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Howdy Yall! Here are the CSA Flags

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First National CSA Flag


The First National Flag of the Confederate States of America flew from 1861 to 1863.

Second National CSA Flag


The Second National Flag of the Confederacy was adopted in March, 1863, primarily to remove all similarities shared by the First National Flag (Stars and Bars) and the United States flag. This flag's long white field often made it look like a surrender flag in the midst of battle. It flew over Fort Sumter until the Confederate evacuation of Charleston in February, 1865. This flag also draped Stonewall Jackson's Casket.

Third and Final CSA Flag


Adopted by the Confederacy on March 4, 1865, this flag was not used much. It was designed to reduce the possibility of being mistaken for a surrender flag . For this purpose, a red stripe was added to the fly end of the flag. Today this stripe has come to symbolize the blood shed by Confederates during the war.

This is the Battle Flag so often mistaken as the CSA National Flag


Designed by General P.G.T. Beauregard to fly primarily with land troops in battle, this flag was usually square in shape. This flag became the canton, or upper corner, of the Second and Third National Flags.

In my research I have never come across a Blue CSA flag and would like to see this. If Brian has access to a photo of this please let me know.

And if they do omit the flag form the movie car, may the producers be taught a lesson my a division of the Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy!


Brian(Not another one!) BlazingChevHell

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Well with two Brian's runnin' around I'm gonna call ya Chevhell... LOL

Thanks for posting those up. I think a lot of folks aren't aware of the history behind the flag of the Confederacy. I seem to recall reading somewhere that the full length flag was actually used by the Confederate navy for their battle flag, while the land troops used the square flag. That sound about right?

The only "blue" CSA flag I've seen is one used on the Georgia Satellites Greatest Hits CD. It's a blue back ground with a red cross and then the stars are set against a black background with the diagonal cross. Dunno if that's really a flag that was used or if they just designed that themselves to get around the political correct crap. LOL

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Being that I am a huge Georgia Satellites fan, I can tell you what it is. The person who designed it put together the Confederate battle flag and the Union Jack( Flag of the United Kingdom). I think it was a great idea to mix the Southern rock and British blues together, as what the Satellites do in their music

Brian - chevhell

Thanks for posting that about the flags.


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Ah, I wondered if there was some significance with the similarities to the Union Jack and crossing it with the Southern Cross. =) Very cool.

"I gotta lil' change in mah pocket goin' jingle-ingle-ling....call you on the telephone baby. I give you a ring! But each time it's out, I get the same ol' thing. Always "No lovey, huggy, kissy, 'till I get a weddin' ring!" Mah honey mah baby, don't put mah love upon no shelf. She said, "Don't give me no lines and keep yer hands to yerself!!"

Man, I remember the video for that song. LOL. Great tune!

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Howdy, ChevHell. Welcome to HazzardNet!

Awright, you've challenged me on that blue-flag thang, and now the onus is on me to make proof. I don't have a scanned picture of it, but I did find the information in a historical textbook of All Things Reb. I'll quote my source as soon as I can dig through my stuff here.

But, to show that I'm not completely and entirely fulla beans, I do offer this information for ya. The Confederate States and their respective dates of sucession are below:

South Carolina Dec 20 1860

Mississippi Jan 09 1861

Florida Jan 10 1861

Alabama Jan 11 1861

Georgia Jan 19 1861

Louisiana Jan 26 1861

Texas Feb 01 1861

Virginia April 17 1861

Arkansas May 06 1861

Tennessee May 07 1861

North Carolina May 21 1861

Now, if yer doin' the math, you'll say...."Hey, wait a minute. There's only 11 states in that list, but there's 13 stars on the Confederate battle flag." You're right. Here's why:

The states of Kentucky and Missouri did not formally secede from the Union. As such, they were not technically "enemy" states of the Federal government, but of course there were rebel sympathies among the populace. Anyhow, even though legislative measures to secede from the Union failed in these states, the Confederacy recognized them anyhow...and thus the 12th and 13th stars on the rebel flag represented Missouri and Kentucky.


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On an aside, it looks like MaryAnne is gearin' up for the first-ever HazzardNet sing-a-long. I think all those sountrack posts on the other threads got her hopes up. Yo, MaryAnne! Soundtrack auditions are down the hall. In another building. On the other side of the country. Heh heh.

I dig the Georgia Satellites too, tho'.

"It was gettin' real late...an' I was startin' to give in...that's when she talked about true luuuve, started talkin' about sin! Ah said honey ah'll live wit-cha for the rest o' mah life! She said no huggy-no-kissie until you make me yer wife!"

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George Thorogood????? HEHEE........Heck no....Dan Baird is definately not ike ol' George. He is more fun and witty in his music. Heck anyone who does in concert AC/DC's Sin City followed by ABBA's Dancing Queen is something else.

I have followed both the Satellites and Dan Baird since high school. I saw the Georgia Satellites at a place called the Ritz in NYC back in 88 and Joey Ramone came out and sang I Wanna Be Sedated with them. I have seen Dan Baird numerous times over the years at clubs in NYC , he really is something else with his band....


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