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Lincoln Lawyer

Garrett Duke

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Has anyone seen the previews of this move yet? I watched a preview of it online last night and saw one for the first time today on TV. :) Looks action packed and exciting. The only actor I know is Matthew McConaughey as the lead guy - Defense lawyer, Micky Haller. It will be coming out on theatres starting March 18th.

(Does s how a suggestive scene in just to warn y'all...it's rated R I think.)

The movie does look action packed and exciting, but the main reason I am excited is that the movie is taken from the book Lincoln Lawyer that is wrote by one of my favorite authors: Michael Connelly. I've read all of his books and I have read Lincoln Lawyer to know that it'll be a great movie. (Michael Connelly says the movie captures the book and that they did a great job with it. I saw a Youtube video of him talking about it and he was all positive about the movie...)

I am really excited to see one of Connelly's awesome books being put on the 'big screen' and am looking forward to seeing it. :)

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Well I finally got to go see Lincoln Lawyer tonight and it was as great as the previews had shown and as great as the book! Matthew McConaughey was great as the defense lawyer, Mickey Haller. A lot of action and a lot of twist and turns.

Being the big Country music fan that I am, I was surprised to see that TRACE ADKINS was in the movie and hadn't known before hand. I didn't even recognize him in the previews. He has a small parts and is only in there a couple of times, but it was great to see Trace in it. He plays the leader type person of a motorcycle gang.

I had read the book by Michael Connelly that the movie was made after a while ago, when the book first came out, so don't remember it all that well. Would love to go back and reread it and compare the two together, but by what Connelly says, the movie pretty much followed the book.

Anyway, I thought it was a great movie and is a movie I would love to see again once it comes out on DVD. :)

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