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California kitchen in Georgia episode?

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Hey all, long time no see :-)

Here's something that I noticed a long time ago, and it's been bugging me ever since but I never asked around : In "Repo Men" (Georgia episode) there are some interior scenes at the Duke farm, that clearly show the "california kitchen".

I haven't found any previous posts about this.

Does any know if this was a set they built in Georgia? If so, it would seem strange they didn't make it look like the "real" Georgia farm kitchen. Or were they already shooting in California when they were filming Repo Men? Or did they re-shoot these scenes later on?

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This is very interesting. In my many years as a Dukes fan (and of the Georgia episodes in particular), I have half-noticed this through the years but never fully questioned it.

However, in "High Octane", part of me has always felt / wondered that the scene(s) in the Boar's Nest look like the Hollywood version of the location. Maybe it was just down to lighting - certainly it was different from the dark, rowdy Boar's Nest seen in the first episode.

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