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Other '77 Dodge Monacos in the show?

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  • 2 months later...

Hey y'all,

I found this question interesting when I first came across it some time back...so I've been keeping track as I've been playing through the entire series.

If you mean specifically 77 Monacos, I found the villains drove one in the episode "Dead and Alive" (S6 E14). This one started out a beige color, then in the storyline was repainted blue to hide. It's the one Cooter discovered was the one they were looking for when he had to repair some collision damage and found the light color underneath.

If you expand to include the same body type with the Plymouth Furys (round-light) you'll find a ton of them in Season 4. Here's what I've found, only missing E7:

-Plymouth Fury, blue, owned by Cooter in S1 E3 Mary Kaye’s Baby

-Plymouth Fury, green, driven by villains (Mr. & Mrs. Roby) in S3 E15 To Catch a Duke

-Earlier (4-round across) driven by Hobie the town drunk S3 E19 Bye, Bye Boss

-Plymouth Fury, blue, driven by Private Investigator, S3 E20 The Great Hazzard Hijack

-Plymouth Fury, 2-tone brown, driven by Jamie Lee Hogg in S4 E1 Mrs. Daisy Hogg

-Plymouth Fury, light blue, driven by fur thieves in S4 E10 Trouble at Cooter’s

-Plymouth Fury, brown, driven by NASCAR drivers Boss hired in S4 E11 Goodbye General Lee

-2 Plymouth Furys; blue driven by villains, white driven by U.S. Postal Inspector in S4 E18 Miz Tisdale on the Lam

-Plymouth Fury, black, driven by villains in S4 E19 Nothin’ But the Truth

-Plymouth Fury, blue, driven by villains in S4 E20 Dear Diary

-Plymouth Fury, black, driven by villains in S4 E21 New Deputy in Town

-Plymouth Fury, black, driven by villains in S4 E22 Birds Gotta Fly

-Plymouth Fury, white, driven by villains in S4 E23 Bad Day in Hazzard

-Plymouth Fury, black, driven by villains in S4 E25 Share and Share Alike

-’77 Dodge Monaco used by villains (started episode light beige color, then repainted blue in the storyline), S6 E14 Dead and Alive

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  • 2 years later...

Found one more: Blue, used by Rosco as a "Hazzard County secret surveillance car" in S6 E22 "Cooter's Confession"

In fact, since all three were blue, in S6 E14, S6 E22 and S7 E1, all very closely-together-shot episodes, I'd say it was probably the same car in all three.

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