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dukesfest 08

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Hey, Bogard!

I see this is your first post-so I would like to give you a warm, Hazzard welcome! I hope that you will stick around for a while, there are some great people on this site-and there is PLENTY of Duke talk going on! :D

Anyways, I wanted to thank you for talking about Dukesfest. I have never gone, so I always love to hear about how it went for others. Any other info you would like to share would be great!

Thanks, and welcome!

Laura Duke:D

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A great experience. I work out of town and heard about dukesfest on radio on thursday and heard it was going to be on friday..so i drove two hours home pulled money out of savings and loaded wife and camper and went to atlanta motor speedway. got there 6 in the morning cause i new line was going to be long. got near the gate then the line spanded si know for a mile lol. while in line me and the wife was talking to a nice family in front of us and the asked "got your tickets yet" wich i replied know we only learned of this 24 hours ago. and she stated we'll i have 4 extra tickets for all weekend!! so i bought her two shirts since she gave us two tickets. i really enjoyed meeting the people. so first we in the mist of all the confusion of tickets for autographs i told my wife to wait in the john line and ill wait in the bach line. so we both got one ticket for each luckly the security didnt care at the bach line we only had one ticket and john the security checked everyone and sent people walking that didnt have a ticket but right when he got to us my wife showed her hers and he just started leting people through!! what a weekend so far!! so sunday morning i make my wife get up at 430 to wait in the tom line and there where already 5 people there!! but he didnt have tickets they said first ones there is first in line so me and my wife "really overweight" lmao RAN underground tunnel all the young kids passing us of course lol but we made it about 30th in line and he finally showed up and we got the signatures from a really rude jackass tom wopat. so we walk around and wife has to use bathroom so i set chair up outsid of hallway next thing i see is tom walking by me and i was like "hey" and he's like "hey", so im waiting for my wife and she walks out of bathroom to 100's of people with camera's in her face!lol just a really good weekend and with my rv right outside made for a pleasent weekend.

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