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Hazzard Net User Anneversary


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I know I haven't been around much in the past few years (computer problems, lack of internet), but I just thought I'd mention, February is the month of my tenth anneversary of being an Hnet member! I believe the exact date is Feb 3 or Feb 4.

At this time I would like to thank Meadowmufn for having such a wonderful site, and thank MaryAnne and Brian Coltrane for the work they do to keep it up and running. I still remember when Brian joined the crew as a moderator LOL.

This brings back memories. I remember when at one time, I was the youngest fanfic writer on the site. I was fifteen when I joined. I took the title of youngest from Chet Duke, who is a month and a half older than I am. Boy oh boy those were the days!

I would also like to appologise for all the social fax paus I have committed over the years, which has resulted in some not so good stuff (sorry Brian, sorry Chet, sorry Bo, and sorry to everyone else. I partly blame it on having a form of autism, but still should have known better).

I would also like to thank all those I have written and role played with, and all those I talked to, as well as all the members I have had no contact with who provide membership to keep this place running.

-Hilery Davenport

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Well Mufn, watching Brian and MaryAnne is better than watching television LOL.

Although... this place has been a little dead compared to what it used to be. I mean, try to start a ruckus, and hardly anyone pays attention to it. I was after all trying to liven this place up a bit on the wanted thread. You have maybe ten regular users who post?

Brian is losing his touch as Lord of the Outlaws. MaryAnne isn't really goofing (and is giving Boss's deputies a good name), she is doing too good a job of keeping the peace, and it looks like you were the last one in the hoosgow. The round robin section is about dead (I haven't posted there because what stories seem to be going were actually going when I disappeared three years ago and am not wading through all those posts). I mean... what happened? I still love the site, don't get me wrong, and I have started posting again, but you know what I'm saying? It is doing nothing to alleviate my bordom.

I don't mean to sound critical. I ain't going anywhere anytime soon, especially if I get another computer, but some of us need to get together and put our heads together to liven this place up a bit. Dukes of Hazzard being shown after midnight probably isn't helping the numbers either. Maybe advertising round robin stories or topics on the hnet page on facebook would help?

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Many of our regular members (and moderators) are having to work a lot more hours and multiple jobs to make ends meet. Some are even out of jobs altogether and looking for work. I know some are going through medical issues as well. That means less time and energy for play on the forums. There are also cyclical lulls and booms in terms of activity on the forums. Members sometimes take a break, like you did, though usually not for more than 3 years. Plus, a lot of conversation is taking place on Facebook instead of HazzardNet.

There is plenty going on in the forums, but it's not at all hours of the day. We have much more than 10 regular users. If you're bored, why don't you take up a hobby?

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Awright, this thread started out sounding like a compliment, and then it turned into somethin' like..."*YAWN* nothing going on, whassamatter with you guys?"

HNet speaks to a lot of different interests in the Dukes world. Yours is primarily fanfic. Hate to say it, but with the advent of YouTube, people aren't writing as much as they're posting videos nowadays. That said, we still have people writing fanfic, and I'm sure they would love to have you read their stories and give feedback.

Myself, I'm behind on the monthly(quarterly?) newsletter, along with about 3 other HNet related projects. I'd love to have more time to sling pies at MaryAnne, and we manage to trade a few barbs back and forth (all in fun) but our first, collective priority is serving our users and members. All of them. To the best degree possibe.

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I didn't realize you guys were so far behind or all that was going on! I am so sorry. I guess I posted that because I was cranky, and I hate to say it, but I need to learn not to post when the doctors have me on narcotics. I didn't mean to offend anyone. I know there are lulls in posting and such... now I feel bad. I am so sorry. The doctors have me on dilauded for pain due to the swelling... and the benadryl they are giving me isn't helping any.

I know I shouldn't have posted that, but when I am on that medication, there aren't as many inhibitions and I just aint thinking straight. I am so so sorry!

Brian, you and MaryAnne are the best moderator's a person can ask for, and the best form of entertainment. I am so sorry for offending you guys! N Brian, you post the best youtube videos.

I cannot believe i posted that complaint! It is just what I was feeling at the time but I don't feel that way now, and feel bad about it. If you want to throw me in the hoosgow for a while I understand. :-(

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Congrats on your 10 year anniversary. That is awesome and goes to show how loyal someone is to HazzardNet.

I am glad you are back and have enjoyed your writings. I hope you partake in them again.

As far as Facebook, I "liked" HazzardNet on there and follow it. Glad they post the clips and blurbs. BUT as far as using Facebook as a forum , I don't think so. I always come here. I feel this is the Dukes world and where the comments and all should be. Don't get me wrong I like facebook but I LOVE HazzardNet. I don't care (well maybe a little) that there is 10 regular posters, they are the ones who "discovered" H-net and want to be here. Hopefully facebook fans will mosey on over to these parts to see what HazzardNet is all about.

I'm gone


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As far as I'm concerned, HNet is the place to be too (and I'd say that even if it wasn't mine and I just happened upon it while online). Facebook is just one of the ways we connect with other fans and share the greatness that is Dukes of Hazzard, and yes, we encourage them to mosey on over here and join us because there's so much more stuff over here for them to see and do.

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It seems the FB audience is more passive. There's exceptions of course, but I've noticed that people who participate in the Forums here (and other sites) are Duke fans at a deeper level. Either they've been fans longer, or already know more about the show, ect.

Having had a chance to analyize facebook, I realize that the success in it follows exactly what we've seen on for Forums for years:

1) there will always be more people willing to read, than there are those who are willing to talk

2) facebook makes it very, very, easy to receive comments and opinions and info, without feeling like you have to stick your neck out and participate.

3) yet those who like to yap have an unlimited amount of people they can reach because passive users can "share" a remark without saying a word of their own.

So it makes it a little tougher for the ol' fashioned Forums here, in some respects. Though the way FB moves at the speed of light, it's impossible to get an in-depth conversation going about anything. It's quick hits and on to the next thing.

Another drag on the Forums is the fact we have to put a lot of energy and resources into protecting it from spammers, porn peddlers, abusive users, and the like. So there's a barrier to entry, so to speak. Users have to register, and right there some people don't wanna go any further. But we've always felt that it's better to have fewer people in the sandbox than to let in bad eggs that would ruin the place quickly.

We're lucky to have such good people on HazzardNet here. I think we've had to ban, what...1 person in the last two years or something. Mufn usually throws the axe so she would know more on that point.

All said, HazzardNet's home site remains here to stay. We'll also keep up with the times and offer stuff on Facebook and Twitter and YouTube. Preserving and promoting the Dukes of Hazzard comes down to sharing it through whatever venue people choose to employ.

Lemme just add....Yeeehaaaa!

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