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" Oh ... Hello JJ I'm so happy you called listen JJ tell Jesse that Luke is sick ". He spiked a fever of 101 he is not doing well I came by the hospital to check on him but unfortunetely when I arrive

Jesse chuckled at what Lori said. Walked over to where his red cap was grabbed it and headed out the door. "You coming JJ." asked Jesse as walked towards his truck.

"Yes sir." said JJ as ran over to the truck.

He looked over at her smiled. "You got all your homework done?" he asked.

"No Uncle Jesse. I have to read a story, but I was going to do that before bed." she told him.

"Ok then we what be staying to late." Jesse told her as pulled out of the drive way a head towards the hospital.

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Lori whistled a little tune not too much later, pulling up to the hospital. Stopping the car, shutting it down, she climbed out, strutting up the sidewalk cockily as she always walked.

Bo shook his head at her as he got out, following a long in behind her.

Once both of them made it up stairs to his room, Lori opened the door up quietly, grinning, she let out a wolf whistle, bouncing her brows at Luke.

"Who's that handsome man on that bed?? couldn't be our Lucas could it?"

She teased him, chuckling.

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