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Just Another Day In Hazzard

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Rosco held Shay in one arm and took his hat off with his other hand as he stared down at Boss. *Heart attack* Rosco thought. *My God he's having a heart attack!* The Sheriff didn't seem to look too healthy himself, dreading maybe he had pushed the envelope too far with his threat of quiting and had gotten Boss too stressed over it. Numb with shock and guilt, Rosco watched as Chance worked quickly to loosen Boss's vest, bow tie and shirt collar and then place a stethascope to Boss's chest and listened for the heart beat that was irratic.

MaryAnne came out of nowhere and up beside her cousin. "What happened?" she asked.

"I ain't sure," Rosco said quietly. "I think he's having a heart attack..."

MaryAnne looked at Rosco. "Oh my Lord..." She looked down at Boss and then gently tugging on Rosco shirt sleeve. "Let's give Chance some room here, Rosco...." Slowly the Sheriff stepped back, not taking his eyes off Boss lying there and then finally looking at MaryAnne. He said nothing but a silent prayer to himself for Boss...

A crowd had started to gather around once Luke came back to say the ambulance was on the way. Instinctively MaryAnne politely asked folks to step back and Luke did the same thing, giving Chance and Kristy room to work.

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It was the ulimate irony, here Chance was, one of the finer surgeons in Atlanta. But with the proper equipment or drugs, She could only perform basic CPR to keep Boss's heart going until the ambulance arrived. As long the heart was in Vfib, attempting a weak, albeit an erratic one, but if it went into asystole, stopped completely, it was be over.

Handing over her stethoscope to Kristy so she could monitor the pulse, Chance placed her hands on Boss's chest and began compressions. It was now a race against time to keep his heart going until help could reach them.

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Chance never broke stride. She had fully kicked into gear, this is what she was trained to do and do well. She barely reacted when the paramedic rushed up to put on an oxygen mask and hooked the Boss on a portable EKG. The sound of rapid, erratic beating that came through wasn't encouraging, but at least his heart had not stopped yet. She barked orders as if the Boar's Nest parking lot was the ER. An injection of lidocaine to stablize the heart, one of morphine for the chest pain. Both of which the paremedic obeyed without question. To her, it could have been. She focused on the man in front of her alone and shut down everything else, the crowd of people, the fact she had just lost her business...that was all unimportant right now. It was a kind of intense focus that made her damned good at her job.

But would it be good enough to save Hogg's life?

Chance checked his heart with her stethoscope, it was still going wildly but less so. But now they had another problem. And Chance's stomach clenched as soon as the paramedic said the words. "Blood pressure is dropping rapidly....68..66..."

Hogg's heart beat wasn't slowing because of the medicine, it was slowing because the heart was starting to give in. Two seconds later she heard the fatal, flat beep of a heart gone completly still.

Chance heard her own voice issueing another command. "Alirght, we have no choice, We have to shock him."

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"No...no," Kristy silently mutters aloud in disbelief as she slowly takes a step back. Fear and dread races within her petite body as she stares blankly at Hogg's fallen and still body upon the dusty dirt ground. Staring at her boss lying helplessly upon the ground, Chance's words seem to chant within her, feeding upon the dreadful thoughts that rush within.

"C-can I help with anything?" Kristy slowly speaks up while her attention remains upon Boss's still body and Kristy slowly glances over her shoulder in search of her children. Seeing the kids nestled within the protective arms of the sheriff and of Garrett, her mind slowly comes to the events that had led to here. The race. Dread and regret fill her numb body once again as she turns around to face Boss's small and round figure lying upon the dusty ground; his white suit is now partially covered in the dusty dirt.

Watching the town's doctor working upon the commissioner, Kristy's mind runs through the past of all that Hogg has done to her family, to Hazzard. Despite the differences between the law and the Dukes, Kristy had always enjoyed working for Boss, even through the challenges it had brought. She may not have agreed with his tactics and grew upset at some of his greedy schemes, she felt that somewhere within that white suit was a man that deeply cared in one way or another. If only he had chosen the right side of life and not turned to greed. . .

(cue anyone)

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"No...no," Kristy silently mutters aloud in disbelief as she slowly takes a step back. Fear and dread races within her petite body as she stares blankly at Hogg's fallen and still body upon the dusty dirt ground. Staring at her boss lying helplessly upon the ground, Chance's words seem to chant within her, feeding upon the dreadful thoughts that rush within.

"C-can I help with anything?" Kristy slowly speaks up while her attention remains upon Boss's still body and Kristy slowly glances over her shoulder in search of her children. Seeing the kids nestled within the protective arms of the sheriff and of Garrett, her mind slowly comes to the events that had led to here. The race. Dread and regret fill her numb body once again as she turns around to face Boss's small and round figure lying upon the dusty ground; his white suit is now partially covered in the dusty dirt.

Watching the town's doctor working upon the commissioner, Kristy's mind runs through the past of all that Hogg has done to her family, to Hazzard. Despite the differences between the law and the Dukes, Kristy had always enjoyed working for Boss, even through the challenges it had brought. She may not have agreed with his tactics and grew upset at some of his greedy schemes, she felt that somewhere within that white suit was a man that deeply cared in one way or another. If only he had chosen the right side of life and not turned to greed. . .

(cue anyone)

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It was a usual and all too common for someone having a heart attack, but its different when it is someone you know laying in front of you, with his life in your hands and his friends and family standing around you, trusting you with that precious life.

And that life was quickly ticking away from Boss Hogg. The paramedics couldn't even risk moving them until his heartbeat was at the very least back in existence. Just moving him at this point could be the final blow. So Hogg would have to be shocked right there on the ground.

One paramedic kept the oxygen going, another ran for the small case containing the defibillators. Chance taped the small leads to Boss's body. The actions were automatic, but emotions were running high. Seconds ticked by, each one counting down the end of a life.

Then the moment came when Chance placed the paddles on Boss's chest and heard herself shout. "Clear!" His body jerked once as the electricity rammed into his body, jumpstarting the frozen heart. Chance glanced at the paramedic, who shook his head and increased the voltage.

Too much time had gone by, they were losing. Gritting her teeth, she applied the pad once more. "You are NOT ruining my perfect record in Hazzard, Boss. CLEAR!" Again, the paddles, jolted him. But this time, the paramedic spoke before Chance could say another word.

"I have a pulse."

Four simple words, yet they meant a change in fate. Chance didn't let herself be relieved, not yet. Even as the paramedics were lifting Hogg into the ambulance "Ok, get him to Tricounty, tell them I want an open cardiac OR stat. I'm coming with you."

As Chance climbed into the back of the ambulance, Rosco stopped the door from closing. "Does he have a chance, Doc?"

Looking into his distressed and worried face, the young surgeon offered a reassuring smile. "When they're MY patient, Rosco, they always have a 'Chance'." With those words, she pulled the door shut as the ambulance pulled away, leaving the residents of Hazzard in a clould of dust.

(Cue anyone, otherwise scene jump to the hospital)

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Rosco stood watching the ambulance until it disappeared down the road. Shay seemed to detect his unease and tension and was soon squirming to be released from the Sheriff's hold. Rosco looked at the child apologetically and turned to find MaryAnne. She came up to her cousin and he handed Shay off to her.

"I'm gonna follow. Make sure everything's under control here..." he said.

MaryAnne could only nod. Rosco took off for his patrol car and the Plymouth was soon spitting dirt and dust as it took off in the same direction as the ambulance.

MaryAnne didn't know it, but Rosco was feeling directly responsible. And if some reason Boss didn't make it, Rosco would never forgive himself...

MaryAnne turned to Kristy. "If you wanna go on ahead, I'll stay here and watch the kids with Garrett. Chance might need your help..."

(cue Kristy)

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Disbelief continues to pour through Kristy as thoughts of the day's events continue to rush through her; from the race to standing here with MaryAnn. Who would have guessed Boss would go down at his own race? After all that he has done to control who will race where and who should win. If he hadn't been so careless with the town's medical assistance, perhaps he'd have a better chance of survival.

"Mommy," Jamie whines as she moves away from the deputy's side to tug on Kristy's hand to pull her back to MaryAnn's offer, "what's going on?"

"I'll tell you later sweetie," she forces a smile for her four year old daughter as she spots Garrett handing his helmet over to Cooter behind Mary Ann's shoulder. "That is a very kind offer, MaryAnn," she directs her attention back to the deputy, "I think I will take you up on that offer. Garrett is right back there if you need any help...Thank-you so much!"

After a brief moment of explanation to her kids Kristy quickly hurries off towards Silver Bullet to attempt to meet up with Chance and Boss at the hospital.

(Cue anyone)

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It was nearly five hours later when Chance saw them again, through the double doors separating the waiting room and surgical ward of Tricounty hospital. Not just Rosco, Lulu and MaryAnne, but also Bo and Luke, the rest of the Dukes, and even Enos. Part of Chance was surprised so many would be waiting word of a man who had done so much to make their lives difficult. But it was a very small part, the concern and lasting loyalties of Hazzard has already proved itself to the young doctor many times even in the short time she has made Hazzard her home. Hazzardites banded together in time of need, no matter the circumstance. It was simply a fact of country life.

A life she had wagered and lost, Chance remembered with a pang. The fact that Hogg ended up in her care didn’t change the fact that she lost the office in the race. And she would keep her promise. At least her last act as Hazzard’s only doctor would be to save a life.

She pushed her way through the doors. At first no one looked up. She couldn’t blame them. They were used to the jeans and t-shirt of Doc Walker, country sawbones…standing before them was Dr. Walker, the surgeon, someone they rarely saw, dressed from head to one in the unfamiliar surgical scrubs, from the bandana-style cap covering her blonde hair to the mask stilling handing around her neck to the tennis shoes replacing her usual motorcycle boots.

Chance pushed back the cap, pulling out her blonde hair. The motion caught Rosco’s attention, and he finally noticed her arrival. Silently he touches Lulu’s arm, getting her attention. By then everyone in the room was gazing expectantly at her and Chance found herself looking back into the worried faces of her friends. But she forced herself to focus on the Lulu, the immediate family, as she was trained to do. Anything else and her emotion would control and she wouldn’t be able to stay steady as she gave the news...

“Mrs. Hogg, your husband is going to pull through. It was a close call and he’s going to need some additional surgery, but his condition has been stabilized.â€

She didn’t include how narrow a margin it had been. Distraught families would usually spared the details of an OR rescue, esp. one as potentially bloody as an emergency open heart surgery. But the important fact is a life had been saved and Chance let them rejoice that before continuing.

(cue anyone)

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(cowritten with MaryAnne. Thanks deputy for helping me get this finished finally)

There was a collective sense of relief amongst the Hazzard folks gathered. MaryAnne looked at Rosco with a smile and saw her cousin looked as though a burden had been lifted. Lulu was simply overjoyed.

"Oh thank heaven!" she cried. "My little appletart is going to be okay!"

"That is good news, good news," Rosco added.

They all looked at Chance, knowing she had more to say.

It was one of the better moments in being a doctor, being able to give good news to the family. One of the rare moments that made Chance’s career worth while, when it could have so easily gone the other way. She had to stop herself some grinning at the joy and relief the members of Hazzard were showing for one of their own, her own troubles temporarily forgotten. She cleared her throat, getting Lulu’s attention and back to business. “He’s going to need a couple follow-up surgeries to completely clear the blocked arteries, and he’ll need to go on a strict diet. One he needs to keep this time.†The young doctor’s tone was completely serious. One heart attack had been bad enough, there would have to be major life style changes to avoid a second.

"Diet?" Rosco said. "Khee, you know how many times he's tried to diet--" He was stopped by a nudge from MaryAnne.

"He may stick to one this time," she said, "as I'm sure this experience will shake him up a bit."

"I'll make sure JD sticks to a diet this time," Lulu said.

"Boss was lucky you were here, Chance," Bo said. "Otherwise we might not be having this conversation."

“Which is why I’m really stressing how important it is he sticks to it. I won’t lie to you, all of you. We got lucky this time. We had a good doctor nearby at a critical moment.â€

*That may not be the case next time.* Chance thought privately, remembering her wager. She would still keep it, she always kept her promises, no matter how much it would hurt. Outwardly she smiled and exchanged a couple more handshakes and thank you from the gathered folk, assured them that they could visit Boss as soon as he woke up from surgery, one at a time. Then she turned and headed back into the OR suite to check on her patient herself. After all, she had a job to do and responsibility while he was still under her care, for however short a time that may be.

Out in the waiting area, everyone had drifted back to their seats. "Boss was damn lucky," Luke said.

"I'm so grateful that Chance is our doctor in Hazzard now..." Lulu said.

Rosco, MaryAnne and the Dukes all exchanged looks. They all knew of the bet that had been placed on the race earlier that afternoon involving Chance's practice, but Lulu didn't. MaryAnne shook her head to each of them however, not wanting them to say anything that might upset Lulu.

Besides, MaryAnne was banking on the possibility that Boss could change his mind.


A few days later, Chance came out on her porch, as she usually did. But instead of sitting and sipping a cup of coffee, Chance put a “closed†sign on the front door. The clinic she would miss, even in the short time it was hers. Rarely Doc had had something that she could have called hers. She had not even had time to order a sign with her name on it, simply the plaque of “Hazzard County Medical Offices†hung near the door. She would miss the people too, patients and employees. She had given Nurse Caine and Kristy Duke excellent references, any pay she owed plus some extra. It had taken a few days to get everything set to sign the clinic over to Boss Hogg, not that she had seen much of him, other than a couple of appointment to secure his medications and diet. He looked tired and a bit pale, but amazingly good considering how close he had come to death. Chance had avoided seeing the Dukes, still unsure why they had helped her only to put Garrett in the race to beat her. But the deal was done and she didn’t want to leave any bad blood behind. Touching the sign briefly, she turned only to see MaryAnne approaching.

MaryAnne stopped at the bottom of the stairs and gave a gentle smile to Doc. "Kinda soon to be puttin' the sign up ain't it?"

“Sooner than I would have thought, deputy. But come tomorrow morning, the office hours won’t be mine to choose anymore.†Chance joined MaryAnne at the bottom of the steps, but looked at the street. “I’m gonna miss Hazzard, first place that really felt like home.â€

MaryAnne turned to Chance. "Hazzard will always be a home for you. And....I think those office hours are still going to be yours to choose."

Chance snorted softly. "I don't see how, even if Boss wouldn't take the clinic, I don't have the funds to keep it running. I may take foods or favors in barter, but drug and medical supply companies don't."

MaryAnne nodded. "Yeah, that's true. Weren't you trying for some grants?"

"Tried and failed, most grants require some sort of regional or corporate support, otherwise every two bit sawbones would be trying to run an office for free..." Chance chuckled, albeit a little harshly. "..Including this one. Besides, I made a wager and lost. What good would my word be if I went back on it now?"

MaryAnne chuckled. "Well, there's worse things you could do besides go back on your word. But I understand the honor. Still, I think you have a chance...." MaryAnne smiled and glanced back at the building, "...with this clinic. Don't fold your cards quite yet. You might still have an ace in the hole."

"Boss Hogg would not only have to NOT sign the transfer of title papers, but also agree to make me a referral for state grants. What is the chance, small 'c', of that happening?"

MaryAnne paused, holding back a smile. "Probably pretty damn good now." She chuckled. "Chance, why don't you ask him?"

Pride maybe? She didn't want to go to him begging to let her keep her business and home. But the idea of not leaving Hazzard was too much of a temptation. But Boss Hogg wasn't known for his charity. "MaryAnne, if Boss Hogg lets me keep the clinic AND gets me those grants, I'll pay an entire round at the Boar's Nest tonight."

MaryAnne grinned. "You're on."


Chance had never been inside the Hogg residence. So she was a bit surprised by the tidiness and the feminine decorating undoubtedly chosen by Lulu. She had always figured it would be much like his office at the Boar's Nest or the Sheriff's office. When Chance entered it, lead by MaryAnne, she was nervous and still not quite sure this would work. Boss had all the cards and chips, and didn't owe the young surgeon one damn thing. Chance never even considered forcing him because of her rescue, that was part and parcel of being a doctor, to perform medical treatment when needed on whoever needed it, regardless of the circumstances. There was no way she was going to hold that over Boss's head to guilt him with that. It was part of her oath.

The deputy and doctor found the Boss in one of the rooms on the first floor, converted to by a temporarily living quarters, since stairs would be out of the question for a couple more weeks at least or until his surgeries were over and his heart considered stable.

Boss was sitting up in a chair, reading the financial section of the Atlanta newspaper. He looked up at his two visitors. "Oh," he smiled. "Hello, MaryAnne, Chance." He closed his newspaper and folded it up, placing it aside.

"Howdy, Boss," MaryAnne said. She glanced at Chance and then looked at Boss. "Chance here has something she'd like to ask ya..."

Chance sat down, but looked a little bit uncomfortable, fidgeting with her hands. Well, might as well come out a say it, better than know than not. Taking a deep breath, she leveled her eyes at Boss. "I have all the papers for transferring my property to you, as per our agreement but..." She hesitated. "..I was wondering if you might reconsider. I would like to stay on in Hazzard."

Boss looked at Chance for a moment, holding back a smile. "Chance...I was gonna ask you if you would reconsider staying." He paused. "You saved my life. More than that I've realized...Hazzard needs a doctor like you. Making you put your entire practice up in that bike race just because I...." Boss drifted off on his explanation. "Well, let's just say that in light of recent events, it seems foolish now."

The young doctor could only wing an eyebrow at this, completely stunned. This did not seem like the same man she made the bet with. But was she going to argue. Hell, no. She was beyond grateful, but this was only half the dilemma. Clearing her throat, she continued. “Thank you, Boss. You don’t know what this means to me, but it’s not just a matter of staying in Hazzard. I need grants to maintain and upgrade the equipment in the clinic, which is in all honesty, almost as old as I am.â€

"You're going to get 'em!" Boss said. "As Commissioner of the Health Department of Hazzard County I'm gonna see to it you get those grants. Yes sir, the Hazzard Clinic is going to have all the updated equipment you need and whatever else you require. No way am I going to risk something like this happening again, to anybody in this county, with you not here."

There was no other word for it, Chance’s jaw just dropped. The man she had seen has her rival had just given everything she wanted …and more, with no profit for himself. She has underestimated the loyalty citizens of Hazzard had for their own. Recovering herself, the young doctor glanced at MaryAnne with a weak grin. “I think I owe half of Hazzard County a beer tonight.â€

MaryAnne laughed.

Boss knew his change of heart surprised the doctor and he only smiled. He had his reasons. He owed the young woman his life. Besides....if he was planning on being around Hazzard for the next ten, twenty, thirty years...he was going to need one hell of a doctor to see to it.

And Hazzard had one in Chance Walker.

To bring things back to something more normal, Boss looked at MaryAnne. "Don't let her run up an outrageous bar tab at the Boar's Nest!"

"Khee! I'll make sure she pays, Boss." MaryAnne looked at Chance and grinned.


As promised, Chance picked up the tab for a round the next night at the Boar’s Nest. She wouldn’t have minded, considering the occasion. Even when word got out on the Hazzard Net about Chance’s continues presence in Hazzard and the free beer, literally half of Hazzard DID show up. So business was brisk, but Chance really couldn’t care. She was in Hazzard to stay, and that’s was all that mattered.

Sitting at the bar, Chance was listening to the Duke boys the story of the race. But she thoughts wavered. As much as she enjoyed Luke’s company, since the race she was beginning to see they were like fire and ice, flannel and leather, city and country. Luke needed some sweet little maid he could take home to Jesse and the farm, instead a motorcycle riding hellcat. Chance needed someone who could challenge her, on every level, a match, an equal. And as attractive as Luke was, it just wasn’t…there. Even now, Luke was boasting how HE taught Chance to race. Shaking her head ruefully, Chance conceited that this pairing just wasn’t meant to be.

But…not to leave and not have the last word, the young doctor simply smiled sweetly at Luke when he got to the part of her wreck.

Luke, used to this sort of treatment, didn’t hear the warning bells at should be been blaring in his head with that grin coming with this woman. “Well, I did tell the race was dangerous. You crashed; you could have been hurt, playing with the big boys like that.â€

Big boys? Ha! There it was, the opening Chance was looking for. “You think you’re hot stuff, don’t ya?â€

Luke shrugged and turned to grin and Bo, giving Chance the opportunity to grab her beer and pour it over a very surprised Duke’s head. “Well, cool off!â€

Amidst the howls and cheers, mostly from the females of Hazzard who had also fallen for the Duke charm, Luke at least had the decency to look contrite. Chance simply stuck out her hand and grinned. “Friends?â€

Sighing and wiping some suds off his face, Luke took her hand and shook it, with just a bit of regret in his eyes. Chance knew he had come to the same conclusion she had. “Friends. I hope whoever you find who what he’s gotten himself into.â€

Laughing, Chance gathered up her jacket and helmet, and paid the tab plus a generous tip. “That’s half the fun! See you around, plowboy.â€

With that, Chance left the Boar’s Nest and the Duke to their own devices. She stood by her bike, pulling on her gloves and breathing in the night air, happier than she had been in a long time. A new life was ahead of her, and there was no telling what was going to happean next.

She straddled the red racing cycle, already repaired from the wreck and had almost pulled on her helmet when she was suddenly caught in the headlights on a car pulling into the Boar’s Nest. She squinted, unable to see the unfamiliar car at first, then she understood why. It was a black as night, only the chrome giving a hint of color and no hint of the driver. For a moment, Chance stood perfectly still, like a deer caught. Although she couldn’t understand why…but she waited.

(There's your cue, you know who you are. :wink: )

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The long black car made a slow circuit around the parking lot before finding a spot next to the General Lee. Deliberately, the black Chevy parked it's passenger side close to the orange Charger, giving anyone climbing into the General's driver side a tough time of it.

The Chevy's driver stepped out, pleased with his early mischief. Any free beer night at the Boar's Nest meant free fights, and Brian had showed up late on purpose. The Duke's relfexes ought to be just a little slower by now, whereas Brian himself was cold sober. He walked towards the Boar's Nest entrance, shoulders squared and spine straight, anticipating an evening's rowdy entertainment.

But he forgot all about the free beer, the Dukes, and anything else, with one glance at the red motorcycle and the wild-looking blonde woman who straddled it. She was tall, lithe-bodied, wearing riding leathers and holding a motorcycle helmet. And Lord help him, her elegant face was turned in his direction, a sensuous hello-who-are-you smile curving her red-tinted lips.

Brian walked towards her, compelled, fascinated by the sight of those long legs holding up the motorcycle. He kept his approach easy, casual, his leather jacket hanging open at the shoulders. He avoided reaching up to brush back the tuft of brown hair that always hung over his temple; but the instinct to preen himself was pulling at him. Too late, though....she had already seen him as he was. Black-clothed, dark-eyed, and predatory; not the kind of man most girls in Hazzard County wanted a damn thing to do with....

Except her smile grew wider as he approached, as if she'd known he'd come to her. She was tall, confident, and unafraid as he came to stand next to her. All at once, Brian realized who she was; he had heard the stories of the race, which he had missed during his foray to Atlanta. Looking at her now, he was sorry he missed it.

She was staring at him with that smile; waiting for him to say something.

Brian glanced down at the motorcycle. He reached out to touch the new paint, brushing his fingertips over it in admiration. "Nice bike," he said with a smooth Atlantan drawl. "But are you really as fast...as they say you are?"

He ended the words with a cavalier smile. His dark eyes drifted up from the bike, giving her a deep gaze.

(cue Chance)

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For a moment, Chance didn’t reply nor did she get off the bike, but remained where she was and made a slow and very through visual inspection of the man standing before her, not missing the way the black tee underneath the jacket stretched over a muscular chest, nor the way the black jeans hugged the legs and definitely not the way the dark eyes stared back at her, a depthless dark gaze that belonged to a night hunter. All put together made a very, very attractive specimen indeed.

She boldly leaned forward on the bike a bit, and answered the stranger’s question.


(Cue Brian)

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The answer sent a hot thrill through Brian's blood. It wasn't a safe answer for any lady to give; clearly this woman enjoyed playing with fire. Just like he did.

There were opportunities in life that only came around once. Brian knew that if he didn't claim this woman now, he'd never catch her again. That much was clear in the way she was leaning over her bike...daring him to up the ante.

And so he moved around her, and swung one leg over the bike, setting himself in behind her. He sat closely, his own jacket creaking slighty as he shifted his weight, fitting himself snugly against the back of her body. He kept his hands off her...for now...but he leaned forward, speaking with a low drawl into her ear, his breath stirring a wisp of that blonde, silky hair.

"In that case....ah'd love to go for a ride."

(cue Chance)

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Any other time, an act as bold as this would be been answered with Chance leaving a set of skid marks as she backed up over the unfortunate soul with her bike. But there something about this man, despite the black clothes and deadly good looks, she felt safe with him. Besides who was she to resist the warmth, strength and masculine power now so nicely nestled against her back. She dropped the helmet to the ground, deciding this would be a good night to feel the night air over skin and through her hair. She’d be back for it later. Maybe.

This night held endless possibilities and Chance had a feeling this dangerously charming stranger was thinking the same thing.

So with a raised eyebrow and wicked grin, she looked back at her impromptu passenger, the motion bringing their faces to almost touching.

“Oh you’ll get one, but you have to hold on tight. I don’t want to lose you.â€

(cue Brian)

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Sounded like a good deal to Chance, the feel of the strong arms wrapped around was more than pleasant. And natural, as if they had done this before. Balancing the bike carefully, she leaned forward, as one does on a sports bike. That, of course, forced her passenger to lean with her. She could feel his breath against her neck and the contours of his body behind her. Definitely more the pleasant. She revved up the throttle and grinned mischievously over her shoulder.

“Let’s see what trouble we can get into.â€

(Cue Brian, any last impressions before I wrap this story up?)

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Chance couldn’t agree more, and the thought of exploring those possibilities with the man behind her was thrilling. She brought up her legs to tuck her feet into the rests and let the bike bolt forward from the parking lot, sending up a cloud of dust. Once they were on pavement, she hit the throttle and let the bike fly, carrying both of them to wherever they wanted to go.

Now she was a permanent resident of Hazzard, with a new life to live here. The dark stranger was right about one thing, the opportunities were endless.

She had the feeling she was in for the ride of her life.


(I just want to say thank you for everything who helped me finish this story…finally. Thanks to Kristy and MaryAnne for your patience with my consistent nagging, Thanks for Brian for the wonderful happy ending. ;)

And Thank you, Hazzard, for giving me a home)


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