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Hazzard Homecoming 2011 experience


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OK so I made it down from NJ to VA with my buddy John, My son Aaron & myself as well as my General Lee!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yee-Haw what a blast.

Just a few words and AS ALWAYS WITH ME PIX!!! to let you know what fun we had!

I gave my buddy John a complete 69 Charger door painted & stickered up as a surprise gift for his helping me with putting my General Lee back together. He brought it to Hazzard Homecoming to get it signed and if you buy/bought the DVD of the event (as we did) you will see it was a great idea to bring the door because..............

He was interviewed and mentions the story about how he got it and also My son & I are shown sitting on the ground behind it being silly waiting in line to get it signed and then my son is show in my now signed Daisy Duke confederate chair in the kids & dogs section!!!!!

Hotel was not to far, met up with a NJ/PA crowd and spent time in our "tent city" complete with Boars Nest sing! Lots to do, Hot, lines were not to bad, Hot, Need more food vendors for SURE!, Hot, and well thinking about doing it again!





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I don't know if we'll be able to make it this year but we'd like to. As for the cars there WQW!!! There was the Daisy RR, Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am, a Boss Hogg Caddy, Generals, Cop Cars, 01 Busses yes there were 2!! Oh and I have to post pix of the Buford T Justice cop car wig the roof torn off and door (evidence) in the backseat!!!!!

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Just a quick update, registration for Hazzard County cars is underway for the 2012 Hazzard Homecoming. Ol' Cooter ( Ben Jones ) is looking for General Lees, Jeeps, Plymouth Road Runners, Uncle Jesse Pickup Trucks, or whatever ya got that goes with the show.

If you can't figure out how to register your vehicle online (and I couldn't) then call up his Nashville office at #615-872-8358 for details. Usually those bringing a car for display get free admission to the event. Perks are always subject to change, so ask any questions right up front.

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Update: the Hazzard Homecoming registration/ticket page has been updated at CootersPlace, so those of y'all with Hazzard County vee-hicles can register online. Basically if you bring a General Lee or other recognizable Dukes of Hazzard show car, you get 2 free passes. But you gotta register in advance, and then check-in at the gate during the event.

For everybody else, early bird tickets are on sale through March 31. No confirmation yet as to who is going to be there. The big announcements will probably be made after March 31. So if you think you're gonna go to Hazzard Homecoming, you might as well get your tickets soon, while they're cheap!

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Another update for ya. Hazzard Homecoming 2012, produced by Ben "Cooter" Jones and the lovely Miss Alma, has confirmed the following cast members in attendance:

Rosco - Jimmie Best

Enos - Sonny Shroyer

Cletus- Rick Hurst

Daisy - Catherine Bach

*** *** ***

Will "Bo and Luke" be there? They've been invited, but have not yet confirmed their participation.

Remember that discounted tickets are only avail through the end of March! Get 'em at Cootersplace.com .

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Don't forget, if you want the EARLY BIRD TICKET DISCOUNT for Hazzard Homecoming, you need to BUY NOW! Per Ben's site the early bird discount ticket price ENDS in 13 hours! One day pass is $15, Two-day pass is $20, plus each ticket has a couple bucks transaction fee. Go to CootersPlace.com for more info.

Just found out that the price goes up by $5.00 tomorrow. Not a heart attack, but five bucks is five bucks.

And in keeping with our policy of promoting ALL things Dukes of Hazzard, lemme remind ya that "Hazzard Comes to Galax" has an admission fee of $10, (kids $5) and that shindig is one-day only on June 2nd. If you missed our last newsletter (shame, shame...) you can check out this other shindig at the link here. Galax is including a stunt show by the Northeast Ohio Dukes. Whereas "Homecoming" does not have stunts planned for this year's event, thus far.

Note that Hazzard Homecoming is organized and promoted and owned by Dukes of Hazzard cast member Ben Jones.

Hazzard Comes to Galax has been organized and promoted by a couple of Dukes fans/local business owners and their event has quickly snowballed from a meet n' greet with Jimmie and Sonny a year ago, to the full-scale blowout they're putting on this summer.

HazzardNet is neutral in all this - we suggest ya go to both events!

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