ernest Tubb came on singing half a mind as soon as they arrived to the attorney's office . Jenyfer's lawyer  Bill Williamson went over the divorce  papers together. Out side Enos noticed Christine parked out side and seen Craig on the passenger side and he noticed Craig with his pistol . Enos told him to step out of the car . Craig showed him his badge and told him he was a law enforcement officer from another town. He kept Jenyfer company  incase her ex husband started problems if he sees her. He also told Enos that Jenyfer has a  no contact order against Bo. 

Jenyfer came back outside and said Its official and I am now a free woman . Enos How long is that no contact order I have on Bo? Enos told her 2 years  she told him I am hoping it would be for good. Jenyfer has the copies of the divorce papers and headed back to were she was living . she also had her no contact order against Bo.

Craig and Jenyfer got back and stopped and picked up a couple of pizzas

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The  story was Jenyfer  had a nightmare it never took place but she knew a woman who was in that situation . She and Bo helped her escape the abuser and helped he get her get back on her feet. Jenyfer worked as an advocate for domestic violence. She would help people in that situation she would help them leave their abusive partners  train them for jobs and help them get back on their feet. She  would even let the victims who are staying in the shelter work for money.. Then Jenyfer would have them open a bank account in their names .

 Jenyfer arrived home after a long day of work at the women's shelter. Bo asked her How did it go? She told him it was an awesome day. Then she said I need to talk to you about the nightmare I had. She told him in the nightmare he was that way towards her. She had tears in her eyes. Bo told her it was a bad dream and he would never do this to her. He told her if he see a woman in that situation he would do anything he could to help her. Jenyfer told him she missed her friend who was a victim but I am glad we helped her get out. Now she is living in Alabama and married to a very decent and hard working man and will do anything he can to protect her from hard

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