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Dukes of Hazzard "doodle"


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Hoss's General Lee artwork (which I think looks really good) reminded me of something I did on an old fanfic folder years ago (like 14 years ago...).

Keep in mind y'all, I can't draw. What I ended up doing was tracing the two cars you see in the picture. What I can't remember tho' is what image I traced them from.


The folder had started with the just the Confederate flag and the 01 box on it. Then I drew the crossed racing flags. Then I realized the rebel flag looked out of place so I started drawing the General around it. Then I had all that room on the back of the folder and thought, "I need Rosco's patrol car!"

And thus, some cheesy fan art was born. Sure spruced up an otherwise plain white folder tho'. Khee!

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