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I'm not sure if anyone has heard this yet but David Carradine past away some time late last night/ early this morning. It deeply sadden me that lost a great actor. I loved watching him play Kwai Chang Caine, in Kung Fu and

"Kung Fu: The Legend Continues. He will truely be missed!!

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Yes I remember watching 'Kung Fu: The Legend continues' when I was a kid. I also have Kill Bill 1 & 2 on DVD and watch those movies often. He was such a 'bad-apple' in Kill Bill as Bill. You wanted to love him but hate him at the same time! He delivered his lines with such conviction and poise. Plus the action was awesome. I was really saddened when I found out he passed on.

I loved the moment when Bill compares 'B' to Superman in Kill Bill 2. His monologue was awesome. Plus when he was sitting there getting drunk right before the sword fight, excellent lines, and who could forget, 'Do you find me sadistic? You know Kiddo, right now is me at my most masochistic moment.'

Man do I love those movies! So thought provoking and bone chilling at the same time.

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