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Idea for MaryAnne and Brian

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Oh, I could get away if I wanted to. I just happen to have it pretty good where I am.

Still, it doesn't hurt to keep a few Depu-distractions around. Since I don't have the special Honeydip donuts ( MaryAnne, do you realize how far I'd have to drive for those?) here's somethin' almost as good. Look! Yummy.


Ooo...I think I see a honey dip (or glazed) next to the Bavarian Cream there in front.... Yum!

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Deputy, I think they're up to no good! I'd keep an eye on that cousin of yours while you enjoy those donuts. You know they're up to something, they're being too nice. *talks in hushed tones to MaryAnne, warning her*

Alex do you enjoy picking on me or something?

Dont know what youre talking about... Brian and I arent up to anything...:innocent: and as for the being picked on part, you always have an interest in what Brian and I do...

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