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Daisy Duke and the fashion

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I have hinted to this new thread in the past.

It's time to have a try.

Now, Daisy Duke is my favorite character (beside Enos, of course :oops:): Catherine is a beautiful woman, long legs, perfect silhouette, sweet smile and blue-green eyes (I know that men out there agree). BUT Daisy Duke is also famous because of her outfits, especially those short shorts that took her name.

Along the show is the one who change her outfit in every episode, and sometimes also along the same episode.

Ready for a belly-full of Daisy?



A perfect show of short shorts and tight top.

I find her fashion really graceful and never vulgar, don't you think?

Stay tuned for more examples of Daisy's outfit.

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I'm glad you finally started this thread, Ila. Daisy's outfits are often a good way to identify where screengrabs come from, so is there any chance you could include episode names where possible?

Seeing as you asked for submissions, I thought I'd start with Daisy's first appearance from 'One Armed Bandits'. The other screengrabs in this post are also from that episode. This scene is very dark, and Daisy moves a lot, so I've had to tweak the image a bit.

Daisy Duke: "She drives like Richard Petty, shoots like Annie Oakley and knows the words to all of Dolly Parton's songs."


If I recall correctly, Cathy had a hand in sewing this iconic outfit together.


This is the top that Daisy wears when she steals Rosco's patrol car for the chase around the Boar's Nest parking lot (the one with the flying piano). I originally had a screengrab from that scene, but you get to see more detail in this later jail scene. You can't really see them here, but she's wearing dark blue denim shorts.


During her escape from jail, Daisy "borrows" Hazel's police uniform, but there are better shots of that combination in season 2's 'Officer Daisy Duke'. For the final scene at the orphanage, Daisy dons a red and black plaid shirt. It must've been cold because she's also wearing jeans instead of shorts.


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