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The General Lee in Grand Theft Auto 4 and San Andreas

Roth Potter

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I don't know how many of you play games here. But for the ones who do I got some nice videos of General Lee's in games.

Grand Theft Auto 4:

Sorry if you don't like the music, but to get peoples attention in the gaming world most people won't watch if you put Country music over it. Anyway, The Charger you see is reskinned by me, meaning I got the car from someone and I turned it into a General Lee. I made the video. I hope you like it.

This was mostly a presentation of the car.

Again, the General Lee. Same one as above but I updated a few things.

This video has been made by someone after he downloaded the General Lee, He asked me if I could make a Hazzard Sheriff's car too. which I did as you can see in this movie.

I don't have this game anymore.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

This one is a bit more recent and better. I have got the model from someone and made it into a General Lee.

It is better then the one above but I haven't made a good movie about it yet.

Luckly the sound is better ingame. If you guys want I could make a jump movie.

I got one jump picture which is I think is quite nice.


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