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Need some more help: Cooter's motorcycle

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Great pics- that will be helpful!  Can't quite tell what that lettering says; looks like 4-5 digits and '220'?  Maybe

'Turbo 220'? 


Ultimately I'm looking to put a 1/25 version someplace in my Hazzard Garage model, so I suppose any motorcycle-shaped version in the same color will look fine.



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After Cooter launches the bike through the door, Bo says "Cooter, that ain't no way to treat your bike." Cooter replies "It wasn't mine." Bo says "No.", and then a guy at the pinball machine says "It was mine." as he punches Cooter in the face.

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OK- my bad for not actually watching the eps instead of just scanning through for picture reference!  So maybe the bike is in the garage because he's fixing it for the guy; I suspect when Cooter is sober, he is very apologetic and helpful!


This simplifies things for me- I don't have to match the bike for my diorama since it wasn't Cooter's bike.  I do have an old 1/25 bike that I'd like to include in my model someplace, but now I can just use it as-is.


19816960340_ee277e8d50.jpgUntitled by mommydawn2000, on Flickr

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