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Uncle Jesse's Pickup


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It's hardly surprising that Uncle Jesse had trouble finding his mortgage money each month, he changed his truck nearly as often as Rosco changed patrol car.

In the Georgia episodes he drove a '68 Stepside with the red Ford lettering clearly visible on the tailgate. After that he drove a variety of F100s, F150s and even F250s (so I've read elsewhere), some with short beds, some with long, and with varying amounts of dirt. Bo, Luke and Daisy's desire for driving clean vehicles never seem to extend to Jesse's truck. Other trim pieces like mirrors and hub caps also appear/disappear randomly.

I've decided to go for the long-bed version of the 1973 F100:



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Thanks Hoss!!!

I love Jesse's truck. When I get older I'm going to get a replica of it.

After I get 20 years older, get a few inches taller, gain a lot of weight and my beard and hair turn white I'll be just like my hero.

(Actually getting taller might be a little tough. At 5'9" I'll never be as tall as Jesse but I can accomplish the other things....Good Lord willing)

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