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Prefer Georgia over California Locations

Gray Rider

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I know the Dukes was only shot for 5 episodes in Georgia and the rest of the time in California, but the first 5 episodes were the best to me. I like the rural Georgia country roads. They were asphalt roads leading into the town of Hazzard but when they changed locations to California, the roads became dirt for some reason. It just seemed more real to me when they were filming in Georgia. I also hate the special effects of the last couple of years of the show. Some of the jumps were just to fake and you could tell it. With the updated technology now, it may look better but not back then. I also preferred Daisy in her jean Daisy Dukes instead of those outfits she ended up with. I did like the Confederate Uniform version of her Daisy Dukes. I did like the story lines but wished they could have done them in Conyers and Covington. Just a thought.

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I agree completely Gray Rider. Even though NW Pennsylvania (where I live) is a long ways from northern Georgia, the landscape looked the same as my small town and that's why I loved those episodes so much.....especially the woods at the still site on "High Octane". It would have been awesome if all 7 years were filmed in Dixie

Oh well, I guess we should be thankful we had 5 episodes.

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They actually changed their clothes lol

Apparently, Daisy was the only one allowed to have multiple outfits in her closet. :rofl: The boys were stuck wearing the same outfit for years at a time. Though they did get some new duds for Christmas but they never wore them again. Maybe they found a good deal on yellow shirts and blue flannel? ;)

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