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Just Another Day In Hazzard

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(Written with Kristy_Duke)

(This story originally started out as a cowritten attempt but things got interruppted and the writing staled. Please, anyone feel free to add to this story. We're attempting to breath some new life into it. If you would like to add to earlier posts, please email either me or Kristy and we will edit/add accordingly. Pendragon)


Chance sipped her coffee as she sat on the steps of the Hazzard county medical offices and regarded her payment from her last patient. Mr. Gerson's son had broken his arm and Chance had reset and plastered it. Basic stuff really, but the local farmer had no money to give to Chance for service. So the next day, he brought his payment to Chance.

..his payment that was now munching on the rosebushes surrounding the office building.

Chance sighed and rested her chin in her cupped hand. What the heck was she gonna do with a goat? But Chance hadnt the heart to turn the gift away, knowing that money didnt flow well in Hazzard but pride did.

Truth be told, the medical offices were in trouble. Income wasnt flowing like Chance thought it would. State grants kept operating expenses down but the medical equipment needed badly upgraded and replaced. If Chance didnt come into some money soon, she have to cut back something.

One thing she wouldnt cut though, was her new assistant, Kristy Duke, who was probably the best thing that happeaned to the medical office since Chance took over. She was bright, hard-working and wonderful with patients. Plus the added bonus she made a great pot of coffee, probably Chance's worst vice.

Kristy's mind was filled with the morning's events of waking up her two children and getting them ready for day care when she walked into the local medical building where she works. This morning had been filled with the normal routine of waking Jamie and Shay up before waking up her lazy brother before being able to fix anything for breakfast. Though something about this morning's routine had seemed more full of children's innocent laughter than she could remember hearing for a long time now.

"Good morning Dr. Walker," Kristy says throwing her small leather black purse under her old chesnut desk where she looks up at Chance to see the worry etched into the doctor's face, "What's wrong?. . .Here let me get a pot of coffee goin' for ya and you can tell me what is bothering you." Kristy lets a brief moment of silence to enter among them as she moves to the coffee pot, "I like your goat out there...he have a name?"

"Thank you, Kristy. That goat.." Chance said, jerking her head towards the yard. "is the payment Jon Gerson owed the medical office for his son's arm." She grinned apologetically. "I guess I should put a sign up front. 'Payment Due Cash, check or livestock." Chance shrugged into her labcoat and hung her stethoscope around her neck. "Tommorrow's gonna be a busy day. THere are two races coming to Hazzard next week, one stockcar and one motorcycle. Entries begin tommorrow. I got a head's up from Cooter. Both requring a physical from the drivers. So we're gonna get half of the county in here, including your cousins probably."

"You know it," Kristy lets off a grin at the doctor, "they wouldn't miss a race if thier life depended on it. . .but hey. . .it gives Luke a reason to come in. . ." Kristy smiles at the doctor once more as the coffee machine begins to make gurgling noises.

"Givng your cousin a physical would certianly brighten my day, even if I do have to keep it on a professional level." Chance grinned mischievely. "By the way, since the goat won't fit the decor in my apartment, you think your Uncle Jesse could take that thing off my hands?"

Kristy glances out at the goat who nibbles care free upon the small grass, his smoothe soft fur is spotted in large spots of black and white, his light brown horns makes a perfect curve. "Ahhh Chance," Kristy smiles, "but he's just too cute! You can't say that you intend to get rid of him. . .he could be your mascot."

"Where would I put him? Besides, I don't meld well with farm animals, too much city upbringing I guess. Tell you what, I'll swap one of Daisy's homecooked meals for him. Her cooking is worth it." Chance's version of cooking usually included a frozen meal and a microwave...or a pizza delivery.

"Well perhaps for you it is," Kristy shrugs before changing the subject, "Talking about races...you say a motorcycle race? Why don't you enter it with your bike? I mean you could race for this here clinic...your winnings could come in handy."

Chance considered this. "I've never ran my bike in a race before, I would'nt know the first thing." But Kristy was right, the winning would seriously help the medical offices.

"There's no problem there," Kristy shrugs to be given a glare from Chance, "No really. . .my brother was in a dirt bike race before...and won. That was Bo. On the other hand, my other brother, Garrett has his own motorcycle and knows almost anything there is to know about motorcycles and racing. If you don't mind working with Garrett..."

"I never mind working with your family, Kris." The Duke family had welcomed Chance with open arms in Hazzard. "How's this? How about after work I'll bring the goat over around supper and I'll talk to your brothers."

"If that is what you want. . .it was just an idea," Kristy replies, " and I am sure Jesse would love the goat."


True to her word, Chance arrived at the Duke Farm in her Bronco after the medical office closed bearing the goat in her backseat. The place as usually was crawling with Dukes; Jesse, Daisy, Bo, Luke, Kristy, Garrett and Kristy's two children, ten month old Shay and 4 year old Jamie. The crowd usually made for chaotic time at supper, except when Uncle Jesse gave the blessing, at that time all was quiet.

"Y'all hear of that race going on?" Bo asks to break the silence as Kristy hands the plate of potatos to her boss while taking the dish of chicken from Daisy, "the General's gonna come in first...leaving anyone else in it's dust!"

"You wish," Garrett snaps in between chewing on food, "my car will eat yours for lunch!"

"Boys enough," Jesse says to bring silence to the table once again, "You see we've got company. How's things at the clinic, Chance?"

Chance knew there was no point lying to Jesse Duke. "Truthfully, Jesse. The medical equipment is in severe need to upgrades and even replacements. Some of Appby's stuff was current when I started med school. The state grants I managed to get are just enough to cover operating expenses. And.." Chance pointed to the goat who was chomping near the farmhouse "cash money in Hazzard is hard to come by. That's why I'm thinking of entering the motorcycle race myself."

"OOO a woman motorcycle racer!" Bo says with wild eyes only to get an evil glare from Daisy across the table. Bo lets off a care free shrug, "well it's a first in Hazzard."

Chance's glare joined Daisy's "I'm gonna remember that when you come in for your physical tommorrow. And I happean to be riding my cycle for 6 years now, just never in a race. Which is why I would take to talk to you and Garrett about racing."

"Oh? You threaten me one second," Bo chimes in, "the next second you want to talk to me?"

"Maybe I need to talk to someone to knows what they're talking about then, like Garrett." Chance teased.

"Like I don't?" Bo is seriously insulted by the doctor's comments, "Fine pick my brother...figured ya would seeing how he is as city as you seem to be."

"Alright, you two knock it off." Jesse cut in. "Dr. Walker, Bo didnt mean anything by what he said, and Bo, Chance has kind to this family, first helping Shay and then giving Kristy a job, I think the least we can do is help her with the medical office."

"Jesse's right, I think we could show a little Duke gratitude." Luke added.

"You're just saying that cause she's your girlfriend, Luke. Like you were saying you don't mind getting a physical if it's from Chance." Bo said, still sullen at being chastaised by Jesse.

"Real cute cuz," Luke says glaring at his cousin.

"And as for Kristy's job...well she is the one that forced Kristy to loose her other job," Bo jabs in farther, "it's only fair she gives her a job." he goes silent. "I didn't mean nothing by it...jsut she's the first she that raced motorcycles here.

"Alright, for the sake of friendship, I'm sorry too, Bo. " Chance said, for her part, looking a little ashamed. "I get a little quick on the draw when people challedge what I can do, guess one of the drawbacks of being a doctor, You think you can do anything."

"Good. Its settled then." The Dukes went back to their meal. When Jesse spoke, the deal was made..like it or not.

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The next morning proved to be as busy as Chance had planned. Between the motorcycle and car races, every hotshot driver in Hazzard was in for a physical, on top of Chance's schdeuled patients. By the time 4PM came along, Chance plopped herself down in one of the reception area chairs and let out a sigh. "If I have to look at one more patient today... I swear, All of Hazzard county and half of Chickasaw was through here today." She rubbed her eyes and stretched her long legs out before her. She had sent Kristy home about an hour before, letting the woman get back to the farm in time to help make supper for her children. No sense making them both stay late, Kristy had a family to look to, after all, and Chance had no such obiligation.

She had taken her cycle across the street to Cooter's before work for a tuneup and some a once-over by Hazzard county lone mechanic. If she was going to do this race, her cycle was going to be a top condition. Not that it was anything otherwise, the apple red Honda was a graduation gift to herself for gaining a much sought after residency at the Atlanta ER. Chance wasn't afraid to admit that cycle was her baby as much as the General Lee was Bo and Luke's. Except, of course, Chance did not know anyting about mechanics. She left Cooter with the promise that if he didn't tell her what he was going to do with her bike, she wouldnt tell him how her latest surgery went.

Decideing to have a quick supper before any more patients arrived, Chance made herself a sandwich and coffee and brought them out onto the front porch to eat. However, she barely stepped onto the porch when her foot stuck something. Chance barely caught herself on the doorframe, sandwich plate and cup balancing precarliously. She looked down to see what tripped her.

A large calico cat was staring up at her, sitting calming almost on top of Chance's toes. Scowling down at the feline intruder, Chance said. "Do you mind? We're closed for supper." The cat, apparently, didn't mind as it began washing itself. Bemused at this, Chance carefully stepped over the cat and sat on the front swing to have her meal.

Half a sandwich and most of her coffee later, Chance found herself the object of intense study. The calico was lying in a patch of sun, front legs tucked underneath her, staring at the unfinished portion of her sandwich. "You want this?" She inquired. The cat chirped, not a meow, but a chirp. Taking this as a yes, Chance set plate down on the floor. The cat imeddiatly began devouring the sandwich, purring contently at the same time. Chance continued to sip her coffee and watch the cat. She hadnt had a pet since she was a kid in Atlanta, she had had a dark grey cat named Otis. She had loved that cat to the end. After that, she had gone to college and then never had time for a cat, or had apartments that didnt allow them. Still musing on that old memory, Chance scooped up the now empty plate opened the door to her building, intending to get caught up on paperwork. The cat, however, didn't intend on being left behind and squeezed between Chance's legs and into the building.

"Hey!" Chance frowned at the cat, who was making herself comfortable on one of the reception area chairs, her paws kneading the overstuffed fabric. Chance looked into her deep green eyes and suddenly found herself unable to turn the stray away. "Oh alright, you can stay awhile, but then you go out." The cat chirped again and laid its head down on the seat. Chance smirked at the sleeping feline. "You're welcome."

Almost an hour later, the Luke and Bo made their appearance at the office door. The cat merely opened one eye and then closed it again at their arrival.

"You getting into vet service too now, Chance? I don't business has been bad but..." Bo teased, leaning over to stratch behind the calico's ears. "What's its name?"

"No idea. She just made herself at home." Chance frowned. "Where's Garrett? I thought he was coming with you?"

"He'll be along shortly." Luke explained. "He saw your bike at Cooter's and went over to have a let see for himself."

Chance winced at the thought. "Lord, How many pieces was it in?"

"One, so far."

"Great. Well, Shall we?" Chance indicated a sweep of her arm to her office.

Bo's physical was fairly standard. No surprise there. Most of the Duke clan was in near perfect health, except for a occasional case of raging hormones in the male of the family in the presence of a pretty girl. But Chance figured early on that only the Lord above could help them there.

"Well, You're fit, Bo." Chance concluded, jotting her notes down on her clipboard "probably because you throw so many." That remark earned her a glare from the younger Duke. "Ok, handsome, you're next." She pointed to Luke with her pen.

Ok, Chance admitted to herself. Her professionlism was probably being stretched a bit, having her boyfriend sitting on her bench, clad in just bluejeans. (since Chance had both boy's remove their shoes to weigh them and their shirts to check their breathing.) But she managed to go through the motions of the physical while keeping a straight face, probably in most part for the fact that Bo was watching this whole exchange with the greatest of amusement.

Chance placed the stethoscope against Luke's chest. "Breath deep. Pretend like we're alone." She instructed. Luke looked like he wasn't amused by that wisecrack and Bo was choking on his laugh. "You're fine." Chance finally said, finished with her exam.

"Just 'fine', huh?"

"Don't push me, darling. I'm in no mood."

Just then, Garrett came rushing in, grinning. "Chance, you have GOT to see what Cooter has done to your bike!"

"Oh Lord, now what?" Without waiting for the Dukes, Chance hurried outside and across the street. Cooter had her motorcycle sitting out by the street. Chance looked at it suspiciously, it didn't seem any different to her. Very carefully, Chance asked. "What did you do?"

"Only made sure you have this race won is what." Cooter was smiling like a kid with a new toy. "I supped this baby so much you could fly her to the moon."

"Just what I need."

By this time, Bo and Luke had caught up with Chance. Inspecting the bike, Bo frowned. "Is that a NOS tank you have there?"

"Yep, I thought it would give it that extra kick."

"Or blow me to smithereens. You DO know what happeans when nitrous oxide hits heat, right?" Chance didn't feel too sure about riding at what equaled an combustive engine combined with explosive gas.

"Aw, Heck, Chance, you don't have gas in that there tank for more than a quick burst of speed."

"or a nice incrediary explosion."

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"I've seen what happeans when those things go wrong...up close. I want it off, Cooter."

"Awww, but Chance..."

"No buts, No NOS, get me?"

"Chance, you think you may have a chance with just your driving skills." Luke pointed out. "But every little bit helps."

"Well, I don't think..."

Cooter interruppted her. "Look, Doc, Why don't you take her for a test spin, and if she blows up in your face, I wont charge you for the repair."

"Oh, Thats a comforting thought." Chance looked from the faces of her friends to the bike. " Alright. Let me close up shop and I'll give her a go." Chance sighed and looked heavenward. She crossed the street and locked the offices up. The calico cat was still fast asleep on the chair. When she returned to the garage, Luke was pulling on her spare helmet.

"Where do you think you're going?"

"I'm coming with you. If something does go wrong, you're going to need something who can try and fix it.."

Chance put her hands on her hips. "Luke Duke, if say one word about needing a man around to fix things, I'll brain you, I swear."

"I wasn't the one who smacked her hand with a hammer yesterday while trying to hang a picture in her office."

"Alright, you two. You can flirt later. Let's see what this baby can do!" Cooter cut in.

Chance fired the engine and the motorcycle roared to life. Even Chance had to admit to the surge of power the machine had now. Pulling on her own helmet, Chance waited for Luke to join her and took off. Once out of the town, where traffic was clearer, Chance let the Honda's throttle out. She watched cautiously as the cycle's speedometer slowly climbed. Chance couldnt help but enjoy the power the Honda was showing, she loved motorcycles for the speed and the thrill, and although she would never admit it, having Luke hanging on to her waist as definitly an added bonus.

Chance took the Honda past the Boar's Nest. It didn't take for the sound of Rosco's siren to reach her ears, Chance glanced as Rosco pulled out of the parking lot and started after her. She started to go for the brakes, but hesitated. What better way to test the motorcycle than try it against the Hazzard county sheriff? It wasn't as if outrunning Rosco with his speed traps wasn't a Hazzard tradition anyhow. She glanced back to Luke and motioned her intentions. He nodded in agreement.

Leaning over the handlebars, Chance let out the gas. The Honda started to pull away from the patrol car. But Chance's head came up fast seen Enos's patrol appeared a bit ahead of them in a roadblock. Blast it all! Chance thought, now she would no choice but stop. Easing on the brakes, Chance felt Luke tapped her shoulder. He pointed to the NOS switch and then to a slight dip in the road next to the deputy's car. Chance knew what he was thinking. Not giving herself time to think of what she was about to do, Chance hit the acceltaror hit and pointed the cycle to the slope. Ignoring Enos frantics waves, Chance hit the NOS as the Honda hit the incline and the motorcycle was instantly airborne. Landing behind the patrol car, Chance could only imagine that confusion she and Luke left. Looking back, Chance saw indeed that their tactic surprised Rosco into taking his patrol into the side panel of Eno's car. Cooter owes me some for adding to his business today, Chance thought amused.

They arrived back at Cooter's a short while later and tell their tale to their friend, which gave them all a good laugh. Dusty and gritty from the Hazzard backroads, Chance grinned at Cooter. "Ok, the NOS tanks stays." Bo let out a rebel yell as Luke clapped the mechanic on the shoulder.

It was after dusk when Chance reentered the office. She had stayed at Cooter's garage for a cold cola while listening the boys talk shop, not really understand any of it, but it was entertaining to watch four grown men talk about cars and motorcycles as if they were oversized toys. Finally, having enough for one day, Chance said her goodbyes with the promise to pick her bike up the next day.

Halfway to the stairs, Chance was stopped by a familar chirp. The forgotten calico cat was watching her from a spot on the steps. Chance shook her head at the animal and picked her up, intending to throw her out. "Ok, you have to go now." The calico howver, purred and rubbed her head under Chance's chin. She sighed. "Oh Alright, you can stay the night, but in the morning you really have to go." Cat in arms, Chance went upstairs and to bed.

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As promised, Chance headed over to Cooter to get her bike the next morning. She had left the cat sleeping contently on bed. Chance had a feeling she was in trouble in that regard and she had just been adopted by the stray.

Cooter was shoulder deep in a pickup when Chance came over. He frowned. "What you need, Chance?"

"What I need is my bike, Cooter. Where is it?"

Cooter's eyes widened. "You mean you don't have it? It was gone this morning, I figured you took it early."

"What do you mean its gone? I don't have it!" But Cooter was right, the Honda was gone.

Less than an hour later, Rosco was showing his usual police skills at he questioned Chance and Cooter about the missing motorcycle. Rosco was still sore at Chance for escaping his speed trap the day before, so he balancing between accusing the doctor and the mechnaic of hiding the cycle so Rosco wouldn't impound it and accusing "them Dukes" of stealing it. "Them Dukes", by the way, arrived a few minutes after Rosco, Cooter had called them once it become obvious the sheriff was going to be as much help as a stockcar without tires or an engine.

After Rosco left, Bo turned to Chance. "What I don't get is who would even know you decided to run the race? I mean, you only told us and Cooter about it."

Luke looked thoughtful. "Rosco got a good look at the cycle yesterday. You think Boss stole it to keep you from participating?"

Chance shook her head. "But Why? He isn't running a cycle either so there's no threat of competition there."

"That wouldnt stop Boss, he's got your number ever since you threatened to have Lulu put him on a strict diet."

Meanwhile, Rosco headed over to Boss's office at the Boar's Nest. He opened the office door and sure enough, Chance's Honda sat the center of the office. "Boss" He said, squeezing between the motorcycle and the desk. "I don't get why you had me confiscate this here bike. I mean, you don't plan on running anything in that cycle race on Sunday."

"That's right, Rosco. And if you used a smidgen of that brain you claim you got, you'd remember that Dr. Walker came to me some weeks ago trying to find county money to her upgrade her medical machines."

"Which you didnt give her."

"Which I didnt give her." Hogg agreed. "However, I have it on good authorithy that, according to federal health standrds, she has to keep her office equipment current, or risked being shut down. So no money, so medical office."

"But Boss, Hazzard needs a doctor and the closest one is in Chickasaw, other than Applby and he's retired now."

"I know that, dipstick, I've already spoken with several doctors who are more...inclined to my point of view of the health of Hazzard County."

"Oh khee, you gonna buy yourself a doctor!"

"Yeah Imagaine the possabilities. All that state grant money coming in. Not to mention charging whatever I want for medical services and prescriptions. And an added bonus, we can frame the theft on the Dukes."

"Oh, imagine the look at the ciy-slicker's face when we cuff n stuff her boyfriend for stealing her motorcycle!"

Back in town, Chance, Cooter and the Dukes were still discussing the disappearance of the Honda. Despite this diasterous turn of events, Chance still had to open the office, just in case someone needed her services. Crossing the street with her, Luke and Bo still debated who could be the thief. Chance unlocked the front door and stepped inside.

Entering the medical offices, Luke found his feet suddenly tangled with something. The calico cat had tried to twine itself around his legs as he stepped though the door. Trying to save himself from a fall, Luke caught himself and collided with Chance, and had to wrap his arms around her to keep them both from falling. Once steady, Luke looked down at the cat, grinning and in no hurry to release Chance.

"I like this cat already."

The calico chirped.

Chance, however, was in no mood to be overly friendly. "Oh, go blow up an outhouse." Luke looked and BO and shrugged.

"Look, Chance, I know you're disappointed about not being able to use the extra money. But even if worse comes to worse, the office will just to wait for any improvements. There's no need to be this upset."

Chance leaned against her desk, crossing her arms in front of her. "Actually, we have a bigger problem then just not winning the race. Without this money, I'll have to shut down the office."

Both boys looked stunned. Luke spoke up first. "WHAT? What do you mean, 'shut down'?"

"Well, every time a doctor opens an office, a state health inspector comes in. He was...a little disappointed with the age and condition of the equipment I currently have. Basically, He told me I have six weeks to refit the place or the health board will close me...permanantly."

"Why didn't you tell us earlier?" Bo asked.

Luke frowned. "Where else does that report go?"

"Ummm. There's the state offices in Atlanta, the health review board and..." now Chance's eyes widened. "and the county commissioner's office."

Bo and Luke looked at each over and grinned. "Bingo."

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Back at the Duke Farm, Uncle Jesse was finishing up chores. He just needed to feed the chickens, check for eggs and..he stopped dead in his tracks. Inside the Duke barn, the Honda lay...in pieces. It looked like a broken toy some giant child had taken apart. Hurrying back to the house, Jesse grabbed the CB "Sheperd to Lost Sheep, you better get back to the farm right quick and bring Chance with y'all."

It didn't take long for the General Lee with the Dukes and Chance inside to arrive at the farm. Chance got one look at her dismembered motorcycle and paled. Squatting down, she survied the damage. The Honda was in at least a half dozen pieces. No way could Cooter put her back together in time for the race. She looked up at the Luke, Bo and Jesse. "Why was it here?"

Before either of the Dukes could answer, Rosco's patrol car came roaring up to the barn. Rosco stepped out of the vehicle. "Alright you Dukes, I caught you redhanded this time. With the evidence AND a witness."

"What are you talking about, Rosco?"

"Well, Jit Jit, As I see it, Dr. Walker here reported her bike stolen this morning, and here is the bike, such as it is, on your property, that means you stole it."

"Now wait just a minute!"

"Dr. Walker, Did you not tell me your bike was gone this morning?"

"Yes, but.."

"And that only the Dukes knew about you being in the race?"

"Well, I..."

"There, you see. With that testimony, you Dukes have no case."

Chance was fuming at this point. "Rosco, I will not bring charges up against the Dukes."

But old Rosco had a ace up his sleeve yet. "Well, What if I told you that Luke here told Cooter that he didn't want you to run in the race?"


"...that he thought it was too dangerous and he do ANYTHING to keep you from racing."

Swinging her eyes to Luke, Chance demanded. "Is this true?"

"Chance, that was before I knew about your office. You can't believe I would..."

"I can take care of myself! How dare you..."

"Hush! All of you!"

In the few moments of distraction between the arguments bewteen Luke and Chance, and Rosco trying to play referee, Bo took the oppurunity to back and release the parking brake on the patrol car. The car started a slow slide backwards.

"Uh, Rosco, you car.." Jesse pointed behind the sheriff. Rosco glances back at the car's slow retreat and let out a "Khee!" and took off after it.

Luke grabbed Chance's arm and started for the General Lee. "C'mon!"

The doctor yanked her arm back. "Im not going anywhere with you!" Chance said, still peeved at Luke.

Unforunatly, Luke didn't give her a choice. Chance was the only witness, not to mention the victim of the supposed theft, and he and Bo wasn't about to leave her to Rosco and Hogg at the moment. She was mad enough too just maybe listen to them. Chance yelped as Luke hefted her up and pushed her into the General. Chance wasn't thrilled to be hoisted around like a sack of grain and let the boys know that.

"How would you feel is you found the General Lee laying disassembled on my office floor? I should let Rosco arrest you two just for the priciple!"

"Now Chance..."

"Luke, you don't even talk to me right now! I don't care for that 'I'm the man so I know best' country atitude of yours. I should deck you for not thinking I could run that race."

"Darling, I was only looking out for your best interest. I mean, a wreck in a stockcar, you at least have a steel frame around you, on a motorcycle, theres nothing to protect you. And I didn't know how much you needed the money then."

"Look, you're not my father, preacher or husband, not that being any of those would stop me, you can just stay the hell out of my personal life!"

Bo interruppted them. "Hey, you two, as fascinating as conversation is , we still have a problem."

Luke nodded and turned his attention back to the outraged doctor. "Look, Chance, do you really think we would let us lose your office?"

"Well.." Chance sighed and shook her head. "Well, No. But what can we do about it now? The Honda's in pieces and the race was the best chance I had for some hard cash."

"You're still gonna win that race." Luke picked up the CB. "Lost Sheep to Sheperd. Uncle Jesse, grab those cycle parts and head for Cooter's. We gotta get that bike back together before Sunday."

"Sorry, Luke, gonna be kinda hard to do. Rosco's already taken the bike pieces as 'evidence'."

"Dang, look, lets meet at Chance's office. Maybe together we can figure a way out of this mess."

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"I can't believe that over grown marshmellow would ever sink that low!" Jesse yells at the latest news of events, "He has done such evil and wrong doings in the past...but this? What would this county do without a doctor's office within the county?!" he goes silent for a long moment as he glares around the room with angry crystal blue eyes, "Wait til I get my hands on him. . .he will be sorry that he even -"

"Hold up on your little tantrum there Uncle Jesse -"

"Who's callin' this a tantrum?!" Jesse intrupts Kristy, giving her a cold glare, "I can't believe you are sayin' I am holdin' a tantrum...Jamie lying on the floor demanding your attention, kicking and screaming on the top of her lungs...that's a tantrum. I do NOT throw tantrums like your child!" he pauses to regroup himself and to take a deep breath, "In fact, if it wasn't for Chance, what would have happened to Shay, huh Kristian?!" the fact of Jesse calling Kristy by her full name, grabs everyone's attention if they weren't paying attention, "You know you don't have money to support any medical bills...you'd have brought him to the hospital where they'd give him minimal care. . .and you'd still be payin' that damn hospital for the next ten years! But Chance was kind enough to take him in and to work on him. . .to make him healthy! And you're the one accusing me of throwing a tantrum over this? I think you for one would want her to stay in town!"

Kristy glares at Jesse, awaiting for his lecture to end with patience, the same patience she had held with Boss when he was yelling at her. "Uncle Jesse...you for one should know me better that! Of course I don't want to see her thrown out of practice or out of town. . .and I am still thankful for all that she has done for Shay; who knows where I'd be now if it wasn't for her. Second of all, if you have a problem with my children, then why not come tell me instead of using it against me!" Kristy says, her green eyes afire with her own anger, "And call it whatever you want, Jesse, but running off angry at Boss Hogg won't do no good for Chance, but harm her chances. Knowing Boss he has his fat chubby arms thick deep with evil greed that he will throw upon Chance here."

Silence fills the medical room as they all glare at one another before Bo speaks up, "Then what we do now? We can't just sit here and do nothing."

"No...we can do something," Luke says, his blue eyes shine with thought, "if we can for some way get a glance at Chance's bike within Boss reach, within his possession, we can use that against him."

"What you thinkin' Luke?" Jesse says, slowly calming down.

"Well," Luke says glaring at Kristy, "we could always send in some bait."

"You have for sure lost me," Bo chimes in leaning against Kristy's desk, "you know Boss isn't going to roll over and show it to anyone...especially a Duke or Chance."

"No, but," Luke says grinning at Kristy who nervously glances around the room, "Rosco might do so if given enough motivation to do so."

"Who you plannin' on usin' as bait?" Garrett speaks up from the couch where he had sat silent until now before glaring at his sister.

"Well...I was thinkin' of using Kristy as bait due to everyone knowing the crush Rosco holds on her," Luke says before glaring at Jesse, "but seeing how things have unraveled, I doubt she would go for it."

"You don't know that!" Kristy pipes in for herself.

"You can't send my sister in with that. . .that so called sheriff by herself!" Garrett snaps standing up, "Who knows what woudl happen? She could end up arrested and -"

"Rosco wouldn't even touch her and you know it!" Luke snaps at him, "All she's got to do is go talk to him, give him some excuse to show her the bike and to talk of Hogg's plans. She could tell him what a great plan he had...feed on his ego. You do that he'll take it from there."

The room goes silent for a long moment as Garrett stares challengingly at Luke. "I'll do it," Kristy says full of confidence.

"It'll have to be alone," Luke says and Kristy nods, "OK give him a call, ask him out to lunch or something...better yet, dinner tonight so he can show her without Hogg being in."

"Done!" Kristy smiles picking up the phone and dials up Rosco and she talks to the local sheriff with all eyes on her. Slowly she hangs up. "Worked like a charm, eight o'clock tonight. Garrett, I'll need you to do the baby sitting."

"Give me the dirty work," Garrett gripes to be silenced by Jesse's angered eyes.

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Chance had stayed silent up until then, listening to the Dukes work out their plan. She didn't much like the idea of using her friend, Kristy, as bait on her behalf but also didn't see any other alternatives at the moment. So she sat in the chair of her reception area, quiet, while petting the calico cat which, upon her arrival, had immedicatly jumped onto her lap. She found its presence soothing at the time. Which was a good thing, because she was still mighty miffed at Luke for his chauvistic atitude towards her racing ability. She could understand he was from the country and that was simply the atitude and that she, being a surgeon which is still a male dominated field, was probably being over sensative to it. Her danged high octane temper didn't help any either. But for the moment, she turned her attention to the siutaion at hand.

"Boss Hogg wouldnt dare leave Hazzard without a proper doctor. I'll bet he's gonna try putting one he can buy in my place. He could run fees up sky high then. We can't let him get away this this. People have a hard time affording medical care as it is without Hogg using it to line his own pockets."

"Don't worry, Chance, we won't let Hogg get away with this." Luke assured her, putting a hand on her shoulder.

"I know you wont, Luke. And I'm sorry for losing my temper before. It's not one of my best qualities."

"But definitly never makes for a dull moment."

Chance snorted. "Definitly. But you don't make many friends that way."

"You can't scare me off that easy, I used to be Marine, remember?"

Chance was quiet for a moment. "Luke, I don't think I ever told me about the patient that clinched me coming to Hazzard. Did I?" She leaned foward in the chair, dislodging the cat. The rest of the Duke clan was busy with Kristy's plan and not paying attention to their quiet conversation.

"Well, no, but I didn't think it any of my business."

"He was a 13 year old boy. a victim of a drive-by shooting, just at the wrong place at the wrong time. You should have seen him coming into the ER, he was covered in blood, at least 4 wounds. One just below the spinecord. He..." Chance swallowed before continuing. "he must have crashed twice on the way to the ER. They kept saying that it was no good, that he was finished, that even if he lived he'd be paralyzed from the neck down. But I keep bringing him back to the table. I worked on that kid's spine for 5 hours. He lived, and he'll walk with help." Chance looked at the floor before looking back up at Luke. "I've used my temper all my life as a tool against death, illness or a human body that wants to let go when I won't permit it. As a doctor faced with so many self-inflicted stupidities, helpless cases or unstoppable human suffering, you have to be angry every now and then, it give you an edge against everything you're fighting against. When I came back down after that surgery, that kid was already forgotten in the ER, just another patient in a endless line of patients. Not one other doctor, nurse, resident or patient cared whether that child had lived or died. That's when I knew that volume hospital work wasn't for me. But here in Hazzard, I know each patient by name already, by their face and they know I will do everything will my power to help them. That's real medcine. And someone trying to take that away from me for no other reason than profit is more than enough to set me on edge. But I guess I'm not used to channeling that energy elsewhere yet, so it hits the first thing I'm annoyed with, even if they're just trying to help."

Luke's blue eyes were full of apathy. "I'm sorry, Chance, I didn't know."

Chance stood, straightening out. "Hogg isn't gonna make me lose my office, I'll fight him every breath along the way. And he crosses me, I'll make sure Lulu has him on such a strict diet, he'll be eating nothing but cold grits and granola until judgement day."

Grinning, Luke nodded. "Dr. Walker, you're starting to sound like a Duke."

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Kristy sits silently upon an old sofa that rests in the old reception area of Dr. Applebee's old office, now Chance's. For a long moment she listens in on Chance who talks silently to Luke about an old case that had driven her to a small town of peaceful living. On the opposite side of the room Jesse, Bo, and Daisy seem huddled around talking amongst themselves while the clock slowly ticks away hanging on the wall.

"Gettin' nervous yet?" Cooter says as he sits down next to her and she jumps in surprise, "Didn't know I was that scary."

"Oh no...you just surprised me," Kristy smiles nervously at him, "and for your first question, perhaps a little bit, but there is nothing to be nervous about. It's only Rosco."

"It's only Rosco?" Cooter mocks, "That is SOMETHING to be nervous about...you never know what to expect with him. Well OK you do, but that's besides the point, the point is, is that when you have Rosco, you have Hogg and when you have Hogg, you have trouble."

Kristy eases a grin at the local mechanic who is covered in grease from the days' work. "Well none the less, Rosco doesn't hold no danger, even though he wishes everyone would think so," Kristy says dusting off her nice fitting faded denim pants, "once you get to know him...I mean get to really know him, he is a sweet, caring, and understanding person."

"Uh. . .I think we have crossed wires here," Cooter grimaces at Kristy's statement of the local sheriff, "we both must be talking about two different Roscos here. The Rosco I know is not dangerous, but a trouble to anyone with the last name of Duke, which your's is Duke, or any friend of the Dukes, loyal to Hogg who is trouble, and a dipstick of a sheriff that would love to put your brother and cousin behind bars if he could ever get his hands on them. . .No, sweet, caring, and understanding is definately not in the vocabulary of the Rosco I know."

"Oh c'mon Cooter...that's only the outside of him," Kristy argues, "he wants to be recognized. . .he wants to be accepted by Boss Hogg, that is the Rosco you all have come to know. There is more than just that to him, down deep he is caring and understanding, and sweet; he just holds this wall up to everyone out of his spite and anger of being robbed of his pension."

Cooter shoots Kristy a skeptical glare before responding, "Boy, working with Hogg and Coltrane did ill you! I hate to see how close you and Rosco really got!"

"Cooter!" Kristy yells elbowing him teasingly in the stomach, "You know I wouldn't even think of him in that way. . .or see him in that way!" she calms down, "All I am saying is that the Rosco that y'all see isn't the only part of him; there is more to him that meets the eye."

"If you say so," Cooter grins at her before Luke pulls away from Chance to walk over to Kristy.

"Are you ready?" Luke says sitting down next to her to not be towering over her, "I mean if you don't' want to do this. . .you don't have to. I can think of something else, I just figured -"

"She'll do it," Cooter speaks up for Kristy, "she was just tellin' me just how much she knows ol' Rosco. I think there is more than what meets the eye here!"

"Cooter Davenport! You are twisting my words and using them against me when you know what I mean," Kristy glares at him to force a laugh from Cooter before she looks seriously at Luke, "I can do it, Luke. I mean, I don't know if I can pull him into sayin' anything to me. . .I mean he is the sheriff and loyal to Hogg, and he knows I'm a Duke. My brother being Bo doesn't help none. But-"

"Hey I heard that!" Bo hollars from across the room.

"Y'all know what I mean. I am willing to go through with it, to try," Kristy says quietly, "but I don't know how much I will be able to succeed at it all. But I can try."

"That's all we can ask for," Luke grins patting her knee for a bit of comfort as Jesse, Daisy, and Bo joins them. "We will move on over to Cooter's Garage so we can watch a little better than from here while you go on your visit to Rosco at the cafe. If you run into any trouble...any at all you run out or show some signal."

"Run into trouble? You sound as if I am meeting with a dangerous out law here," Kristy says looking around, "it's only Rosco."

"True...but just in case," Luke says, "We will be here . . .or should I say Cooter's watching." he pauses to look at his pocket watch, "we have exactly five minutes until your meeting...so we need to hit if we are going through with this."

"I'm willing," Kristy answers as she thinks mentally of what to say and everyone else nods.

"OK let's hit it!" Luke says and they exit the office together before Kristy leaves them to slowly walk down the street to the local cafe that they had arranged to meet at.


Kristy slowly walks into the small country cafe that remains a fourth full as the juke box plays an country song softly. A thin framed teenage girl with thin light brown hair pulled up in a poney tail is at the door to greet her. "Well hi Kristy, haven't seen you here in a while," she smiles, "Well I guess since Hogg fired you. He shouldn't have done that...he sure made a mistake."

"That's what people's been sayin'," Kristy gives her a friendly smile.

"Who's watching Jamie and Shay?" she asks holding onto her pad of paper and pen, "I really enjoy watching them, they are sweet hearts...very well mannered. And I don't want to seem rude, but you pay me a whole lot better than any of my other baby sitting jobs...even more than the couple of kids that I look after every Friday night who are wild and crazy."

"Well. . .that is what I am use to payin' up in the city, I am sure other folks around here would pay you more if they got more money," Kristy shrugs, "I am sure it's not you, Jamie loves it when you come over to play."

"Yeah this dang drought has all the cash flow dried up for everyone," she agrees.

"Yeah," Kristy nods, "Well Dee, I am here to visit an old friend of mine. I am sure you would recognize him when he walks in here. Just send him my way."

"Who's that?" Dee asks as she nods to someone walking in.

"Sheriff Coltrane," Kristy answers for Dee's eyes to brighten up.

"You...callin' Rosco a friend? After what happened?" she asks amazed, "You Dukes do have a large heart...especially after all he's done to you and your family."

"I don't hold grudges...and it was Hogg that fired me," Kristy smiles before walking back to find a booth in the croner.

A minute passes before Rosco slowly makes his appearance into the dimly lit cafe and Dee directs him over to Kristy. "Hi Kristy," he smiles at her as he takes his hat off to sit it next to him on his side of the booth, "you are looking lovely tonight."

"Thank-you," Kristy smiles as Dee comes to take thier order.

"So," Rosco starts off as Dee slowly walks away, "what do I owe this nice date. . .I mean meeting for?"

Kristy can't help but to laugh at Rosco's error before she gives a slow shrug of the shoulders. "Well, it's just that I miss working with you," she smiles at him as their drinks arive, "so I figured, why not meet somewhere to talk. To see what's going on and all with you, your life?"

"Khee! I knew it," he grins and Kristy's heart races within her in fear that he has figured out her true reason of being here, "I knew it! You do like me!"

"Yes I do, as friends Rosco," Kristy grins flirtasously at him and he sighs in disappointment, "oh Rosco. . .you know how it is."

"Ghee...I do," he smiles, "So how are them no good kin of yours? I still can't believe something like you could be related to. . .to THEM."

Kristy shrugs as she takes a drink of her soda. "Well, none can help to who they are related to," she adds, "but I'm not complainin'. . .they're not as bad as you and Hogg make them out to be."

"True," Rosco adds before he quickly adds on, "but they get in the way awful lot and Hogg never means no harm either. I mean. . .he can be caring when he wants to be."

"When he wants to be," Kristy puts emphasis on his last statement, "so what is going on with the motorcycle race? Now that Chance won't be able to enter."

"Yeah it's too bad that she can't," Rosco says staring at Kristy, "due to them no good outlaw Dukes...uh I mean your brother and your cousin."

"Rosco!" Kristy smiles at him, trying to remain calm as she pats his hand, "You know as well as I do, that they never stole no bike, not a lone hers. They would never do that...you know that, don't you?"

It goes silent between them as Dee delivers the food that they have ordered and Kristy glares skeptically at Rosco. "Rosco...this is important to me," she breaks the silence, "I mean I know Hogg has his reasons for not likeing my family, but you are your own person. You can think how you want and you know what you think. I don't know what your two's plans is, but I find it important that you of all people know that my brother and my cousin are innocent! If not, I don't know how much we can see eachother. . .I have to remain loyal to my family and all. They'd kill me if they knew I was here talking to you like this, I just had to find out the truth of what you really think of them."

Rosco glares at her, his blue eyes gazed over in pure seriousness that Kristy has never seen in them before. "In truth, I know your brother and your cousin would never do that...that they're innocent," he finally acknowledges.

"Well you're the sheriff," she throws back at him, "if you know they're innocent, then why charge them? How do you know they didn't do it? Let me guess...you and Hogg stole her bike for Hogg's greedy intentions of who knows what, and you framed the Dukes so they couldn't enter the race! Is that it Rosco? I want the truth!"

Rosco glares down at his plate before glaring back at Kristy. "The truth?" he gulps, "If I speak the truth, the truth will get me fired and black mailed by Hogg til the good Lord says it's my time!"

"So you're just gonna cower to Hogg's level? You are a nice man Rosco," Kristy says with fire in her eyes, "I hate to see someone like Hogg ruin that for you. I for one can't sit down while my brother and my cousin are being wrongfully accused of a crime they didn't commit! Why won't you tell me, Rosco? The truth...I thought we was friends...friends don't hide stuff from one another like you are. I guess if that's your choice, then I am going to have to leave. . .and when I leave, our friendship leaves with me."

Kristy begins to slide out of her booth seat, carrying her small black purse with her, where her hand lies within. Rosco is quick to reach out and hold her back by her wrist, "Wait a minute Kristy," Kristy slowly sits back down, resting her purse back down on the seat, "You want the truth?"

"That is what I asked for," Kristy says impatiently as Rosco scans the building, "I mean. . .I dont' think I am asking too much, I mean if my brother and my cousin are being framed of a crime that we both know they didn't do, I should know the reason behind it. Since we are friends and I'd hate to break our friendship over Hogg's scheme that most likely deals with money. . .and a new doctor."

He glares at Kristy, fighting despereately to know what to say. "Ok the truth, but only because I trust you," he says, "Hogg had me take it and do the damage to it, in order for Chance to not be able to enter that race, and then to frame it on Bo and Luke-so they'd be in jail instead of in the race. Hogg knows if Chance doesn't get the money, that she'd be closed down, and when that happens he can buy his own doctor who would answer to Hogg and would be getting Hogg a lot more money. He'd be in control!"

"You're gonna sit by and let him do that?" Kristy asks concern as she takes her last bite, "I mean. . .if you arrest my cousin, my brother, they'd be in jail for some time for something they DIDN'T do. That wouldn't be fair to them, would it?"

"Uh well. . .no, but," Rosco stutters pushing his plate aside, "but he's my brother in law and I have to do as I am told. I know you don't want me to do it, but it is who I am. You don't have to like it. It is the relationship between me and the Dukes...odd I know. But I do enjoy chasing them and attempting to arrest them. I mean they always prove thier innocense and they will no doubt do that again. They'll think of something. Hogg may be greedy, but I think he has his own fun in chasing them, it is the way it is here in Hazzard. You ought to know that...you have worked for us. As long as no one gets hurt..."

"Well thank-you for being honest with me," Kristy smiles at him picking up her purse, "I just had to know t hat you knew they were innocent, that you thought they were innocent. If not, I don't know what I'd do. . .I have to be loyal to my family as you do with Hogg."

"Yeah...I hope we can have more meetings like this," he says getting up with Kristy, "Well not exactly like this, I'd rather talk about you and what you are doing, but for now this will do."

"Well you take care of yourself," Kristy smiles giving him a hug before she exits the cafe and slowly walks to the garage.

"Well?" Luke asks in excitement as he jumps off a stack of tires where had been sitting and Kristy is surrounded by everyone.

"I got it," Kristy smiles digging into her purse and pulls out a small recorder and hands it to Luke, "It is all on there tape, he admitted to it all!"

"Yee Haa!" Bo lets out a rebel yell as they hug her in appreciation.

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Silence captivates the grease stained garage as Cooter closes the doors for privacy before Luke slowly sets up the tape deck. "You ready?" Luke asks to Cooter who nods silently before joining us. "Well here we go."

With that he presses the black play button to force the tape to begin to play, the tape picking up small noises as Kristy slowly makes her seat at the cafe. Everyone remains quiet while they all listen intently to the tape, everyone's faces seem to lighten up as Rosco slowly begins to confess to the truth behind it all.

"Great work, Kris!" Luke grins as the tape slowly comes to an end and he slowly grabs it out of the tape player and shoves it into his pocket.

"What now?" Bo asks as he glares around the room, from person to person.

"Well. . .now," Luke glares around the room as well, giving him time to think it all through, "Now we head over and do some talkin' to one Boss Hogg, give him some black mail that'll have him yellin' for days!"

"How's that?" Kristy pipes in, "You show him that tape...Rosco'd be in a whole heap of trouble. I wouldn't put it past Hogg to fire him over confessing to us about it all."

"Hmmm you're right about that," Luke says as he begins to pace the floor, while his right hand runs it's way through his thick dark brown hair, "but there's no other way than to have Hogg make things fair between Chance and himself. Perhaps black mail him and make a deal on the tape. . .say if Hogg pays for Chance's bike to be fixed and given time for practice, they could have a race for the office. One of Hogg's appointed driver against Chance. . .if Chance wins she gets the office plus newly updated devices that she needs in order to keep the office. If she looses. . .well that won't happen. We all will make sure of that!"

"And what if Hogg declines?" Jesse speaks up.

"Then we takin' the tape to the FBI and they'll have to deal with Hogg," Luke smiles, "somethin' that they'd love, finding Hogg guilty of faulty frame up and messing around with the wrong things...his greed."

"Why not do that now?" Bo spits out, "I mean with him in jail, it'd make life a whole lot easier around here."

"Would it?" Jesse questions, "Sure you have Hogg out of the way and perhaps Rosco, but where do we go from there? Huh? Hogg may be greedy, but there are worse out there that would love to take his spot as Commissioner. Someone who would have worse faults than Hogg. . .I know a couple of them as we speak...who is in favor of the state as politics go, but once they get the power, they'll be out of control, and unstoppable by anyone. Hogg may be a theif due to greed, but under that cold h eart he displays about himself, he does care...about his job and the county. He may do some low things. . .but one thing he is not, is evil as the two I am thinkin' of."

It goes silent for a long moment. "Besides Hogg and Coltrane are an enemy we all know and can handle," Luke speaks up, "Once he hears this tape he will be compelled make the deal. . .perhaps the only way to save the office. We would have time to help Chance out...Bo and Garrett could work with her and within hours she'll be an expert of the area that will be raced amongst the best of tricks. Now it all depends on Chance? Will you go along with it?" Luke looks at Chance.

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"Do I really have a choice?" Chance asked, and then sighed, crossing her arms over her chest. "I hope this works, that office is all I have."

Luke looks at her questionally before looking around the room, his mind runs through his gears, fighting for every tiny description of his plan. "I'll take that as a yes," he glares over at Chance, "Now we need to go and give it to him straight out. There is no need for us all to go, that'll just spook him even more. Y'all go do your thing, and I will go in with Chance to keep HOgg in order."

Chance nodded, agreeing with the plan. "Kristy." she turned to her assistant and friend. "I just want you to know I appreciate all you've done for me and my office. Even if this doesnt work out, I hope we can be friends, even if I'm not your boss anymore."

Kristy gives Chance a friendly smile before replying, "I would hope we could be friends no matter what," she pauses, "but if I were you, I'd trust my brothers and my cousin...Garrett knows as much about motorcycles as he does cars, as does Bo. You lean on them, and they'll pull you through."

"Alright, I have faith in you Dukes. " Chance grinned. "Well's if we're gonna do this, let's do this. I gotta race to run."

"That's the spirit," Luke grins at her as he heads to the door, leaving everyone behind and stops at the door to wait for the young doctor.

Chance accompined the oldest Duke cousin to the county court house. Ignoring the protests of Enos and Cletus, the two marched past the sheriff's office and pushed open the door to Hogg's office.

"What in the devil's name are YOU doing in my office?!" Hogg yells as Luke escorts Chance into the smokey small office, "Rosco! Enos!"

"Jus' relax Hogg," Luke says stepping forward, lending a forceful hand to sit him down upon his expensive swivel chair, "We're here to talk to you...not your dipsticks!"

"Me?" Hogg asks, acting his innocence as he lights up his thick cigar.

"You are Hogg aren't you?" Luke gives him a cold glare from his knowledgeable blue eyes, "Chance and I have a deal to make with you."

"A deal?" Hogg puffs on his thick cigar, "What type of deal? I don't want to make no deal with no Duke!"

"Well. . .I'm sure by the time we are through, you will change that greedy mind of yours Hogg," Luke sneers before looking at Chance, turning back to Hogg, Luke drags out the damaging cassette tape of Rosco's confession, "I got here a cassette tape. . .a confession of sorts that I am sure you would be interested in hearing. . .seeing how it holds very damaging confessions towards you!"

"Me?" he still mocks innocence.

"Like how you recked Chance's bike here so you could own her garage yourself," Luke snaps back, "Ain't that right, Chance?"

"We know you stole my bike and we know why." Chance added. "I could put you behind jailbars but good. But instead, I'm willing to make a deal with you. You want my office so bad, Hogg? You willing to gamble for it?"

"Gamble?" he puts an offended face upon his chubby face, blowing out smoke in the direction of the handsome Duke, "I don't know what you are talking about."

"Well then, we'll show you," Luke says placing the tape into a tape player and pushes play. He watches as Hogg's face goes from surprise to hear his sheriff still talking to Kristy to horror when Rosco's confession is finished, "is that enough evidence for you Hogg? We show this to the feds and you'll be away for a long while. . .Lulu just may find herself another man! Now you can go along with Chance here. . .or this tape will find it's way into a large muscular greedy hand of an FBI officer."

"Deal is this, Boss." Chance's blue eyes narrows. "You let me run the race and you also run. I win, I keep my office and YOU upgrade my equipment to boot. You win, the office is yours and I'm outta of your hair...such as it is...permantantly." Chance inwardly winced at the last line. The unexpected bonus to here leaving Hazzard would hopefully seal the bargain.

Hogg's brown eyes shoots up from glaring at Luke to Chance as she says her deal. "That's the deal? That easy?" he asks, his posture relaxes, "Perhaps I don't have to fire that numbskull of a sheriff."

"Nothin's that easy, Hogg," Luke cuts in, "you find yourself a driver and we'll have ourselves a nice CLEAN race for that there office."

"Deal," he looks at Chance, ignoring Luke, "when's the race?"

"Wheres my bike?" the doctor countered.

"I'll have it sent over to Cooter this afternoon," he grunts as Luke grabs the tape, "Hey, I want that!"

"Too bad Hogg," he smiles, "I'll hold on to it until it all is over. The race will be in two days...that will be Friday at five o' clock pm. Be there or pay the penaltys."

"Any tricks from you and Lulu's going get a very appalling health report from me. I'm sure dutiful wife she is, shed followed any advice a doctor would give after recieveing that." Chance grinned wickedly. "Take care, Hogg." With that, Luke and Chance turned and left the courthouse. Only when they got to Cooter's and out of sight, Chance left out the laugh she was holding since Luke played the tape. "Lord, just the look on his face was worth it."

"Well how'd it go?" Kristy asks while they come into view.

"We have two days to get her prepared to race," Luke says behind Chance, "then we race for the office. Bo, Garrett. . .Hogg is having one of his goons out there run over her bike to the garage, once we get it, it is up to you to teach her everything she needs to know about bike racing."

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  • 3 months later...

Forty hours later, race day morning. Daisy stood up from the kitchen table. She had double checked each registration paper and placed them back in the legal size manila envelope. The boys were out with Chance going over the course. Kristy had taken Jamie and Shay to play with the Rhuebottom’s grandkids.

She walked over to the sink and made a fresh pot of coffee. A low engine rumble came through the open window. A light breeze blew the curtains. She saw the General Lee pull up to the barn just before the curtains fell back in place.

(cue anyone!)

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Anger raged through Garrett's trembling body as he stood silently, glaring out the small rectangular shaped window. Garrett stares tiredly out into the bright hazey day as his mind continues to race within him. Silently, he takes a deep breath in his attempt to control his temper that climbs steadily within him.

"Well Duke," comes a thick husky southern voice from behind him, thick smoke begins to climb within the stale air, "we ain't got all day you know. The choice is yours."

"The choice is mine?!" he snaps as he quickly turns around to face the small round man dressed in white who sits behind his old chesnut desk, while his lengthy sheriff sits upon the edge of the desk, only a foot away from Garrett. "The way I see is, is I don't have a damn choice to make! Either way, I am gonna loose and you win! If I had a choice, I'd knock some sense into that fat greedy body of yours as well as into your dimwitted sheriff there!"

Fire erupts in Hogg's dark brown eyes as thick angered silence fills the smokey room. "Ghee ghee!" Rosco stutters in frusteration as he stands up to stand only an inch shorter than Garrett, "No one. . .NO ONE talks to my lil' fat buddy, Boss Hogg, there, like THAT! Especially some damn Duke as yourself!"

Staring angrily at Rosco, Garrett clenches his fist as he fights to remind himself who he is dealing with; the law. "Oh?" Garrett finally says to force a small sarcastic smile upon his leathered face, his cold smokey gray-blue eyes harden a notch, "Since when can't the fat marshmellow talk for himself?" Garrett pauses dramatically to stare over the sheriff's uniformed sheriff toward Boss Hogg who glares over his cigar angrily at Garrett, "Oh that's right, you can dish out the threats, but then you send your dimwit here to cover you! "

"That is not. . .-"

"I have had just about enough of you Duke!" Hogg abruptly stands up to intrupt Rosco, anger burns thickly in his eyes now, "I gave you a choice and if you don't chose now, I'll chose for you!"

"Khee...if you ask me, he don't deserve to chose no more," Rosco puts in, "I think I should just cuff and stuff him right now."

"No one asked you!" Hogg throws back to his sheriff.

Once again silence floats into the air as Garrett faces the window once again. Down below, he watches Cooter work quickly upon a dirt bike that had been handed to him to fix at the last moment, before the race. "Perhaps you being a Duke and all...your memory may be faulty, so allow me to remind you," Hogg finally breaks the silence, his hot breath tickling the back of Garrett's neck, " You were arrested last night at The Boar's Next for fighting with Kyle Reddon last night...or should I say violently beating him. -"

"Violently beating him?" Garrett interrupts in disbelief, "I think you have truly lost it, Hogg! I will agree with fighting with him... he deserved everything he got! He antagonized the whole damn thing...but I surely didn't beat him! Hell...I wouldn't be surprised if all this was a part of some kind of scheme of yours...in order for me to do what you want me to do!"

"You're the one that threw the first punch and you were the one that wouldn't stop beating him after Rosco here tried stopping the fight. You kept attacking him while Kyle tried to back away from you! So don't you dare start blaming me for this!" Hogg spits out at Garrett as he steps in between Garrett and the window and Garrett takes a defensive step back, "And to include all the damage you had done to him in your so-called fight!"

"Hey Boss," Rosco finally speaks up, making himself noticeable in the room, "don't forget to mention that he had shoved me away in order to get back at Kyle after they were seperated. He could be charaged with assaulting a police officer."

Hogg glares angrily over at Rosco before staring at Garrett once again who stares from Rosco to Hogg. "Back to your choices," Hogg finally speaks up as he walks around Garrett to get back to his desk where he picks up a thick cigar and slowly lights it before speaking again, "as I had told you before, I truly hate the thought of having to hire some Duke, not alone YOU, as being my driver. But I truly need to win this race and the only hope I stand of truly winning this race fair and square is hiring a Duke to drive for me and not some numbskull as Rosco or Enos who don't know how to drive. I need someone who knows how to race, knows how to race to win - which leaves me to either you, Bo, or Luke. I refuse to hire Bo or Luke, so that leaves you - despite the fact that it still shames me at the thought of hiring you to win MY race.

"If you decline my offer to race for me," he continues as he blows out his smoke into Garrett's face, "we'll have your car impounded while Rosco will finish the arresting job he did last night when he brough your sorry self in. You'll be locked up in Atlanta, charged with assaulting a police officer and attacking an innocent person under the influence. That should bring you to at least five to ten years in jail, perhaps fifteen."

Anger continues to grow within Garrett's wary body as he tiredly recalls the horrible fight he had started last night at the Boar's Nest to the rough night he had spent in the county jail. Concern courses his body at the thought of Kristy and all that she will think when she hears all that he has done, if she hadn't heard already. Silently he wonders what everyone's reactions would be when they learned that he is to be Hogg's driver against Chance - to fight for her office. He sighs in resignition as he thinks of the irony it will be to have to drive against Chance, after the hours Bo and he had spent teaching Chance how to race to win. Now he was forced as being Hogg's driver. Emotions fight within him as he predicts everyone's reactions, everyone's anger, shame, and disappointment in him for falling into Hogg's trap.

"Damn you Hogg," Garrett finally snaps at Hogg, "You can't really expect me to race in today's race without any practice, and win? Or expect me to race against Chance? We all know what this is all about!"

Hogg holds Garrett with beedy angry eyes for a long moment before he says, "I expect you to race to win. . .you loose, Rosco arrests you at the finish line. You hear me? I don't care if Chance is a family friend to you Dukes or what! You don't win this race for me, you will be arrested." Hogg pauses to suck on his cigar for a long moment, "Don't look at me like that Garrett Duke...I am forced into hiring some top gun driver as yourself by your own damn cousin! That's right...you can thank Luke Duke for this...blame him, not me. He's the one blackmailing me! So...you treat me with respect or you won't have no choice, but be arrested and charged!"

"Khee...what's it gonna be, Duke?" Rosco cuts in.

For a long moment Garrett stares at Hogg and Coltrane with hardened smokey gray-blue eyes, expressing his great anger that he fights to withold. Shoving his hands down into his pockets he says, "I'll race."

"That's the answer I was hopin' for," Hogg finally says, his beedy brown eyes slowly relaxes from the anger that they had held moments before, "you will race to win...no lacking off to make Chance or anyone else win! You don't win...you will be back behind bars and charged with assualting an officer and for fighting last night. You understand? You win or else..."

"Yes sir," Garrett slowly answers as he glares down at the floor.

"Good. Now Rosco, bring our driver down to our bike that we got," Hogg grins under his large white hat, "and take him out to practice, to make sure it runs perfectly before the race starts."

"Sure thing Boss. Khee khee," Rosco giggles before taking Garrett by the arm to take him outside where their expensive dirt bike is parked.

(cue anyone)

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(boy, nothing for months and then...I guess when it rains it really does pour LOL)

Meanwhile back in town, Chance was finishing her morning paperwork and was planning to meet her friends at the Boar‘s Nest just before the race. She and Nurse Caine had just gone through inventory for orders for the month when the fax machine sitting in Chance's office began to chirp and whirl, indicating an incoming fax. Still dusty, tired and sore from the early morning’s racing lesson, Chance was sorely tempted just to leave it until tomorrow. She and Luke had clashed time and time again during the day about Chance’s strategy to win the race. And frankly, she was getting really tired of his “I’m the man and I raced longer, so I know better you " attitude.

“Lord, that man loves to give orders. But I’ll put my years in medical schools against his Marine training any day of the week.â€

Sighing and ripping the paper from the tray, Chance scanned the fax. Frowning, she reread it again. It read as follows.

Dr. Chance Walker:

We are pleased to inform you that your application for the position of chief attending surgeon at the Boston Memorial Hospital Emergency Room has been accepted. Your recommendation from Dr. Becker in Atlanta was ...

Dr. Becker? Chance thought. Dr. LEO Becker?! The same doctor Becker who, as she was leaving Atlanta, had joked and teased her for leaving a promising surgical degree to treats "dairy cows and cornpone farmers" had recommended her to one of the most prestigious hospitals in the country? Chance Walker and Leo Becker had completely different personalities, couple with polar opposite upbringing. As such, they clashed on every level imaginable, from professionally to personally. Even in medicine, Chance attempted to heal the whole person, body, mind and soul. Becker’s motto was “treat them and street them†which was, unfortunately sometimes a necessity in the high volume ER work. Chance honesty wished sometimes she could say that her method was better and she was the better doctor for it, but when push came to shove, both surgeons talent was discerningly equal, just…different. It was an object of some amusement to the Tricounty ER staff when the two hotheads clashed. And clashed they did and often, over anything from care of a specific patient, to hospital procedure to the treatment of the lower ranking staff, such as the nurses and interns. But things had change when Chance dropped her full time residency to take over Applby family practice, Becker had taken the opportunity to apply for chief resident and in Chance’s absence, got it without so much as a token battle. Now the young surgeon found her part-time shifts on the punishing side after each heated debate, running anything from a weekend of graveyards to the dreaded “dawn to dusk†or full 24 shifts.

The cause of the contention between the two doctors was well known in Tricounty. They had matched each other through medical and their internships. Competition was fierce for highly valued position in the hospital and both had fought their way through the rank of medical students to earn their respected positions.

Then the day came when Chance unexpectedly dropped out of contention for chief residency. It had been a typical hectic, grueling day in the ER. Chance was going over the heart of a cardiac patient, following up care for an man who had been brought in from a local physician’s office in one of the rural towns around Atlanta. When an older man walked in the room, Chance barely glanced up. He introduced himself as Dr. Henry Applby of Hazzard. Visiting physicians were hardly a rarity in the ER, so Chance thought little of the encounter, just casually discussing the patient and chatting in general. Applby mentioned something about retiring and needing someone to “look after his townâ€, but the young doctor was preoccupied. And then her pager had gone off, a trauma was coming and she had to be there.

Over five hours later, Chance had left the OR, tired and frustrated, having just put a 14 year old boy's spinal cord back together after a drive-by shooting. Another tragic case of a kid simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. A situation Chance saw too damned often in her line of work. She encountered Appbly back in the OR, and found herself accepting his previous offer to take over his family practice. The next day, she send him the money order, most of her savings, to buy out the office building and everything within outright and gave the hospital her change of status.

So within the space of 48 hours, Dr. Chance Walker went from being one of the most promising surgeons in Tricounty to the small town of Hazzard's only physician.

Chance smiled rather grimly, remembering her and the chief resident's last major battle. A girl had come into the ER, bruised and bleeding and showing signs of abuse. Chance attempted to stall for time, distracting the boyfriend while a social worker tried to talk to the frightened girl, with no luck. The boyfriend had too tight a hold on the girl. Finally Becker signed the girl's release, overriding Chance's medical advise and letting the girl leave passively with her probable abuser. Chance really let Becker have it that day, verbally taking Becker's family tree down a few notches on the evolutionary scale...at full volume...in the middle of the ER. Becker had coolly dismissed Chance for the remainder of her shift and advising her to "tell it to a priest."

But now, on the same day Chance’s career in Hazzard was on the line, Becker actually recommended her for a high profile position in a top hospital. Chance would have to be a fool not to take the offer. But even in the short time Chance had been in Hazzard, this had become her home, her new friends had become dear to her. Was she selfish to choose a more peaceful type of medicine than the high paced world she was trained, to choose to heal more people wholly then the assembly line work where her skills more benefit more people by volume?

It took only a few seconds to decide. Crumpling the fax in her hands, she tossed it in the rubbish. If being a fool meant helping the people you came to care about without any reward rather than being paid to be some heartless medical automaton, then a fool she would be. With that thought in mind, Doc grabbed her helmet and headed out the door.

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Anger and frusteration coursed through Kristy's well trimmed body as slowly steps out of her black truck. For a short moment she glares silently over her parked truck as her thoughts quickly rush through her, thoughts of her shady past to the busy day that lies ahead of her. Slowly she forces herself forward to the small town house that lies only a couple of feet away, a old house that Applebee had made into his doctor's office so many years ago. A small smile warms her soft face as memories of growing up in Hazzard replaces her anger, memories of visiting her dad in Hazzard on her weekly visits. That is until he disappeared after her sixth birthday. She lets out a wary sigh as her painful past begins to cloud her vision of how Hazzard had been before she was forced to stay in Atlanta - with no visits to Hazzard. Growing up in Atlanta had been enjoyable at times with it's highs and lows, her painful past had began with her marriage.

"Good mornin' Kris," comes a gruff male's voice from behind her to awaken her senses of what is going on. Startled and embarrassed she turns around to face Rosco who slowly takes his black hat to tuck under his left arm, his dark gray-brown hair lies neatly combed. "Are you lost? Anything I could do to help?"

"No, I'm not lost!" Kristy snaps at him before she steps back in embarrassement, "Sorry, I didn't mean to snap at you like that, Sheriff. And as for help, if you really want to help you can talk that fat marshmellow, uh your buddy over there, to drop the charges on Garrett. You know this is as unfair to him as it is to Chance."

For a short moment he takes her in silently before he replaces his hat back on his head, guilt and sadness cloud his bright blue eyes. "I know it is," he sighs looking up the street, "and you know how impossible it would to be to have Boss change his mind about his charges. He isn't about to do any of that...no matter what I do or say."

Kristy sighs in resignition, knowing Rosco is right and that Rosco wasn't enjoying it himself. "I know...it was worth a try," she tries to place a smile for the sheriff, "I really need to go warn Chance of what she faces...if she don't already know. I will talk to you later."

Slowly, Rosco nods at her before saying, "Yeah...see you at the race."

With that Kristy watches as Rosco slowly makes his way back across the street where he slowly walks up the cement stairs up to the court house. Watching him slowly disappear, Kristy turns and slowly walks up the front porch of the doctors office as her mind rushes from thought to thought. Reaching the front door, Kristy slowly moves to open the heavy wooden door just as it is thrown open. "Ow damn it!" Kristy curses in pain, anger, and frusteration as the door quickly and harshly hits her in the face and stomach.

Kristy glances up as the door is quickly swung away to slam shut to find Chance standing a foot of her, an surprised look upon her face. Silence breaks in between them as she feels something tickling down her chin and she slowly wipes at it to find thick blood flooding from her nose, already running down her expensive light blue business suit and the white shirt that lies under neath. Pain shoots through her stomach from where the hard door knob had harshly knocked into her and she quickly grabs at it before running past Chance, to run into the office to grab some kleenuxes for her nose.

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"Lemme git this straight..." MaryAnne said, sitting across from Rosco in the Sheriff's office. "Boss wants Chance outta Hazzard so he can control the doctor and run up everybody's medical bills to his pleasing. As such, he had Chance's bike stolen and then Kristy Duke sweet talked a confession outta you about that whole bit."

Rosco blushed and nodded. "Right."

"Said confession was recorded for posteriety on tape, which the Dukes came back and bascially blackmailed Boss, and you, with to get Chance's bike back."

Rosco nodded again.

"Okay...now, Boss, in order to find another way to win that race and get Chance outta Hazzard, holds a fist fightin' charge against Garrett Duke, tellin' him to run the race and win or else be looking at about 10 years for assault n' battery and assaultin' an officer."

Rosco nodded yet again. "Yeah."

MaryAnne paused for a moment and then cleared her throat. "Ya know, cousin, if all this were horse manure, you'd be up to your eyeballs in it."

"Jit...I know. But what can I do?!"

"Where's that tape now?"

"The Dukes still got it."

MaryAnne nodded and thought for a moment.... "Well...I suppose you could always turn honest."

Rosco looked striken. "What?!"

MaryAnne leaned closer to the desk and explained her plan. When she finished, Rosco looked white as sheet.

"MaryAnne....that's puttin' a lot on the line."

"Yeah, it is...but I think that's what it's gonna take to bring everybody back in to line." She glanced up at the clock. "Ya better hurry, cousin, we don't have much time."

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  • 3 weeks later...

Any thoughts of the race fled from Chance's head at the sight of her assitant in pain. She followed Kristy back into the office, turning her to face so she could inspect the damage.

"Good God, Kristy! I'm so sorry, I didn't mean...."

For a long moment Kristy allowed Chance's sentence fade into silence as she ran around in search of a kleenux. Finally finding a box of kleenuxes on her own desk, she grabs a few to hold on her nose before slouching back into her old swivel chair. Tiredly she looks up at Chance and says, "It's not your fault...I just happened to be there."

"You Dukes have a habit of doing that, even when its against your best interests." Chance smiled sadly and sat down on the arm of the waiting room couch. She was actually glad Kristy happeaned along, she needed to tell her some things before the race. "Kristy, you're the best assistant I could have asked for, and for what its worth, if things go badly today, I'll help you find a position at another medical office."

Through her wad of kleenuxes, Kristy sends Chance a questioning look. "Don't be silly...you'll win," she goes silent as she instantly remember all that Garrett had told her this morning. He loses he is back behind bars. "I mean after all, Bo and Garrett had been showing you the terrain and the best moves. You can't lose."

"Kristy....even if I win, I may not be long in Hazzard. I've been accepted for another surgical position...in Boston."

Abruptly, Kristy sits up straight before leaning back into her chair as her mind races with the news, and what it would hold for her. "Well either way, I am happy for you," Kristy smiles as she continues to press the kleenuxes to her nose, "I really am."

"I haven't decided yet." Frustrated, Chance ran a hair through her long, blonde hair. "Part of me wants to stay in Hazzard, but another part of me is calling me selfish for not using my talents where it can help more people."

Checking momentarily on her nose she reapplies fresh kleenux to stop more bleeding. "Well you do have great talent Chance and people here seem to really love having you as their doctor," Kristy gives Chance an understanding smile, "but at the same token, you have to follow your heart, on what it wants to do. I mean, if you were to stay here due to it being Hazzard, but your heart really wants to go to Boston, then you won't be able to concentrate as much as you should on your patients. And vice versa for that matter."

"I know, I know. " Sighing deeply, Chance nodded. Just then the church bells down the street started call the hour. Chance looked at the window into the street. "The race is in an hour. If there were a time to back out, this would be it. "

Kristy looks up as a wave of nervousness rushes through her as her mind thinks of Garrett, his only option is to win. But if he were to win, then the loss of her practice would leave Chance without the freedom of a choice at all. Looking at Chance, she fights on what the right thing is, to tell her about Garrett, or just let it hang. "It's your choice," Kristy finally speaks up, deciding on letting the topic of Garrett pass for the moment.

"My choice." Chance repeated solemnly. "My choice....is to race. I've never backed down from a challedge. The rest...I guess I leave up to chance. small C." The young doctor's mouth quirked into a small smile.

Seeing that her bleeding has slowly came to an end she tosses the rest of the kleenuxes in the garbage can while gently touching her tender nose to find the bottom of her right eye a little puffy. "Well then, race it is," she returns Chance's smile.

"Well then, what are we waiting for? Let's go." Holding her helmet in one hand, Chance made a sweeping motion towards the front entrance with the other. "Ladies first? Is that age before beauty?"

Kristy gives her a small smirk before walking out back to her truck, filled with guilt for not having the nerves to tell Chance what she is up against. There is no way Garrett would let her win out of courtesy, not even if there hadn't been a charge for his arrest if he lost. The only way he races, is to win, no matter who his opponet is against. Though Garrett had shown and taught Chance all the right moves and tricks that he had learned, he had one over Chance and that was his expierence he had in racing and in motorcyle driving. Sighing she looks back over to Chance before saying, "With age, comes wisdome."

"..and grey hairs" Chance teased as she shut the down behind them.


Kristy sighs as she spots how bad her hands are shaking in nerves, not only for her job, but for Garrett and for Chance. No matter what the out come is to be, there will be a huge negative side to it. Walking through the crowd, she finally spots Garrett sitting upon his bright red dirt bike that Hogg had picked out for him, an old scratched red helmet is rested upon his head. "There you are," Kristy gives her younger brother a teasingly pat on his shoulder, before giving him a hug. He glares at her with his hardened smokey gray-blue eyes, as if embarrassed by her hug in public. "Don't give me that look...I figured you'd need something for luck. Afterall you are the one that taught Chance the moves."

Staring coldly at Kristy for a long moment of silence he finally says, "I don't race to loose, Kris, and there is no way I am gonna spend the next ten years of my life behind bars due to Hogg's damn set up!"

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"No," a voice drawled softly from behind Kristy and Garrett. "You're not." There was no mistaking the voice that belonged to Sheriff Rosco Coltrane, although his tone was such that was rarely heard. He stood there with hat in hand, his expression both apologetic and sorrowful. "I won't let Boss do it..."

(Cue Kristy n' Garrett!)

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The coversation was interrupted the the sudden annoucement for the riders to approach line. Chance was already there, having pulled up while Garrett and Kristy were talking. She looked down the line of riders, there were bikes of every kind and make; muddy dirtbikes, a couple of Harley's, even one or two more supped racing cycles like her own. As Chance's eyes traveled down the line of competitors, her eyesbrow raised in silent quetion when she saw Garrett at the other end of the racing line, Kristy close by. She didn't recall Garrett saying anything about being in the race, but he would be the most difficult competition . After all, He taught Chance about cycle racing. The smaller red bike he was riding wasn't as powerful of the doctor's Honda, but it would be more mobile and easier to handle on the rough dirt roads.

With a final look down the row of bikes at the starting line, Chance slipped her helmet over her head and snapped down the visor. Seconds later, the announcer called for riders to start their engines. As one, the row of riders kickstarted their motorcycles and the air was filled with the almost deafening growl of over a dozen engines.

Underneath the reflective visor, she narrowed her blue eyes, leaned foward slightly and tightened her grip on the handlebars. She could feel the adrenaline hitting her system as she waited for the signel to start the race.

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Startled by Rosco's thick serious tone, both Kristy and Garrett quickly whirl around to find Rosco standing a foot behind them. Silently they both seem to take in the county's well known sheriff as he stands ahead of them, with hat in hands. "What was that, sheriff?" Garrett finally asks in disbelief, "I don't believe I heard you right."

"You heard me right, Duke," Rosco finally says looking at the young rugged Duke boy, his usaully bright blue eyes seem dim with the sheriff's apologetical stare. For a short moment Rosco is drowned by his silence as he takes a long look around the track before returning to Kristy and Garrett, "I can't allow Hogg to do this to you. . .to Chance."

Holding tightly onto his scratched helmet Garrett shoots a disbelieving glance over to Kristy who only steps closer to Rosco to place a caring hand upon his tense right shoulder. "I am really glad that you came around to us, Rosco," Kristy finally says as she fights with the right words, "but what about Boss? He ain't gonna be exactly thrilled to hear you bein' on our side for once...or should I say, against him. And him being your boss..." Kristy allows that to drag as she looks over her shoulder at Daisy who holds Shay and Jesse who plays with Jamie.

Garrett quickly looks away from his older sister who is talking to the local sheriff at the commotion that begins to swarm the track. "Damn," he mutters as he watches the assortment of bikes begin to line up and start their engines. Placing his helmet upon his short sandy blond hair he looks up at Kristy and Rosco before turning on his own engine.

Rosco slowly offers Kristy a small comforting smile from his grim angry expression that had crossed over his dark piercing blue eyes. "I know he's my boss and I have allowed him to walk all over me to get what he wants," Rosco finally says, his eyes show a full force of determination, "but him firing you and now this?! This time he has gone too far. Garrett you go out and race, do your best to win. I will try my best to think of something."

Garrett slowly nods before he joins the rest of the bikers at the starting line, taking in his compitition while he awaits for the gun to go off to start the race.

(cue MA - or anyone)

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  • 3 weeks later...

The was a moment where, to Chance at least, everything seemed to stop and the only thing she could hear was her own tense breath, just before the sharp crack of the starting gun filled the air. Over a dozen motorcycles shot ahead at the sound. Chance slammed her accelerator down, too hard in fact and the Honda's front tire left the ground as the bike reared suddenly, like a startled horse, threatening to spill its rider from the start. But the young doctor kept her balance and threw her weight forward and brought the motorcycle back to the ground with a crash and snarl. The Honda spat dirt back as it found its traction and rocketed ahead, half a pace behind the other riders.

It quickly became apparent that the race was between the powerful red Honda and Garrett's more nimble dirt bike. The Honda powered over the straight stretches but had to slow downs slightly for the various winding Hazzard roads or risk going down, the dirt bike, although not as powerful as the Honda, had no problem. The Harleys quickly dropped from sight in Chance's mirrors, having neither to brunt power of the racing cycle or the necessary traction of the dirt bikes. The two other racing cycles similar to Chance rode wheel to wheel, not letting the Honda pass. But one didn't take slow on the curves and as a result, lost its balance and went down, but not before crashing into the other, taking both bikes down and their riders with it. Garrett passed on one side of the mess as the unharmed riders were brushing themselves off, and second later, Chance passed on the other.

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Boss stood watching the race, cigar firmly clamped between his teeth as he cheered on Garret and cheered for Chance's defeat.

Rosco walked over. He tapped Boss on the shoulder.

"AHH!" Boss turned. "Rosco! What are you doing here?'

Rosco took his Sheriff badge off. "I'm givin' ya this." He shoved the badge into Boss's pudgy hand. "I'm not backing those charges against Garrett."

"WHAT?! Rosco, what's gotten into you?"

"I've been played as a sucker. By BOTH sides. I'm taking myself out of the game."

Boss caught a glance of MaryAnne out of the corner of his eye. He looked over at her and came to the conclusion. "Her. That cousin of yours, she talked you into this!! ARGH! I wish she never came to Hazzard, messin' up my plans!!" Boss pointed a finger at Rosco. "This is treason to the highest degree! Mark my words, Rosco, this doesn't end here. Those charges against Garrett are gonna stick!"

"I don't think so. Because when I sqawk and tell a federal judge in Atlanta about all this..." Rosco put his hand out, gesturing to the entire race affair. "And when I tell him how you're tryin' to force Chance outta Hazzard and railroad Garrett, it WILL end there!"

"You wouldn't?!"

"Got nothing to stop me! I might even go beyond just this lil' and tell 'em a few other things. Heck I'm already lookin' at about 20 years anyway...."

Boss practically choked. "ROSCO!"

"Course you'll wanna do better than me so....wanna go for 30?"

"AAHHH!!" Boss was about red in the face at this point. "Rosco!" he grabbed Rosco by the arm and led him away from the rest of the spectators. "This is nonesense! Don't be a fool---"

"I have been a fool, for a lot longer than I care to admit!"

"You'd blow the whistle on every little deal I've ever done, all those deals that I generously cut you in on---"

Rosco snorted.

"Well I did cut you in, didn't I?"

"Fer chump change!"

"Awright, awright, never mind that. Point is, you'd squeal on me to save the hide of a Duke??"


"Rosco, are you nuts?!"

"No. This whole thing is out of control, Boss! You can't have it all and maybe the only way you're gonna figure that out is when the US Marshalls come knocking on your door with a warrant in hand."

Boss was panic stricken by this point. "Rosco... this is insane! You don't realize what you're throwing away."

"I already threw it away."

That made Boss stop. He looked at Rosco, not seeing a hint of doubt as to what the Sheriff was doing in Rosco's blue eyes. Boss was nearly devastated, but he couldn't risk Rosco turning on him.

"If I drop the charges against Garrett....would you reconsider?"

"It'd be a start...."

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Back at the race, the finish line was quickly approaching. Chance's Honda was slowly gaining on the smaller bike . The curves that gave the dirt bike the upper hand were long since past, leaving only the clear road to the finish line. Chance leaned forward on the handlebars, as if that small movement could give the bike that crucial boost in speed, not knowing what may happen if Garrett lost. She glanced over at Garrett, who also turned his head. They both had everything to lose by this race.

But that one moment Chance swung her head, the Honda's tire skidded on some bit of debris on the road. Caught off guard, Chance suddenly swung her head back, a movement which also caused the Honda to lean dangerously and then veer. The two bikes banged together with a sharp clang on metal on metal. Chance tried to compensate before she took them both down. The two motorcycles bumped together again, but this time the young doctor couldn’t stabilize the heavier bike. Chance slammed the brakes so the crash wouldn't be fatal. Garrett's dirt bike sped ahead to win, with its rider glancing back only once.

With the grinding sound of gear and a muffled thud, the Honda lost the battle and hit the road in a cloud of dust and Chance with it. She felt the bike go down and braced herself for the fall. The contact with the dirt road knocked the wind out of the young doctor and the force of the impact caused her to tumble before coming to a stop. She heard her bike slide a few feet and its engine sputter and die. Fortunately, slowing down had given her time to prepare herself for the spill, so she was only bruised and would probably be sore the next morning. Chance didn't get up, she tried to catch her breath.

But that was the least of the young doctor's concerns. Brushing herself off and standing, she watched Garrett pass the finish line. She had lost the office.

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"You did it!" Kristy yells giddily as she runs over to the finish line where Garrett slowly turns off the engine while roughly throwing down the quick stand. "You won. . ." slowly her excitement tampers down increasingly as she looks over her brother's muscular shoulder to find Chance slowly standing up, starting to push her bike to the finish line.

"Yeah I won," Garrett lets off a confident smile, a smile that had caught him several girl friends in Knoxville, before moving to Hazzard. His grin slowly melts as he catches a hint of Kristy's worry, "What's wrong Kris?"

"You won," she looks up into his smokey gray-blue eyes for a long moment to search for answers, "which means, Chance lost her office."

"Yeah," Garrett answers softly glancing over Kristy's shoulder to find the aging sheriff stiffly walking towards them, "but there was no way I was about to lose that race...or go to jail for that matter."

"You wouldn't have gone to jail," a caring but stern voice comes behind Kristy to make her jump around in surprise, "just like I'll make sure Chance gets her office back."

Momentarily Garrett and Kristy exchanges a silent look before glancing back at Rosco with questionable looks etched in their faces. "How you plannin' that doin' that?" Garrett asks with a hint of sarcasm in his voice as the rest of the Duke family slowly approaches them, "You know as well as we know that once Hogg has his mind set on somethin' , he plans on goin' through with it. Especially if it has something to do with money...which he'd make if he owned Chance's office, plus a doctor he could control. No Rosco...he's not about to change his mind about taking Chance's office, he may even find a way of arresting me again."

Rosco shoots a hard glare at Garrett with his bright crystal blue eyes before he slowly glances back down at the dusty ground at his feet. "Well," he finally says after a long moment of silence, "I have already made my first move of stopping Hogg from taking Chance's office. He goes through with it, I'll go through with my threat."

"Mommy," Kristy's four year old daughter squeals with delight and brushes away from holding Bo's hand to run over to her mom. Kristy bends down to give her a quick hug before standing up to take her hand. Looking over at Rosco, her boss, her heart tightens at the sight of how sad he looks or how angry he looks; something she has never seen from him before.

"What happened to your badge, Rosco?" Luke asks, his voice thick of worry and concern, as he places a caring hand upon Bo's shoulder.

"My badge?" Rosco asks distractedly as he looks down at his uniform where his badge had once been pinned to, "Well, " he hesitates for a long moment as he takes in every Duke face that crowds around him, taking off his hat he continues, "that was part of my threat...I quit. I can't work with a man that low and do all that he has been doing...to you Dukes or to Chance. I've taken all I could from that man...and now I put an end to it."

"Rosco," Daisy says silently as she bends over to give him a gentle hug, while holding Kristy's nine month old son, Shay. Slowly she steps away from her hug with grief and worry written across her tan face as Shay lets out an innocent giggle to send everyone's attention onto him. He grins in excitement at attracting some attention before he throws his small chubby arms up towards Rosco, nearly jumping into Rosco's uncertain arms.

"I guess he wants me to hold him," Rosco says, his voice quivers with un-certainity as he looks up at Kristy for approval. Kristy lends him a comforting smile and nods at him. "Hi," Rosco smiles at the baby while making faces at the thin bright blond haired boy who smiles while grabbing at Rosco's hat that he has placed back on his head.

Daisy smiles as she places a hand upon Kristy's thin shoulder while watching Shay play with Rosco's uniform and hat. Shay bursts out laughing as Rosco begins to make noises at him while making faces. "Well...I think I am going to go help Chance," Daisy says before turning to run back to where Chance is.

"He seems to like you Rosco," Kristy smiles at Rosco as she watches them play for a while.

"Yeah really...he won't even let me touch him," Luke resorts while shooting a glance at Bo who watches silently. Silence is filled as they watch Shay for a long moment before Luke breaks the silence, "We can't let you quit over this Rosco. . .I mean, Hazzard wouldn't be Hazzard without you."

"A better Hazzard maybe," Rosco says seriously, looking over Shay's head at the Duke family, "I would be guessing you all would be the ones that would be most happy. I mean after all them speeding ticket I gave you, the false arrests, the chases...all that I did to you."

"It wasn't anything too serious," Bo adds looking up at Jesse who has remained silent, "I think I'd miss the chase if you were to quit...it keeps me well practiced for any race."

"Perhaps," Rosco says as Shay slowly stops playing with his hat to lean into Rosco and gives him a hug. A tear forms in Rosco's blue eye as he hugs the small baby back to get a giggle out of Shay before Shay rests his head on Rosco's shoulder.

"Quittin' is not the answer here Rosco. . .Hogg is the one behind the frame ups and Hogg is the one that set the charges here. Don't let him bully you into quiting," Jesse finally speaks up, "there has to be another solution...another way."

"I wish there was Jesse," Rosco says serously before glancing down at Shay who has fallen asleep to bring a smile to his face, "but for now, this will work."

"He seems rather fond of you Rosco," Kristy smiles as she places a hand on Rosco's shoulder while pointing to Shay, "you even got him to sleep. You want me to take him?"

Rosco offers her an smile before looking back down at the sleeping baby. "No, he's fine," he urges, "unless you want him."

"Nope, he's fine with you. I was just making sure," Kristy answers, "As Jesse says, there has to be a better way to drop the charges. Hazzard would be missing out by losing you as a sheriff."

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Chance trundled her bike over past the finish line, there was a tree stump there so she sat down, already feeling the effects of the spill. But more than that, She watched the Dukes congratulate Garrett on his win. She couldn't understand it. Why would Garrett race against her when he put all that work into helping her? And the joy the clan was showing in his win didn't fit with their willingness to help. Actually, what it can down to is Chance felt...betrayed. Those who were supposed to help her were now dancing on her office's grave…as it were.

It didn't improve her mood when she saw out of the corner of her eye Boss Hogg waddle up to her. Stiffly, the doctor stood and faced the man would now own her office. "I gave you my word, Boss. I gambled and lost. The office is yours. You can pick up the papers tomorrow morning."

Boss removed his cigar to speak, but then paused. Chance obviously couldn't know of Rosco's plan to aid her. If he could get her to sign over her office deed before either the sheriff or the Dukes could respond, then the office would be his all legal-like. So instead now, he nodded to Chance's statement. "Tomorrow morning. You're good for your word." He glanced behind them to the Dukes. "Which is more than I can say for the Dukes. I thought they were supposed to help you win." Boss hid his smug grin by stuffing the cigar back in his mouth.

"Yeah, I did too." Chance bent her head, hiding her expression as she removed her gloves. "I guess Hazzard wasn't the place for me."

"Guess not" Hogg said gruffly, then touched a hand to his head, closing his eyes briefly.

Chance noticed this. "What's wrong?"

"Nuthin. Must be all the excitement going to my head or something. I..." Suddenly the Boss shut his eyes again and paled. He didn't open them again.

Chance felt her own heart stop when she realized what was happening. The dizziness and the sudden change of color. She remembered her first impression of Hogg. A cardiologist's worst nightmare.

A prime candidate for a heart attack.

Just as the young doctor reached out to steady Boss, his knees seem to buckle. Chance caught him before he hit the ground, not an easy task considering. Everything else forgotten for the moment, she put her ear to Boss's chest and heard the unmistakable sounds of a heart about to go out of control.


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Kristy suddenly looks up with fear racing through her with the urgency placed in the doctor's voice. Everyone's attention turns to the young doctor leaning over Boss' still body that lies on the dusty ground. "Boss!" Rosco says, his voice dripping with feared concern as he rushes over to the lying man while holding the sleeping baby.

Kristy looks around for a brief moment before letting her kids stay with family as she runs to attrive the bag. After a short moment of searching through the doctor's vehicle she finds and quickly returns it to the doctor. "What do you want me to do?"

Watching the young doctor concentrating in worry at looking over Boss, Kristy is filled with thick guilt at her excitement that she displayed at Garrett's winning. She didn't loose her brother to Hogg, but perhaps, now her friendship with Chance.

"I'll go call for an ambulance, " Luke speaks up from the back somewhere as Kristy stares silently, filled with dread.

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