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new hazzard pd units


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I don't think it matters much as to what the police vehicles look like, as all of them will be smashed beyond recognition in every car sequence imaginable.

As a new joke, it might be interesting to actually see Rosco's vehicle make it through the movie unscathed....with a ton of near-misses, and then you'd be holding your breath for a crash. Which naturally, wouldn't come until the end of the movie, where Rosco finally parks the car on the wrong side of a cliff or something. A long, whistling drop, and then....*SMASH!! KABOOM!!* ( We'll assume ol' Rosco gets out of the car first. )

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My vote is for the Crown Vics. Even tho' I'm a GM fan, there is just something about a Crown Vic with those official lookin' decals on it and that light bar on top that gives me some kind of nastiglic feel. (Maybe it's from all the times I've been pulled over or helped out by those guys when I've been in auto accidents.)

All the smokies and troopers where I live have Crown Vics. For the Staties it was a charcoal color, now they are going to all white. The Sheriff's vechiles are always black with yellow stripes and the word SHERIFF on the side. As far as the manicipalities law inforcement, it varied. Note, this is where I live. I know some states, counties, towns, ect. vary.

I do remember tho' that the place I use to live when I was a child, had one cop. His main exictment of the week was to make sure that the town bully wasn't out terrorizing the kids in the park and that everyone was home in time for curfew. Or if it was harvest time, he may catch one or two speeding grain trucks in town, trying to get all the crop in before it's too late. AAAAhhhh, yes the good ol' days...

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They could use other types of cars.

Here in Oklahoma, the highway patrol cars used are Chevy Camaros & Suburbans.

A Camaro could keep up with the General Lee easily if it had a souped up engine! lol

Have a Great Day!



Good point LittleRedVicki, a Camero COULD keep up with the General provided ol` Rascoe could just keep the dang thing between the fences.

*Tries to imagine Rascoe in a powerful car such as a Camero*

And a Suburban? Expect to see the tires in the air more than on the ground (overturned). lol

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