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Registrations from Hotmail email accounts


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Please be aware that HazzardNet currently does not allow new user registrations from Hotmail email addresses. Unfortuantely, this is due to spamming of our forums from Hotmail accounts which was excessive enough that we had to ban ALL Hotmail email addresses.

This policy has been in place for awhile now but we have had numerous folks who have tried to sign up at our forums lately who have been unable to because of the Hotmail email address.

We apologize for the inconvenience and encourage users to set up email accounts at such places as Yahoo, Gmail, ect.

Thank you.

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If, like me, you have had a Hotmail account for years, and you don't want to change it just to sign up, do what I did.

Sign up to another free email service (I used Gmail) and set up the new account to forward incoming mail to your Hotmail account. Any mail sent to the new account then appears in your inbox in Hotmail as if it was sent directly. It should take about 10 minutes to set up. Just remember to check the terms of the email provider - you may need to log in to the new account once a month to show it's being used.

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