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Hazzard Halloween Horror


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Luke Duke was driving on back to the Hazzard Fairgrounds after having picked up

some pumpkins for the Annual Hazzard County Halloween Carnival

when a car came out of nowhere and ran Luke off the road he crashed into

a telephone poll the General's windshild was cracked , four flat tires,

and unfortunately Luke was inside the General out like a light from hitting his

head on the windshild and he also had some bruises on his forehead.

Enos who just happened to be on patrol that night happened to be driving by

when he saw the General on the side of the road so he walked on over

and what he saw he couldn't believe his eyes he quickly ran over to his car

and he made a call on over to Tri-County Hospital for an ambulance.

Cue Anyone

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After making the ambulance call Enos leaned on the General's front fender and looked to his patrol car, trying to calm himself down while talking to himself...."Now get ahold of yourself. You're a sworn officer of the law and you have been trained to do the right thing in every emergency situation imaginable."

He stepped over to the General Lee and looked at Luke then whispered to himself "But they sure never told us what to do in a moment like this."

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Enos tried to be brave as he checked to see if Luke had a pulse he felt one then he

checked to see if Luke was breathing he was but it was weak he said a silent prayer

that Luke would try to hang on until the ambulance arrives it better hurry.

Meanwhile the Dukes was wondering what was taking Luke so long in getting back

from picking out the pumpkins Bo was starting to get really worried about his cousin.

" Wonder what is taking Luke so long he shouldv'e been back by now ?". said Bo

" I don't know boy I sure hope he didn't run into any trouble ". said Jesse

The Dukes fear was finally put to rest when Bo heard Enos's voice coming over the CB

so he walked on over to it and he picked it up and asked Enos what he wanted.

" Hey Bo I got some bad news for ya it seems that Luke has gotton into a wreck." Enos

" Oh No how did it happen Enos ?". asked Bo

" Some drunk driver ran him off the road he's in real bad shape but he's alive". said Enos

" Okay thanks for calling Enos I'll give Daisy and Jesse the message". said Bo

15 minutes later the ambulance had showed up once they got Luke out of the General

they had layed him onto the strecher and then wheeled him on over to the ambulance

one of the EMT's had noticed that Luke's breathing was a little shallow so he put an

Oxygen mask over Luke's nose and mouth and then loaded him into the ambulance.

Enos asked one of the EMT's what he thought Luke's condition was the man replied

" look's like a possible Head Injury , Concussion , broken ribs, Comatose.

As Enos watched the Ambulance head on over to the Hospital he prayed for Luke.

Cue Roger Duke

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Enos was sitting in the patrol car praying and gathering his thoughts. Seconds later the ambulance rounded the corner ahead of him, heading off to the hospital. Enos put his car in drive then noticed Daisy's Jeep Dixie approaching in his rear view mirror. He stopped, put his car in drive and waited for them, knowing they hadn't got there quick enough to see the ambulance before it rounded the corner up ahead.

Daisy and Jesse got out and looked over the General Lee. Enos walked over to them. "Um, Uncle Jesse sir....um, Daisy....there's something you should know. There might be a little more to this story than meets the eye."

cue anyone

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  • 3 weeks later...

Uncle Jesse gave Enos a strange look and like Enos wasn't telling him something.

" Enos what do you mean by there's more to this accident that meets the eye".Jesse

" Well you see the reason that drunk driver hit Luke was because he saw a ghost". Enos

" Jesse thanked Enos for letting him know then Jesse and Daisy made it to the hospital.

Meanwhile the Ambulance had just arrived at the hospital and was unloading Luke

and they wasted no time in getting Luke into the ER even though it was packed

Halloween always brought out the crazies and the Hospital was always packed.

The doctor on call walked over to Luke's bed and checked him over very well

he lifted up " Luke's eyelid and shined the light in hoping to get a response but no

so then he put it back down and he told the nurse to write down comatose.

Once Luke was all set up and hooked up to a respirator to help with his breathing

the doctor figured that he would leave Luke alone for now and go on his rounds.

Meanwhile on the other side of town something spooky and scary was going on a ghost

was fixing on haunting the Hazzard County Carnival and it was going to be scary.

" One down I'll make those dukeboys pay for sure". said vilvia Stonehart.

Cue Anyone

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