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I just read your 5 newest chapters in one go. :D

Some moments I couldn't stop laughing and some moments I was about to cry for Enos. I've read way to much this late evening to sum up the best parts, though I hope the wait for the next chapter won't be so long as I absolutely loved the cliffhanger you put in your last chapter.

OK, there's no need to wait. ;)

Just posted a new chapter, "An invisible puzzle".

Hope you're going to enjoy it (if you don't forget to read it, LOL) ... and I hope not too many typos in it :-? (it's incredible, I read and read and read again a chapter before to post it... BUT stupid typos escape from my attention, ALWAYS, * face palm*).

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Great Chapter Ila! I was just reading it when I suddenly was on the end of the page. As if I had read only 10 lines! :-o Really Amazing how you seem to be able to keep it true to Dukes. Like now the conversation with Luke Daisy and Bo, as if i'm watching an episode!

I still can't figure out who the tall man was, Bo or Luke?

Great job as always! As for the spelling, I did only find one typo. :D I'll send you a pm about it if you want.

Keep up the great work Ila! I'll be waiting for the next chapter.

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"Spying and analyzing", the new chapter.

Thanks for reading.

I don't know if I'm going to announce every chapter posted... I feel like spamming. I think I'm going just to announce the final chapter, so not bothering you anymore with all these announcements. :-P

You know where to find the story and you know what the story is about... so go and read it, :).


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No, please announce when you post a new chapter! Otherwise I probably forget to check the website for a new chapter. :-?

I hope to read the chapters soon.

OK, if it's helpeful for you (and maybe for someone else), I'll announce my updates.

I just thought that, since I update weekly (more or less), all these weekly announcements could be perceived like spam :oops: I don't want someone thinks I use this Forum's section in the wrong way (recently I'm updating really frequently, and I don't want to "annoy" people with my stories/new chapters).

Hope you like the chapters you're going to read :-)

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OK, chapter 32 is posted, and we are really close to the end.

WOW. I'm a bit tired, so tiring writing a so long story. UFF.

Anyway, I'm glad the story is coming to an end :innocent:, and I hope you've appreciated my effort.

I hope you're liking it.

THANKS again to everybody's reading my last long story (I don't know if in the future I'll write again something so long... I prefer one-shots :roll:)

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Posted the epilogue.

"There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right." Martin Luther King said so... but I think that uncle Jesse would totally say something like that, due to his sense of justuce, integrity and idealism (or, at least, it is the idea I have of uncle Jesse).

And...in this epilogue, also part of an interview to Frank Serpico. Why Serpico? Well, if you've read the story, you should know it. ;)

I decided to use the meaningful words of some real persons, in this epilogue, in order to give a sense to everything I wrote of, and I hope you don't think of it as presumtuouos. It's just a fanfic about Hazzard and Enos Strate, but, entering the sense of his being a cop, I opened the story to a more wide sense.

"I invent characters. At times I feel as if I am digging up people from the ice in which reality enshrounded them, but, maybe, more than anything else, it is myself that I am digging up." David Grossman

It's my signature, isn't it? So, yeah, in this story there is not only my whole perspective of Hazzard and its characters, but also a lot of myself and my way of thinking of things.

THANKS for reading!!!!!!

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