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County of Hazzard Legal Notice


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Deputy MaryAnne Coltrane -- Hazzard County Sheriff's Department.

About three weeks ago, I declared martial law and placed the town on a 72 hour lock down to get a curb on the excessive fighting that was taking place. About a week after the lock down was lifted, Chet Duke and Brian Coltrane entered into a pact to attempt to beat the hell outta each other. This act was in direct violation of the decree set forth at the time of the lock down.

As Chet Duke is no longer a presense in Hazzard County I cannot bring forth charges and render a sentence. However, the remaining participant, Brian Coltrane, has been charged and subsequently found guilty of violation of the lockdown decree from June the 4th. There was to be no more fighting.

The sentence, handed down for such violation is as follows: 60 days in the Hazzard County Jail, time served to begin immediately and without delay. The incarcerated may be eligible for a parole hearing after a minimum of 30 days served.

Hereby entered and recorded in the County record by Deputy MaryAnne Coltrane, Hazzard County Sheriff's Department.

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As an author I would like to take full responsibility for the actions of my Character Chet Hugh Duke. His actions were unresonable and un law abiding. Under the cercomstances of those actions, Chet Duke was not punished because his actions caused death to himself.

I would like to propose as an author and as characters apunishment of being banded form the forums for 60 days. What I did as a character was unlawfull and uncalled for by all means and reasoning.

If 60 days of punishment is not granted by court 60 days of punishment will be inflicted by myself for my wrong doing.

~D. M. W.~ *the author of Chet Duke*

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Sees the notice and leaves this one...


There were several of us on that night who could've stepped in and didn't.

So we may be just as guilty for letting it happen. Regardless of what anyone else decides...

I choose my own punishment of not posting for at least 30 days.

Take care and be good to one another.


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I wanted to jump in but a few of my peers kept telling me not to. I feared being subjected to their kind of dissapline of being yelled at and a confrontation. I wanted to jump in because both Brian and Chet are/were my friends. I choose not to name people though. I was told not to interject, not to interfear, not to even post anything. I guess if i weren't chicken and stood up and defied them, this wouldn't have happened. Chet and Brian did not tell those things to me, infact, Chet encouraged me to post my opinion on the thing, and post as a spectator of some sort.

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I never expected for folks to start bannishing themselves from town. That wasn't my intent. Whether or not anybody could have stopped the fight is not the issue, nor is it the charge.

However, given that the proposals have been made, the court has something to say...

D.M.W - As Chet Duke's author your proposal of 60 days punishment is noble. Given as Chet and Brian are guilty of same charge, I would like to make a counter-offer of the same terms as were given to Brian. 60 days, with a parole hearing after 30.

Parole would come in the form of a story, either completed or in progress, by July 25th. The story, upon completion will be posted to the HNet fanfic section.

Consider this a court counter-offer. Although you are free to reject the terms, and stay with your original, I'm lookin' to make the time spent productive.

Daney and Min Duke - Your 30 days of punishment is a noble gesture as well and the court would like to offer similar counter offer terms. At the end of your 30 days, each provide a story, either completed or in progress, to be posted to the HNet fanfic section.

Again, each of you is free to reject this proposal and spend the next 30 days bannished to the farm. But I would like to see something productive come from the time spent.

So noted.


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Here's what the word suppression really means.


The act of suppressing; forceful prevention.

I was online during the night in question and I seem to recall things being a little different then what has been mentioned. Let's not forget kids that there are TWO sides to every story...

"I wanted to jump in but a few of my peers kept telling me not to."

NO ONE can stop another person from posting, unless they can somehow reach through the monitor and cut off hands or snatch keyboards. We are all free to post what we want as long as it was USEFUL to the thread, according to MaryAnne's rules.

Just thought I'd put in my opinion since everyone else is...


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*Rosco saunters up to the upstairs jail cell.*

"Well, well, well. What do we have here? Khee! I always thought ya looked good in stripes, Brian. So... whatcha in for this time?"

*Brian glanced over Rosco's shoulder at MaryAnne, but kept his mouth shut.*

*Rosco turned to follow his gaze. Then addressed his other cousin.*

"MaryAnne, I been outta town too long." *Jerks a thumb over his shoulder towards the cell.* "What happened here?"

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"Yeah, it's been a long time. But I ain't goin' away again anytime soon. I promise. Besides, I missed y'all."

*Rosco looked over his shoulder at his black clad cousin behind bars.*

"Yeah, and I missed ya too, Brian. Why, I have no idea... I'm sure whatever ya did to make the Deputy put ya behind bars, it musta been a doozy."

*Rosco regarded MaryAnne again.*

"So, since I have all this free time, ya gunna give me a clue as to what type of shenanigans would land ol' Bri in the pokey? And ya think he'll be out in time for dinner? Somehow it wouldn't be the same with a place missin' at the table."

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MaryAnne sighed. "Um....no he won't be home for supper. Atleast not for another..." *looks at calender* "Twenty one days. The short version of all this is that Brian's in jail for two reasons. One, for breakin' the law I laid down about fightin' and two, for his own good. " *pauses, looks at Rosco sadly* "You wanna talk things not bein' the same with a place missin' at the supper table...?"

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*Rosco could see the wounded look on his cousin's face. And he knew he was partly responsible for that look. He bowed his head and attempted to find the words he needed.*

"MaryAnne, I--I'm sorry." He looked up at her. "I took off and left all the responsibility for this town to you. I guess I was kinda selfish. I know my leavin' town hurt you n' Brian, but ya gotta believe that I never intended that. I don't expect ya to understand everything that happened or why I reacted the way I did. I just hope that you... you'll want me back. And you'll forgive this ol' fool."

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"I understand why ya reacted as ya did. You were hurtin' too." *takes a step toward Rosco* "But the fact that yer back, says a lot. There's still a place in yer heart for Hazzard. And although you may be an ol' fool, yer still my cousin. And I can forgive ya." *smiles and gives her older cousin a hug* "Welcome home, Rosco..."

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"It's good to be back," Rosco replied. "I really missed y'all."

Rosco looked around the room, reminiscent. Then looked at Brian, then back to MaryAnne.

"MaryAnne... I figure a lot went on when I was gone. I may never know what all. But I can't help but feel somewhat responsible that things got outta hand when I left. If I had been doin' my duty, Brian might not be sittin' over there in the pokey. "

Rosco paused to gather his thoughts. "I ain't gunna challenge yer authority. You musta had a good reason to put Brian there. But I'd appreciate if you'd think about lettin' him out. I'd take full responsibility for his conduct."

Rosco gave Brian a stern look as he addressed him, "...and I'd hope that if the Deputy here is nice enough to let ya out, you won't take advantage of her good graces... or mine."

"So... MaryAnne. Whaddya say?"

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Just then....

"I hope I ain't interupting anything, but I got a package for MaryAnne Coltrane and her outlaw cousin, Brian Coltrane. Cooter's younger second cousin, Hilery sent over a package of comic books for the two of you." Miss tisdale said smiling. "Being's it's not postage though, I guess I could just give it to you. I owe the girl a favor." she told them and gave the package to Maryanne. "She said the two of you probably needed osmething to pass the time, well you know, the time of you looking over Brian, and Brian sitting in teh cell, though, they would probably be nice in teh future if Brian gets arrested again if you decide to let him out Maryanne." The tisdale said. "Now, if you don't mind, you and Rosco can carry on your conversation about whether you are going to let him out of jail or not, because my lunch break is nearly over and I still haven't gotten my sandwich, and shriff, nice to see you back," she said and left the booking room.

(sorry for posting it now, i been debating whether I should be nice and give MA and Brian reading material or not LoL, finally decided to do it. and Rosco, are you teh same one from prelude to mass confusion? I really likethat fic, and the rosco who did that did it perfectly, to a perfect T.)

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"Thanks Miz Tizdale," MaryAnne called after the Hazzard Postmistress as she left the room. She looked down at the comic books and smiled. making a note to thank Hilery later as well. Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck...who put the Maverick comic in here? "Khee!"

She handed several of the comics to Brian through the bars and looked at her cousin for a moment. Obviously he was waiting for her to answer Rosco's question as much as Rosco was waiting for an answer. MaryAnne silently sighed and turned back to Rosco.

"I'm sorry, Rosco. As much as I'd like to, I can't let Brian out yet. His parole date is set for the 25th and it will stay that way. If I let him out earlier than that, I think it would undermine the whole purpose of the sentencing anyway."

She walked over to Rosco. "Don't worry, he'll be home again. I'm not sending him up the river forever. You know I would't do that anyway. He's in there because I don't want to see anything happen to him. And I know you wouldn't either."

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  • 2 weeks later...


July 25th, 2003

County of Hazzard

State of Georgia

In Witness Thereof, Notice is here by given that Brian Coltrane has met the requirements for parole and parole has been granted.

(enter fancy shmancy signature here. ROFL)

Deputy MaryAnne Coltrane

Hazzard County Sheriff's Department


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After signing, stamping, officializin', duplicating in triplicate, having notarized, bronzed, laminated and sworn upon the form for Brian's parole, MaryAnne turned to the holding cell and grinned.

"Kheehaaa, cousin!" She plucked the keys off the key holder on the wall. "Yer back to freedom!" Puts the key in the lock and tries to turn it. The door doesn't unlock right away but MaryAnne is unconcerned. The door had always been tricky to open.

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"Well..." MaryAnne fumbles with the key a second, "this door's always been kinda tricky to open," *click click* "and I could always hit it just right before but..." *click, clickety-click* "I ain't hittin' it right." MaryAnne pulls the key out and looks at it. Looks at the other keys on the wall. "Maybe it is the wrong one..." Makes a swap and tries another key, but the door still won't open.

"Umm...heh heh..." She tried another key and still no luck. "Brian, I dunno quite how to tell ya this..."

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