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The Story of Us


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The Story of Us explores the history of Enos and Daisy from age 10 to the beginning of the series. It is mainly from Enos' POV, though many parts are from Daisy's POV, and delves into events from his childhood that shaped not only the people they came to be, but their relationship as well.

The Story of Us is also the back-story for the novella, Beneath a Hazzard Moon, but both can be read as stand-alone stories.

The Story of Us can be found here.

Subsequent updates will be posted to this thread.

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The next part of this story is now up! I decided the chapters were looking a little cluttered, so I named them all instead of just putting "Part so and so".

I know I'm not done with "Before the Dawn", but there were some things I wanted to allude to in the last part of it that you wouldn't know unless you've read this next part of "The Story of Us" and I figured that might be a problem since I hadn't actually written it yet, lol.

For lack of a better name, part VI is "Love and Other Misfortunes" and will have 2 chapters.

Part VI, Chapter 1 (Love and Other Misfortunes, Part 1) ---> Link HERE

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